How To Leave A Group Chat on iPhone?

Group texting is a wonderful feature to communicate with a bunch of people but there comes a time when a user might have to leave a group chat. But leaving a group chat on an iPhone is not as simple as it seems to be.

How To Leave A Group Chat on iPhone?
Leave A Group Chat on iPhone

The process will be different depending on the devices used by group members and the number of group members, as follows:

  • All the Group Members Have iPhone Devices (iMessage Group) and the text bubbles are blue.

    iMessage Group as the Message Appears in the Blue Bubbles
  • The Group is Comprised of Users With iOS and Android Devices (MMS group or SMS group).

    SMS/MMS Group as the Message Appears in the Green Bubbles

How to Leave a Group Where All Members Have iOS Devices

If all the group members have iOS devices, then the iMessage is being used for the group chat and a user can confirm the same if the text message bubbles are appearing in blue. Keep in mind that a user cannot leave a group created by himself.

  1. Launch Messages and open the group which you want to leave.

    Open the Group Chat in Messages
  2. Now tap on the top of the conversation where user profile icons are shown.

    Tap on the Profile Icons in the Group Chat
  3. Then tap on Leave This Conversation and afterward, confirm to leave the conversation.

    Tap on Leave This Conversation in the Group Properties
  4. Now tap on Done and no more messages of the group will bother you.

    Confirm to Leave the Group Chat
  5. Keep in mind that all group members will see a notification that you have left the group.

    Left the Conversation Notification in the Group Chat

If the group’s notifications are in blue and the option to leave the group is greyed out, then check if there are more than three iPhone users left in the group after you leave the group, otherwise, add some members (fun fact: you can add yourself as another contact and leave the group) with iOS devices to leave the group.

Leave a Group Where Members are Using iOS and Android Devices

If the group message notifications are appearing in green, then there is at least one user in the group who is using an Android device. In such a case, the Leave This Conversation option may be greyed out and a user cannot leave the group (the issue is mutual, Android users may also fail to leave a group where at least one user is using an iOS device).

A natural question comes to a user’s mind why can’t I leave a group chat in Messages? Basically, in this case, the SMS/MMS protocol of the cell phone’s carries is being used (beyond the control of Apple) and as per the communication standards, the group SMS/MMS is more a hack, than a feature. In which, the SMS/MMS is delivered as what and to whom basis, whereas, the group is just a visual arrangement of these messages. So, there is nothing to leave, and in this case, muting the group chat is a logical step.

  1. Launch Messages and open the group which you want to mute.
  2. Now tap on the group profile icons or “i” icon to open the group’s information and tap on the Hide Alerts option. Users with iOS 11 or earlier may see Do Not Disturb.

    Hide Alerts of the Group Chat in iPhone
  3. Then tap on Done and the text notifications/sounds from the group will not bother you but you may see unread messages number on the Messages app icon.

If that did not what you want, then you may try the following but it depends on the nuisance the group chat is creating:

  • Request the group members to not send messages in the group, delete the chat from their phones, and create a new group without you.
  • Block all the users in the group but this will also stop individual chats.
  • Disable iMessage.
  • Disable group messages.
  • Disable SMS.
  • Use a jailbroken feature.
  • Change your number.


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