How to Remove Someone from Best Friends List on Snapchat

Snapchat automatically places certain Snapchat friends in the Best Friends list using their algorithm based on your overall interaction with that specific user. However, sometimes you may not want that to happen, or you simply might not like having that person as your best friend on Snapchat.

How can you remove someone from your Best Friend List in Snapchat?

There are two different ways to remove someone from your Best Friend list. You can follow the one that suits your situation the best.

  • Block or Unfriend the person: This is the quickest way to remove someone from your Best Friend list. It’s very easy to do this follow the detailed instructions down below.
  • Trick Snapchat’s algorithm: If you don’t want to block or unfriend the person, you can trick Snapchat’s algorithm into thinking that the person is not your best friend anymore. This will automatically remove the person from your Best Friend list. To do this, simply interact less with the person. Send fewer snaps, open fewer snaps, and don’t chat with them as often. Over time, the person will no longer be your Best Friend.

Now that we know each method to remove someone from Best Friend list. Let’s go into instructions of each method.

1. Blocking or Unfriending a Person:

This method is pretty straightforward, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Press & Hold on Person you want Removed
  3. Press ‘Manage Friendship’

  4. Now you can decide to either ‘Block’ or ‘Remove friend’

  5. That’s it!

Trick Snapchat’s algorithm to remove Best Friends without unfriending:

Note: Keep in mind that this process will take some time, as Snapchat’s algorithm reanalyzes your account and decides to remove the person as a best friend.

Basically, you have to decrease the interaction and communication with the person you want removed from your best friend list. This is easier said than done because the information provided all over the internet about this is very vague for all the questions, such as, ‘How long do I have to stop communication with that person?’ and ‘Can I still send them snaps regularly?’ etc.

Therefore, we have mentioned exactly the steps you have to take in order to remove someone from your best friend list. You can follow these three steps and wait for the algorithm to remove them.

Step 1. Decrease Interaction

As your Snapchat best friends are the users you snap or chat the most often with. You have to significantly decrease the number of snaps, and chats you send to that person. That’s because Snapchat’s algorithm considers the frequency of the interactions you do with that person. Reducing it will quickly get them removed from the best friends list. To effectively do this follow these tips:

  • Only send one snap and only send that one snap when the streak timer appears.
  • Reply late to their messages.
  • Don’t call that person at all.
  • Restrict them from watching your stories.

Step 2. Start Interacting with other users more

To speed up the process, you can begin sending more snaps and chats to other users on your friend list. This will balance the frequency of your overall Snapchat interactions. To accomplish this, simply start sending more snaps and chats to your other friends as well. Follow these exact tips:

  • Send snap streaks to others more frequently and make sure not to send it to them.
  • Create group chats and don’t add that person in the group.

Step 3. Limit engagement with their content

Avoid opening their stories, snaps or messages immediately, mute their notifications and limit the overall engagement you do with that person, this will signal Snapchat that you are less interested to be best friends with that person. Possibly, pushing them off the best friends list. Therefore, pause before opening their snaps immediately and wait for at least 1-2 hours before opening their snaps or watching their stories. Here are some tips:

  • Mute their chat and snap notifications.
  • Don’t watch their stories.
  • Delay replying to their messages and opening snaps.
  • Don’t open the person’s profile.

That’s it! doing this will for sure remove the person from your best friends list.

Based on our tests, it took exactly 11 Days to see the desired person removed from the best friend list. This may vary but maximum it should take 4 Weeks. The sooner the algorithm picks up that you don’t like that person in your best friend list the sooner you will see results.

Till the algorithm re-evaluate your interaction, you can hide the person’s chat from your profile to make this process more effective. Follow these steps to do so:

  1.  Open Snapchat
  2. Press and hold the person’s chat
  3. Tap on ‘Chat Settings’ > ‘Clear from Chat Feed’.

This will remove the person from your chat feed decreasing the interaction even more.

Thank you so much for reading!

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