iOS 17’s New Lock Screen Bug Turns the Screen Black and Hides Full Time

After Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro‘s overheating fiasco, people are reporting how their screens would randomly go black after they’ve plugged in their phones to charge. Now, before you go blaming the USB Type-C port, this problem seems to be consistent along the iOS 17 lineup of phones.

Apple’s new iOS 17 is LOADED with bugs, and while this may seem normal, a plethora of reports from all directions is certainly concerning for the most popular smartphone company in the world. Now, the issue of black screens might not affect a lot of people, but it sure is frustrating.

In a Reddit post, a user stated that their phone, after updating to iOS 17, started randomly going black, with a small part of the clock showing in red. They also mentioned that they have experienced this issue on their brother’s phone as well.

We often talk about “the Apple way” and how this phrase is synonymous with “perfection,” however the company has surely disappointed in recent times. The new iPhones have been plagued with some of the worst user experiences ever seen in a product launch of this magnitude.

The issue of the screen going blank when connected to a charger might be related to the new “StandBy mode” on iOS 17, but it is rare to hear about iOS having such major bugs. As one user explained in the thread “It happened to me a few times too, and I think I figured it out why. The system wants to trigger Standby Mode if you hold it at an angle or the phone thinks its horizontal, and it results in this issue.

Since this is the first release of iOS, and since the author has written about how this issue started after the iOS 17 update, we can expect Apple to address it in future updates. Till then, we will make sure to keep you updated as new information is available.


Muhammad Qasim

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