Nintendo 3DS or 2DS will not Connect to Wifi Error ‘003-1099’

The Error 3ds 003-1101 is caused do to network connectivity issues. This might be an issue with the Router or the Network Adapter built into the 3Ds or it may be due to the 3Ds Server. This can also be triggered due to incompatibility with the wireless specification between the Router and the Nintendo 3ds.

3ds error code 003-1101

What Causes the ‘3ds error code 003-1101’ Error?

We found the underlying causes to be:

  • Incorrect Network Configuration: In some cases, the SSID or the password for the internet connection might not have been entered properly due to which the error is being triggered. This can sometimes cause a glitch where the internet connection seems to have been connected but in reality, internet access isn’t provided. Being unable to access the internet can also trigger the “An Error Has Occurred” issue on the 3ds console.
  • Port Forwarding: It is possible that certain ports that the device is trying to access are either blocked or haven’t been forwarded yet due to which the console is facing issues while trying to connect to the internet. It is important that all ports are forwarded properly, in order for the internet connection to be established. The ports are used by the device to establish a communication channel with its servers and this is very important for its function.
  • 802.11 Mode: If the router is transmitting at a frequency that is not recognized by the console, the error will be triggered. There are three types of 802.11 modes, a 802.11b, 802.11 g, and an 802.11n mode. These all come with different levels of security and speeds but Nintendo only recognizes the 802.11b transmission mode and if the router is configured to transmit at a different one, the error will be seen.

How to Fix the 3DS or 2DS Network Connectivity Issues

1. Change Network Configuration

If certain configurations on the console haven’t been done accurately, this error might be triggered. Therefore, in this step, we will be changing the network configuration. For that:

  1. From the home menu, click on “System Settings” and select “Internet Settings”.
    Clicking on “Internet Settings”
  2. Click on the “Connection Settings” button and then select the “New Connection” option.
    Selecting “New Connection” option
  3. Select the “Manual Setup” option and select the “Search for Access” point button.
    Clicking on the “Search for Access Point” option
  4. Select the name of your wireless connection and click on “OK”.
  5. Enter the Network configuration details accurately and click on “Ok” to connect.
  6. After the connection is established, check to see if the issue persists.

2. Forward the Ports

You will need to open certain ports to make the internet accessible to the device. This needs to be done from the router’s main page and most people might not have access to the proper settings to achieve these tasks. Therefore, it is recommended to contact your ISP and get them to open the following ports for your router:

UDP Ports: 442 - 445 and 28000 - 29500

Also, get them to allow UDP connections and make sure that they enable UPnP type connections as well, these connections are very useful in establishing fast and reliable connections with the game servers to decrease latency while providing a smooth experience.

3. Change the Wireless Mode

There are three types of 802.11 modes according to Wireless standards, an 802.11g, an 802.11b, and an 802.11n mode. The 3DS console only supports the 802.11b/g mode of transmission and some modern Wireless Routers are configured to transmit only in 802.11n or 802.11g. Therefore, in this step, we will be changing this mode. For that:

  1. Enter your IP Address into a browser and press “Enter”.
    Note: This is usually “”, “” or “”.
  2. Log in to the page using your login name and the password
    Note: This is usually located on the backside of the router.

    Entering the Login information
  3. Now since there are many ISPs and all of them have different account pages, look around for the “802.11” settings or an option that allows you to configure this.
  4. Change the transmission mode to “802.11b/g/n” or to “802.11b/g”.
    Selecting the “802.11b/g/n” mode
  5. Save your settings and reboot the router.
  6. Reboot your console as well and try to make the connection again.
  7. Check to see if the issue persists

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