FIX: Facebook Messenger Search Conversation Not Working

Key Takeaways
  • Facebook Messenger's search function may fail due to poor internet connection, outdated app versions, excessive cache data, or server issues.
  • To resolve the problem, check internet speed, update the app, clear cache (different processes for iPhone and Android users), and check for server downtime.
  • If issues continue, try signing out and back in, force stopping the app, or deleting and reinstalling Messenger for a fresh start.

Facebook Messenger has a Search in Conversation option that allows you to locate a specific message in a chat easily. It appears when you click on the contact’s name. However, sometimes, it just doesn’t work. 

You type the keyword on the search bar, but it shows no result. So, you have to manually scroll up and down through the conversation to find the required information.

We understand how annoying this can be, especially if you need to search for something immediately. That’s why our team has created this detailed guide on how to fix the Facebook Messenger search conversation not working issue. Let’s jump in!

Facebook Messenger Search Conversation Not Working

4 Reasons for Facebook Messenger Search Conversation Not Working 

Meta apps, like Facebook Messenger, are typically fast and smooth. They don’t develop errors and lag unless there is an external reason. So, if your Messenger Search in Conversation is not working, it may be because of:

  1. Internet Connection — Messenger relies on a stable internet connection to function properly. Without it, features like Search in Conversation may not work due to a lack of data transfer.
  2. App Update Outdated versions of Messenger may contain bugs or lack necessary optimizations, potentially causing search functionality to malfunction.
  3. Cache and Data Too much cache or corrupted data within the Messenger app can interfere with its processes, including search.
  4. Server Issues — Problems with Facebook’s servers can disrupt Messenger’s search functionality, as it relies on server-side processing and data retrieval.
NOTE: Deleted messages will not appear through the Search in Conversation feature. This is unretrievable data in the Messenger app. 

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How to Fix Facebook Messenger Search Conversation Not Working? 

If you’re encountering issues with Facebook Messenger’s search function, don’t worry because the problem can be resolved easily. Here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

1. Run Internet Speed Test

Since poor internet connectivity is the most common issue, rule it out first by running an internet speed test. 

Internet Speed Test
  • Search for “Internet speed test” on the web browser
  • Pick a reputable website or use a dedicated speed test app.
  • Initiate the speed test and wait for it to complete.

Note the results, particularly the download and upload speeds. If the speeds are significantly lower than 25 Mbps, troubleshoot your internet connection or contact your service provider for assistance.

2. Update the App

Facebook Messenger is automatically updated on most devices. However, if you previously turned off the auto-update settings, a manual update may be needed.  

Updating Messenger on iPhone
  • Open the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) on your device.
  • Search for “Facebook Messenger” in the search bar.
  • You’ll see an “Update” button next to the Messenger app if an update is available.
  • Tap on the “Update” button to download the latest version of the app.

Once the update is complete, restart your device and check if the search function is working properly.

3. Clear the App Cache 

App cache is the temporary data stored by an application on a device to help it operate more efficiently. It doesn’t include your images, contacts, files, and other important data. So, it’s best to clear it every month. 

↪ For iPhone Users:

Clearing Cache on iPhone
  • Go to Settings and tap on General
  • Tap on iPhone Storage and find the Search icon in the top right corner. 
  • Use it to search for Messenger. 
  • Tap on Offload App.

For Android Users:

Clearing Cache on Android
  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Navigate to “Apps” or “Applications Manager” depending on your device.
  • Scroll down and find “Facebook Messenger” in the list of installed apps.
  • Tap on Messenger to open its settings.
  • Select “Storage” or “Storage & Cache” option.
  • Tap on “Clear Cache” to remove temporary files stored by the app.

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4. Check the Server 

Visit Facebook’s official page or search for any recent announcements regarding server issues. If there are reported server problems, wait for Facebook to resolve them. Usually, Meta fixes the server within 24 hours

Meta Server Down on 5th March 2024

Future Tips to Resolve the Issue 

The steps mentioned above should fix the Messenger Search in Conversation not working issue. But if the problem persists or resurfaces in the future, the following tips can help:

  1. Sign Out of Your Account 

Signing out of your Messenger account and then signing back in refreshes the app and resolves any temporary glitches or errors that may be affecting the search functionality. 

To do this, simply navigate to the Messenger settings, find the option to sign out, and follow the prompts to complete the process.

  1. Force Stop the App

Force Stop essentially shuts down the app and restarts it, potentially resolving any underlying problems. You can force stop the app by going to your device’s settings, selecting “Apps” or “Applications Manager,” finding Messenger in the list of installed apps, and then choosing the option to force stop.

  1. Delete and Reinstall 

Deleting the Messenger app from your device and reinstalling it can often provide a more thorough solution. This removes any corrupted files or settings associated with the app and installs a fresh copy.

To do it, press on the Messenger app for 3 to 5 seconds. The delete option will automatically pop up on the screen. Tap it to finish the process. Then, reinstall the app, sign back into your account, and check if the search function is now working properly.

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Last Words

Resolving the Facebook Messenger search conversation not working issue involves simple yet effective troubleshooting steps. You can improve the internet speed, update the app, clear the cache, and ensure the server isn’t down.

All of these can swiftly restore search functionality and streamline your messaging experience. Good luck!


How far back can you search on Messenger?

Messenger allows users to search through their conversation history as far back as the messages are stored. This typically includes all messages exchanged since the conversation began.

Can the other person see if you search in conversation?

No, other participants in the conversation cannot see if you search within the conversation. Searching is a private action and does not generate notifications or alerts for others.

Why can’t I search for a conversation on Messenger?

You might be unable to search for a conversation in Messenger if you have blocked the contact or deleted the chat. If you previously ignored a chat, it might have moved to the Message Requests section. 


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