What is a Discord Kitten and How to Become One? [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • A Discord Kitten is someone who receives goods, services, or benefits in exchange for maintaining a dating-like relationship with people on Discord. They often cosplay as kittens to attract gifts like Discord Nitro, games, or money.
  • The term originated from a 2016 tweet and gained popularity through YouTuber Quackity in 2021. It's commonly used on social media and in various contexts, including ironically, to describe people who prefer receiving gifts over spending their own money.
  • As a Discord Kitten, one may encounter unsafe situations, especially minors. It's crucial to protect personal information and stay wary of others' intentions.

If you have ever been on Discord, you must be surprised by the diverse range of people the platform is filled with. For instance, you have your average extrovert surrounded by everyone, you have the online couple sitting in a private VC all by themselves, or you have a gamer constantly streaming their playthrough with their mic muted. While these don’t sound special, a few characters on Discord can catch you off guard.

One is Discord Kittens, a term used quite often among the Discord community. But what does it mean? In this article, we will talk about what is meant by a Discord Kitten. We will also look at a few common attributes of Discord Kittens and whether becoming one is safe or not. So, let’s jump in!

Popular Nitro Perks

What is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord Kitten is referred to as someone who is pampered with goods, services, and other benefits in return for having a dating-like relationship with people on Discord servers. They basically are “sugar babies” who get gifts like Discord Nitro, games, or even money and usually cosplay as kittens to attract people into gifting them things.

Discord Daddies also referred to as Kitten Daddies are the counterparts of Discord Kittens and are described as someone who fulfills their materialistic wants. While Discord Daddies can be of any age or gender, they mostly are older and wealthier individuals looking for girls to talk with.

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Where Did Discord Kitten Originate From?

The origin of the term Discord Kitten dates back to December 30th, 2016, when a Twitter user “SlaytypeDA” used it in one of his tweets. However, the term got its popular meaning from the YouTuber Quackity” in 2021 when he started referring to the people, he played games with as his Discord Kittens.

Since then, Discord Kitten exploded in popularity and is now a common slang term under YouTube comments, Reddit posts, and every other social media platform. On top of that, creators like Jamisho even made careers by making funny and cringeworthy videos about Discord Kittens. The term is also ironically used among people who receive gifts from others instead of spending their own money.

Jamishio Tiktoks

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How to Become a Discord Kitten?

When it comes to becoming a Discord Kitten, there are a few common signs you can adapt to give yourself the label. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

1. Create an Attractive Discord Profile

The first thing you’ll need to do is to craft a fake personality to attract people. This means that you’ll have to set up your profile in a way that makes you look cute on the platform. In addition to setting up your profile, you’ll also need to change up your communication style and use emojis like “<3“, “:3“, and “UwU” during conversations.

Cute and shy emoji | Stayhipp

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2. Join Discord Servers

The second step is to join Discord servers where you can potentially find Discord Daddies willing to pamper you. You can either join regular servers or you can look for e-dating communities to increase your chances of finding someone. Once you are in, make sure to introduce yourself to let people know about yourself and your DMs will soon start to blow up.

Here are a few Discord Kitten server recommendations:

  1. Kittens Paradise
  2. E-Kittens
  3. E-Date
  4. Kitty Delight
  5. Kitten Mart
Kittens Paradise Discord server

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Does Discord Allow Kitten-Daddy Relationships?

Yes, there are no Discord rules or conditions that prohibit people from becoming Discord Kittens or engaging in relationships with Discord Daddies. However, things can get messy if users start to engage in sexual content without the consent of each other as Discord has strict policies regarding sexual content on the platform.

The Dark Side of Becoming a Discord Kitten

Calling yourself a Discord Kitten on the Internet can have a negative impact as people on the Internet or even on platforms like Discord are not always who they seem from their chats. Most of the time the people who look for Discord Kittens aren’t innocent individuals and use such names to target minors. These conversations usually start off normal but before you know it these people can begin asking for things beyond their Discord relationship.

Before you become a Kitten

Hence, before you label yourself as a potential sugar baby, you need to make sure to not share anything personal with anyone even if they seem trustworthy and be well aware of the situation you are entering. Additionally, if things start to get uncomfortable, make sure to block and distance yourself from such users.

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Are Discord Kittens and UwU Girls Similar?

While Discord Kittens and UwU Girls can seem like the same thing, there are quite a few things that make them differ from each other. UwU girls typically have a personality similar to anime girls concerning how they talk, behave, and even dress. In fact, the UwU in their name resembles an anime character’s face when they are thrilled.

UwU Emoji

On the other hand, Discord Kittens also try to make themselves look cute, but they do not try to resemble anime characters. However, both of these characters are known for receiving gifts from other people.

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The term Discord Kitten has been quite popular among the Gen Z for a while now and continues to be used for a variety of meanings. The idea of becoming a Discord Kitten can sound exciting especially if it means getting free stuff. However, make sure to know what you are stepping into as the internet is filled with pretty strange and dangerous people.


What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app that allows users to hang out with close friends or different communities.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is an add-on to your average Discord experience that allows you to enhance your experience by unlocking custom emojis, animated avatars, HD screensharing, and many other features.

What is meant by the term Discord Mod?

Discord Moderators, as the name suggests, moderate a Discord server by creating rules and ensuring that all members within a server follow these rules.


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