Nothing CEO Carl Pei Overcomes His Biggest Fear With Casey Neistat

Nothing, on their YouTube channel recently uploaded the keynote for the new Nothing Phone (2). And, with this company, you always expect something unique. So in this video titled “Introducing Phone (2) ft. Casey Neistat,” you already knew it was going to be ‘fun.’

The video started off with CEO Carl Pei and Casey Neistat on a roller coaster in an amusement park. For some reason, without context, we saw Neistat unfazed, holding a book, but Pei, on the other hand, was clearly scared.

The mission is to make tech fun again, and ironically you’ve lost all your fun,” Neistat said to him.

As it turns out, Neistat, and the Nothing team had set up the roller coaster mission for Pei, to make him lose one of his biggest fears, and have some fun again. The ride was also a metaphor for how Nothing wants to shake things up in the tech industry and make it more exciting.

Later, Neistat sat down with Pei to talk about the Phone (2), and it is there that he revealed that he has known Pei for over eight years and was one of the first investors in Nothing. They talked about the Nothing Phone (2) and why it had a similar design to the previous model.

It seems that Nothing is taking inspiration from Apple and even from Pei’s past experience at OnePlus, regarding the freedom it has in marketing, and business in general.

Being a smaller company, Nothing has the freedom to explore and experiment without the pressure of meeting shareholders’ expectations. However, as Nothing grows, there is a risk that the fun and excitement they are known for might diminish.

Taking risks doesn’t always guarantee success, and the chances of failure increase as a company expands. It will be important for Nothing to maintain its core values and keep the spirit of fun and innovation alive, even as they continue to grow.


Muhammad Qasim

Qasim's deep love for technology and gaming drives him to not only stay up-to-date on the latest developments but also to share his informed perspectives with others through his writing. Whether through this or other endeavors, he is committed to sharing his expertise and making a meaningful contribution to the world of tech and gaming.