How to Delete Someone From Your Best Friends List on Snapchat

Being a new Snapchatter,  you might not be aware of this feature that Snapchat has back when it was new to the world where the friends that you Snapchatted with the most, became your ‘best friends’ on Snapchat and appeared publicly. Publicly appearing meant that everyone on your Snapchat list could see the top best friends with whom you chat with, and this was not such a good thing. Lucky you that now Snapchat does not reveal your best friends to anyone except you.

How Does Anyone Become Your Best Friend

The basic criteria that is followed by Snapchat to categorize someone under the list for best friends is the fact that how often do you both snap each other.  The more you snap with them, the more chance of them falling under the best friends list on your Snapchat. I literally have just two best friends on Snapchat because they are the only ones whom I can call my Best Friends in real life too. Just for your information, the list of best friends on Snapchat does not actually have to match with your real life list of best friends.

Just how the score for each Snapchatter works on Snapchat, similarly, each Snapchat-er has a score for how often they snap each other. And this score is not disclosed to the user. This information stays with the Snapchat management who keep you updated through the emojis and best friends list that you have achieved the best friend level.

How to Remove a Snapchatter From Your Best Friend List on Snapchat

Now you might wonder why someone would want to remove someone from their best friends list. Obvious reasons, maybe they don’t like calling them their best friend. Or, the ‘best friends’ are not best friends anymore and would prefer not seeing their names under the best friends list. The process to remove someone from their best friend list on Snapchat is very easy. Just follow the steps as mentioned below and you are good to go.

  1. Open your Snapchat to the window where you can view all your chats with your friends.
    Here, everyone with this certain smiley is your best friend. This is the emoji that informs you that they are your best friend as you Snapchat with them quite often


  2. Click on the name of your friend to open the chat window.
    The chat window obviously will not show you the snaps as Snapchat is a ghost chatting forum where everything disappears after a while. Notice the three lines towards the left of the screen. Click on these to access the setting for this friend.


  3. Once the settings appear on the screen, tap on the option that says ‘Block’.  You don’t want to block the person I know, you just want to remove them from the best friends list. And blocking them, for a while, is what you need to do to renew all the settings for this person.
    Tap on ‘block’. Don’t worry, you will only be blocking them for not even a minute.


  4. Once you tap on block, Snapchat will confirm if you really want to block this friend. From the options that appear on your screen now, press ‘YES’.
    Yes! You need to block them, and for that, you obviously have to tap the yes option here.

    The ‘Block’ option will now take a few seconds and will block this friend on your list. Now since the friend is blocked, the chat window for her will disappear.

  5. The next step for you is to unblock your friend. The basic idea behind blocking them was to nullify the score that you both have for snapchatting each other. Since you did it often, your score was high and you got the best friend smiley showing on each others name. Now, since you blocked them, the score has been nullified, and now you have to unblock them to contact them again.
    Go to your home screen and click on the settings icon as shown in this image. All the settings for your Snapchat will appear here.


  6. Scroll down on the settings window that appears on your screen, and find the tab for ‘Blocked’. Here, you will find all your blocked friends.
    Blocked tab here will show you all the people you have ever blocked.


  7. The friend I just blocked could be seen here. And right opposite her name, was a cross tab, like an ‘x’, which is basically for ‘unblocking’.
    If you want to unblock this person, you will have to click on the ‘x’ that appears on the opposite side of this name.


  8. Snapchat will again confirm if you want to unblock this friend. Tap the option for Yes.
    Of course, you want to unblock them.


  9. Now that you have unblocked your ‘ex’ best friend on Snapchat, your window for blocked contacts would be empty. You need to head back to the chat section, and to your surprise, the smiley has disappeared, which means, this friend is no longer your best friend on Snapchat.
    No blocked contacts
    not a best friend anymore.

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