Lenovo Patents Extendable Laptop Camera for Better Viewing Angles

Have you ever been in a video conference where you felt like the others couldn’t see you properly? Or maybe you’ve had to use a separate webcam that was difficult to set up and use. Well, I have, and it’s not nice, or convenient.

Lenovo has recognized this issue too, and have patented a new extendable camera for laptops that could get rid of this issue. The camera is housed in a slot on the top of the laptop screen, and can be extended out to give a better view of the person sitting in front of the screen.

The laptop pen camera | Pigtou

This would be a major improvement over the current positioning of laptop cameras, which are often located at the top of the screen and can only provide a limited view of the user’s face. The extendable camera would allow users to position the camera in a way that best suits their needs, whether they are sitting at a desk or standing up.

Now, you’d argue that the screen can be adjusted to fit your face, but them you will need to change the angle of the screen which in turn could be inconvenient. It’s basically a trade-off.

Who Would Need This Tech?

The extendable camera would be useful for people who stream online with a facecam. Currently, many streamers have to use a separate webcam, which can be a hassle to set up and use. With an extendable camera, streamers would be able to use the same webcam for both video conferencing and streaming, which would save them time and effort.

The camera aligns to your line of sight | Lenovo

I know not a lot of people stream on their laptops, but many, who are starting off still do. And if they get an additional features that improves one aspect of their experience, why complain?

Of course, there are some drawbacks to the extendable camera. The first is that it would require the laptop screen to be thicker in order to accommodate the camera. This would make the laptop slightly heavier and less portable.

The second drawback is that the camera could be easily damaged if it is not properly extended or retracted. However, Lenovo has said that the camera will be designed with a locking mechanism to prevent it from being accidentally extended or retracted.

All in all, this pen-camera is a nice new piece of technology that has the potential to improve your video conferencing experience. It is still too early to say when or if Lenovo will actually release a laptop with this feature, but it is definitely something to watch out for.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Pigtou


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