How to Fix “One or More Items Failed to Play” Jio TV Error?

Key Takeaways
  • The "One or More Items Failed to Play" error on Jio TV usually indicates a playback issue, commonly faced by users on non-official platforms like Kodi.
  • To fix this error, disable the Extra HD Channels option in the Jio TV add-on settings on Kodi and clear the cache regularly.
  • Improving Jio TV performance on Kodi can be achieved by clearing cache, ensuring sufficient internet speed, and keeping the Jio TV add-on updated.

Jio TV is a popular streaming television service in India. More than 129 million people use it to watch their favorite TV channels on smartphones and tablets.

Sadly, it’s not free of issues. One particular error – One or More Items Failed to Play – keeps popping up on different channels. If you’re currently facing it, we’re glad you found this post.

Our team has found the ultimate solution to fix this error once and for all. We also have some tips to improve Jio TV’s overall performance. Let’s get started!

JioTv Playback Error on Kodi

What is One or More Items Failed to Play Error on Jio TV?

The “One or More Items Failed to Play” error on Jio TV indicates that some content could not be played successfully. A pop-up appears on the screen like this:

One or More Items Failed to Play Error

Typically, this error is experienced by users who watch Jio TV on their Smart or Android TV. It can also show up on PC.

NOTE: The Jio TV app is not officially available for PC and Smart or Android TVs. However, people have found a way to use it on these devices through Kodi

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Why Does This Error Show Up?

The exact reason why the “One or More Items Failed to Play” error shows up is unknown. Some people argue that it’s because of using Jio TV through illegal means on TV. You have to download it from third-party sources on Kodi.  

However, a huge number of Indians use this method. Only some of them face this error on channels like Sony, Zee TV, and Times Now. 

So, compatibility issues with the device being used can’t be the sole reason. It can also occur due to poor internet connection, server problems, and glitches within the Kodi app. 

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How to Fix One or More Items Failed to Play Error on Jio TV?

Finding One or More Items Failed to Play error on your favorite TV channels can be frustrating, but the good news is you can get rid of it quickly and permanently. All you have to do is follow this step-by-step guide!

  1. Open Settings on the Kodi App. 

    Settings on Kodi
  2. Click on Add-ons.

    Add-ons on Kodi


  3. Go to My Add-ons. 

    My Add-ons on Kodi
  4. Click on Video Add-ons. 

    Video Add-ons on Kodi


  5. Select Jio TV

    JioTV Add-on on Kodi
  6. Click on Configure

    Configure on JioTV
  7. Go to More

    More in Configure
  8. Disable the Extra HD Channels toggle button. 

    Extra HD Channels Option


  9. Click on OK

    OK Option in Configure
  10. Restart Kodi by exiting the application and reopening it.

    Restarting Kodi

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3 Tips to Improve the Performance of Jio TV

Kodi is generally a very smooth and fast application. However, the Jio TV add-on doesn’t really work well on it. Here are some tips to improve Jio TV’s overall performance and make your viewing experience better

1. Clear Cache

The cache of different add-ons can build up over time and corrupt some files. It can also slow down the Kodi app. So, it’s best to clear the cache weekly or monthly – depending on how often you use the app. 

Here’s how to do it:

Open Kodi > go to Settings > click on the Gear Icon > open File Manager > select Profile Directory > select Database Directory > right-click on Addons. db > select Delete.  

2. Check your Internet speed

Users with 5 to 10Mbps internet plans experience a lot of buffering on Jio TV. This is because the internet’s speed is incapable of supporting multiple devices, especially streaming HD content. 

It’s recommended to upgrade to at least 15 to 25Mbps plans for streaming Jio TV on Kodi. Or if you want to stream 4K content, go for higher plans like 40 to 100Mbps

3. Update Jio TV Add-on 

Add-ons are automatically updated on Kodi. However, if you have changed the settings, you may want to check whether your Jio TV add-on is updated to the latest version or not. To do so, follow these steps:

Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Click on Available Updates > Select the Add-on (JioTV) 

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Last Thoughts

Troubleshooting the One or More Items Failed to Play error on Jio TV is a simple process. With the steps mentioned above, you can resolve it easily and continue watching your beloved TV channels. Just don’t forget to restart Kodi at the end!


What does “Playback failed” mean?

”Playback failed” is an error that indicates an inability to play a media file. There are different reasons behind it such as file corruption, unsupported format, or network connectivity issues.

Why is JioTV not on TV?

The JioTV app is designed for smartphones and tablets. Using it on a Smart or Android TV is not approved as of early 2024. However, people still use it through the Kodi app. 

Does JioTV work outside India?

No, Jio apps do not work outside India. They are only available to Jio’s 4G network users, so you can’t install or use them overseas.


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