What’s the Highest Snap Score in the World? [2024 Update]

Key Takeaways
  • The top five users with the highest Snapscores on Snapchat are Mustbecris (320 million), Dion-19 (238 million), Cris-this guy (137 million), Jaidep Gurgar (51 million), and Michae861 (14 million). These scores are achieved by frequent snapping with friends.
  • To increase your Snapscore, add many friends and maintain streaks, send multiple snaps daily, prefer videos over photos, view and contribute to stories, and engage with friends' content regularly. Consistent engagement over time is key.
  • Your Snapscore increases by two points for sending or receiving a snap. It does not decrease or reset to zero, even if you break streaks. Regular activity on Snapchat is essential for increasing your score.

Ever wondered who’s got the highest snap score on Snapchat? We’re here to fill you in. This guide breaks down who’s at the top and how they got there. We’re also throwing in some tips for boosting your own score. Whether you’re new to Snapchat or trying to up your game, you’ll find something useful here.

Let’s jump in and check out these top Snapscores.

What Are Snapscores on Snapchat?

Note: For those of you already aware of Snapscores, head on to the next section.

Simply put, the Snapscore is your main overall score on Snapchat. You see when you send your friends snaps and then they send you snaps back, you establish a Snapstreak with them. The more snaps you exchange with your friends, the higher your Snapscore becomes.

Your score is only dependent on the snaps, not the messages you send and receive. So, although you might chat a lot with your friends on Snapchat if you do not send each other snaps, your score will not increase.

Snapchat score increases fixedly. Sending your friends a snap and receiving one will increment your score by 2. Sending 10 people one snap each will increase your score by 10. However, receiving 10 snaps each might not increase the score by 10. These things are algorithm-based and may vary from user to user.

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What Are the Current Highest Snapscores?

The current leaderboard for the highest snap score in the world is as follows:

  • Snap score: 320 Million
  • Username: MustBeC

Mustbecris, real name Chris, is the user with the highest Snapscore (320 million). He has been using the platform since its early days. It is evident that he has a lot of friends on the platform and sends and receives snaps daily. Given his Snapscore, he can be regarded as the King of Snapchat.

  • Snap score: 238 Million
  • Username: dion-19

Dion-19 is another Snapchat user with a very high score (238 million). Although the difference with the highest Snapscore holder is significant, the figure itself is extremely impressive. He also has been using the platform for quite some time and has put special effort into making his Snapscore reach this level.

  • Snap score: 137 Million
  • Username: Chris-this guy

Cris is the Snapchat user with the third highest Snapscore ever (137 million). He gained this score by sending a lot of Snaps to his friends daily.

  • Snap score: 51 Million
  • Username: jgujjar13

Jaidep is another Snapchat user, and he has a Snapscore of 51 million. He has the 4th highest score in the world.

  • Snap score: 14 Million
  • Username: michael86l

Michae861, real name Michael is a Snapchat user with a score of over 14 million. He has the 5th highest score in the world.

How To Increase Your Snapscore?

After seeing such astounding figures, you will definitely be thinking: “How is this possible?”. This brings us to our next point. The steps listed below, are going to help you in increasing your Snapscore.

  • Add a lot of friends and establish a streak with them.
  • Send multiple streaks throughout the day and also encourage your friends to do the same.
  • Instead of photos, send videos as snaps, they increase the Snapscore more.
  • In case you break a streak with a friend, restore it. If that is not possible, establish a new streak with them.
  • Regularly view the snaps sent by your friends and add such friends who also would view your snaps.
  • Add your snaps to your story, if your friends view your story, it will also increase your score.
  • View the stories of your friends. Viewing stories of famous accounts will also increase your score.

If you consistently follow these steps, your Snapscore will start to increase a lot faster. However, this is not a quick process and will take some time.

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There you have it, the people with the highest snap scores and the steps to increase your snap score. In case of any query or suggestion, drop it down below. Until next time. Ciao


Does your Snapscore become zero, if you break all of your streaks?

No, if you accidentally break all your streaks, your Snapscore will not become zero. However, if you stop sending snaps, your score won’t increase, and will become stuck on the same number.

How does Snapscore incrementation work?

Sending and receiving a snap increases your score by two. For a more detailed explanation, read paragraph three of the article.

Can your Snapscore decrease?

Once your score gets to a value, it can never come below that value. So, if you stop sending snaps or having streaks, your score will become constant.


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