What Makes Your Snap Score Go Up? Snapchat Guide 2024

Are you on a mission to increase your Snap Score? Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps because of its unique features for picture and video sharing. One interesting thing about Snapchat is the Snap Score, which is a number that goes up each time you send or receive a snap, thus showing how active you ever were.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explain what affects your Snap Score and how to increase it.

What Makes Your Snap Score Go Up?

The simplest ways to raise your Snap Score is to send and receive snaps. You get a point for every snap you send to a friend or a group chat. Your score will also go up when you open and look at the snaps that your friends send you. Also, note that sending or receiving text messages doesn’t contribute to the score.

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Other Methods to Increase Your Snap Score

Here are three other ways to make your snap score go up:

1. Put up Stories

You can share parts of your day with all of your friends at once through Snapchat Stories. Not only does posting stories keep your friends interested, but it also increases your Snap Score. You’ll get more points if your story stays up longer and if you add more and more snaps to it.

2. Add More Friends

On Snapchat, the more–the merrier. Add more people to your account with the Quick Add feature or by searching them up. Interact with them by sending unique snaps to each person. Plus, your Snap Score is more likely to rise when you engage with popular users with high Snap Scores.

To access the Quick Add feature:

  1. Tap the Add Friends logo in the top right corner.

  2. Add people you may know under the Quick Add area.

  3. To search usernames directly, tap the Search icon on the top-right corner, beside your Bitmoji.

3. Build Streaks

Streaks, the fire icon next to a friend’s name, on Snapchat are a popular feature that motivates users to talk to each other regularly. When you and a friend send each other snaps for several days in a row, you start a streak. Keeping records not only makes your bonds stronger but also raises your Snap Score by a lot.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, your Snap Score shows how active and engaged you are on Snapchat. Your score goes up when you regularly send and receive snaps, post stories, use features, and keep streaks going. Keep in mind that the best way to slowly raise your Snap Score is to stay active. So, have fun, connect with your friends, and watch your Snap Score rise as a result of your activity.


What happens to my Snap Score when I send a Snap?

Sending photos, videos, or a mix of the two to your friends has a direct effect on your Snap Score. You get points for every photo you send, which encourages you to stay active and share moments with your contacts. 

Do group chats and stories increase my Snap Score?

Yes, your Snap Score can also go up through group chats and stories. Every snap you send in a group chat and every snap you add to your story adds to your score. Sharing with a lot of friends and getting your viewers involved with stories can help you get a lot more points.

What will happen to my Snap Score if I keep my Snapchat streaks going?

The fire emoji and number next to a friend’s name show how many days in a row they have sent and received snaps. Streaks not only make your contacts and bonds better, but they also improve your Snap Score. By sending snaps every day, you can raise your score by a lot over time.


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