How to Screenshot Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Key Takeaways
  • Snapchat incorporates features like anti-screenshot notifications to maintain privacy. Secretly taking screenshots breaches trust and can damage relationships, though it's not illegal.
  • Use Google Assistant to take a screenshot on Android by enabling "Hey Google," opening the desired chat, and instructing the assistant to take a screenshot, which avoids notification to the other party.
  • There is no effective method for secretly taking screenshots on Snapchat for iPhone users; alternatives include using another device to take a photo of the screen.

Snapchat is a platform that takes user privacy very seriously. Measures like deletion of chats after 24 hours, view-once snaps, and anti-screenshot notifications have been applied to ensure a trustworthy user experience.

However, people usually ask how they can secretly take screenshots without notifying the other person. After extensive research and testing, we have come across the best methods to accomplish this. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

How Anti-Screenshot Notification Works

Anti-screenshot notifications work in a very simple way. Whenever you screenshot a chat or a snap of a user, Snapchat’s algorithm detects this and sends the other person an in-chat notification. For example, if my name is Zia and I screenshot my chat\snap with a friend, they will see a message saying “Zia Took A Screenshot Of Chat\Snap.

Anti-Screenshot Notification

A few years ago, if you screen-recorded the chat or used a third-party application to capture the screenshot, the other user wouldn’t get notified. However, with time, Snapchat has strengthened its algorithm such that these workarounds are now ineffective.

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Why Even Take Screenshots on Snapchat?

The first question that comes to mind is: Why even take screenshots? If Snapchat has deliberately made it difficult to take screenshots, just click an image of the chat/snap from a spare device. The primary problem with this is the assumption that you have a spare device available to record the chat. Most of the users only have one phone, so this is not possible for them.

There is another option of saving chats and snaps so that they will always remain in your chat. The problem with this is that the other user is notified that you have saved a chat, and it will make the situation awkward. Besides, the other user always has the power to un-save that chat, so this is not a foolproof method.

A media saved in Snapchat

Due to these limitations, it is crucial that you know how to secretly take a screenshot, as within 24 hours (for chats) and viewing once (for snaps), the media will be lost forever.

Disclaimer: The methods about to be discussed are purely for educational purposes. You should be a responsible user and not breach anyone’s trust or right to privacy. Although it is not illegal, if private screenshots get released, your relationship with the other user might take a bad hit.

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How To Take Secret Screenshots on Android

Taking secret screenshots on Snapchat is very simple if you own an Android device. You can simply achieve this through Google Assistant (now Gemini).

Step 1: Enable Hey Google On Google Assistant

Many users, like ourselves, disable the Hey Google feature due to privacy concerns. However, for this method to work, you need to enable it.

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings and tap on Apps.
    Apps in Settings
  2. Scroll down to Assistant and proceed to Hey Google & Voice Match.
    Assistant Settings
  3. Make sure that Hey Google is toggled on.
    Option to be Toggled On

Step 2: Open Chat and Screenshot

Launch the Snapchat application, and open the chat you want to take a screenshot of. Now say Hey Google and wait for the assistant to become active. Now say “Take a screenshot” or type this in the chat box of the assistant. Gemini will then capture a screenshot of your screen.

Asking Gemini to take a screenshot

Step 3: Save the Screenshot

The screenshot is not automatically saved on your device. You need to scroll down your notification panel and tap on the screenshot notification. Doing so will open the screenshot in your default gallery, where you can then save it.

The screenshot captured without notification

By following these steps, a screenshot will be taken, and the other user won’t be notified.

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How To Take Secret Screenshots on iPhone

Unfortunately for iPhone users, there is no direct way to take a screenshot. Google Assistant is not available, and if you use Siri (the iPhone’s assistant) to take a screenshot, the other user gets notified. Additionally, no third-party application on the App Store was successful in secretly taking screenshots.

We also came across multiple methods of mirroring your iPhone screen on an iPhone or Mac and then taking a screenshot. However, not only are they complicated for a non-tech-savvy person, but they are also inefficient as they require a Mac or another iPhone.

Mirroring iPhone to Mac

The only way for iPhone users is to take a picture of the chat using another phone or device.

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Now that you are aware of the working methods, there are a few obsolete methods that forums are openly suggesting.

Airplane Mode

A lot of websites suggest that if you turn on the airplane mode of your device and then take a screenshot, the other user won’t get notified. However, upon testing, we found out that this method has become useless on Android and iOS. So if you try to take a screenshot using this, the other user will get notified.

Recent Applications

Another famous old method was to open the chat, immediately go to recent applications, and take a screenshot. This method was valid a few months ago; however, now Snapchat detects this and sends a notification to the other user.

Taking screenshot through recents

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Knowing how to secretly take screenshots of chats on Snapchat is a skill that can come in handy. The methods listed above will be helpful in this regard. Then again, don’t use them for nefarious reasons. If you have a suggestion or query, drop it below. Until next time. Ciao


Will the user receive a notification if I screen record the chat or snap?

Screen recording falls in the same category as screenshots in this scenario. Even the notification sent is the same.

Can saved snaps be downloaded?

If the saved snap was sent by you, then you can save it to your phone. However, if the snap was sent by the other user, it can’t be downloaded.

Is it illegal to take screenshots of chats on Snapchat?

You won’t be prosecuted if you take a screenshot of the chat. Regardless, it is still unethical to take screenshots without the consent of the other person.

Does the Google Assistant pose privacy threats?

Google claims that it collects no personal data if you turn on the Hey Google feature. However, you can still disable the feature in your phone’s settings whenever you want.


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