How to Update Your Lenovo Laptop in 2024 [3 Easy Ways]

Key Takeaways
  • Use Windows Update to automatically download the latest system and driver updates, keeping your laptop running smoothly.
  • Lenovo Vantage Utility is designed for Lenovo laptops, offering specific updates and improvements to enhance performance.
  • Check the Microsoft Store for app updates to ensure all your software is up to date with the newest features and security updates.

Imagine this: you’re immersed in a crucial video call, racing against time to complete a project due in a few hours, and suddenly, your Lenovo laptop starts lagging. Frustrating, isn’t it? In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, your laptop’s performance is often synonymous with its latest updates – or, at least, in most cases.

In this post, let’s delve deep into how to update or upgrade your Lenovo laptop’s drivers and components to the latest available version.

Update Lenovo Laptop
How to Update Your Lenovo Laptop

Why Should You Update Your Lenovo Laptop?

Ensuring that your laptop’s drivers, components, and apps are up-to-date brings forth numerous benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Enhanced Performance: Updates often include performance optimizations, ensuring your laptop runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Security Patches: Regular updates protect your laptop from security threats by fixing vulnerabilities identified in previous versions.
  • New Features: Updates bring exciting new features and improvements, enhancing your overall user experience.

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How to Update Your Lenovo Laptop?

The concept of updating your laptop varies depending on different scenarios. Whether you need to update drivers, and applications on your PC, or upgrade firmware, here’s a guide on how to achieve each of these updates.

1. Update using Windows Update Utility

The most straightforward approach to updating your components, drivers, and laptop is to leverage the Windows Update utility. As the official and trusted source for Microsoft updates, it ensures a reliable and secure method for keeping your system current.

  1. Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard to quickly launch the Settings application or search for the same in the Start Search Box and select the main listed result.

  2. Under Settings, navigate to Windows Update from the left navigation pane.

    Settings > Windows Updates
    Settings > Windows Updates
  3. On the next page, click on the Check for Updates button on the right. Windows will automatically look for any available updates and prompt you.

    Check for Updates Windows
    Check for Updates on Windows
  4. If there are any updates found, Windows will notify you of the same, and once found, click on the Install button to move ahead.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you should be good to go.

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2. Using Lenovo’s Vantage Utility

Lenovo Vantage functions as a centralized platform for diverse system management and optimization tasks, ensuring your device operates seamlessly and enhances your overall computing experience. Specifically designed for users on Windows 10 or later, the Lenovo Vantage application serves as a convenient tool to keep your Lenovo machine consistently updated.

Here’s a guide on how to update your Lenovo machine using the Vantage utility.

Download Lenovo Vantage from Microsoft Store
  1. Install the Lenovo Vantage application from the Microsoft Store if not already present on your PC.
  2. Open the Vantage application and navigate to Device > System Updates in the top navigation pane.
    Lenovo Vantage > Device > System Updates
    Lenovo Vantage > Device > System Updates
  3. Look for the Check for Updates option to initiate the search for available components and driver updates specific to your machine.
    Lenovo Vantage > Device > Check for Updates
    Lenovo Vantage > Device > Check for Updates
  4. Select the boxes corresponding to the components you wish to update.
  5. Click the Install button to commence the update process, keeping in mind that it might take some time.
    Lenovo Vantage > Installed Selected Updates
    Lenovo Vantage > Installed Selected Updates
  6. Be prepared for potential restarts during the update, and ensure your device is connected to a power source.

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3. Using Microsoft Store

While it may not be a routine task for many users, checking for updates on apps installed from the Microsoft Store can be beneficial. You may get to this, if you’ve specifically installed any apps previously from the Store. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to access the Start Search Box, type Microsoft Store, and select the main listed result.

  2. In the bottom-left corner of your screen, locate and click on the Library button.

    Microsoft Store > Library
    Microsoft Store > Library
  3. On the subsequent screen, find and select the button labeled Get Updates.

  4. The Microsoft Store will now search for any available updates. Finally, click on the Update All button, situated next to the Get Updates button, to initiate the app update process.

    Microsoft Store > Update Apps
    Microsoft Store > Update Apps

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In conclusion, keeping your Lenovo laptop updated is crucial to unlock new features and benefit from bug fixes. From exploring Windows Update for comprehensive system updates to utilizing Lenovo’s dedicated update utility for specific components, and even checking the Microsoft Store for app updates, there are various avenues to ensure your device stays optimized and up to date.


How often should I update my Lenovo laptop?

It’s advisable to check for updates at least once a month to ensure your laptop stays secure and performs optimally.

Can I schedule updates on my lenovo laptop to avoid interruptions?

Yes, you can schedule Windows updates to occur during specific hours to minimize disruptions to your work or leisure time.

Are there any risks associated with updating my lenovo laptop’s BIOS?

While BIOS updates are essential, they should be done carefully. Follow Lenovo’s instructions precisely, as an interruption during the update can lead to system issues.

Will updating my Lenovo laptop delete any of my files or settings?

Generally, updates are designed not to impact personal files or settings. However, it’s always a good practice to back up important data before major updates, just in case.


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