7 Easy Ways to Earn Real Money From Your Android

We live in a world where a flagship smartphone cost around $1000. What is even more interesting, is the fact that using these devices on a daily basis cost us even more money. We pay for our monthly talk and data plan; we even buy additional accessories for our phones. With all that said, you can assume that smartphones make big expenses in our personal budget. But, is there a way how we can use our smartphones for earning money?

I searched the internet recently, and I found some interesting ways how we can make money with our Android phones. In this article, I will present you 7 easy ways to earn real money from your Android.

Google Opinion Rewards

It may sound surprising if I tell you that Google has an app that you can use for making money from your Android. However, Google Opinion Rewards is an app that allows you to earn money through answering survey questions on your Android device. The app will notify you when new surveys are available, and you just need to spend a few moments answering a couple of questions.

Once you have finished a survey, you earn anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar. You can use this money for purchasing all kinds of apps, books, movies, and music from the Play Store. You can even use them for in-app purchases in games and apps, without spending your cash.

The biggest downside of Google Opinion Rewards is that you can not use this money outside from the Google Play Store. Keep that in mind before you start using this app. Here is the link to download if you are interested Google Opinion Rewards.


PiniOn is an Android app that you can use for earning money by performing quick and easy tasks. Some tasks may include opinions about services, brand and product reviews, researches, etc. Sometimes you may even be asked to leave your house to perform some location-based assignment.

The good thing about PiniOn is that the more you participate, the more tasks you receive. That means more money you can earn. After you make some money, you can get them on your PayPal account or your bank account.

One thing that I don’t like about PiniOn is the fact that most of the missions are available only in a very limited number of countries. I hope that this number will increase over time. However, it is worth trying, and here you can find the download link PiniOn.


eBates doesn’t require to do any missions or tasks for earning money. Instead, it lets you make money while you are shopping. The general idea is that you use the app to purchase things you were going to buy anyway. For the reward of using it, you will get some cash back. With eBates you can earn from 2% up to 10% cash back, depending on the store and promotions offered. The good thing about this app is that includes most of the popular stores like eBay, Amazon, Khols, Macy’s, etc.

The limitation of eBates is that you won’t earn money if you don’t purchase any stuff. However, if you often buy stuff, it could save and make a few bucks for you at the same time. It won’t make you a millionaire, but it is totally free, and you should definitely try it out while you are shopping. Here is the download link eBates.

Foap and Clashot

Foap and Clashot are Android apps that allow you to make money with your photos. You can upload your photos by following some required parameters, and these apps will put them on sale for you.

With Flap, you can also enter missions to snap specific photos. If your images correspond to the requirements, you can sell them out.

Clashot on the other hand, allows you to sell your photos up to $80 per photo.

However, you should know that these apps also get a percentage of the prices of your photos. For example, Clashot takes roughly 66% of every sale. Nevertheless, if you are a photography-lover, you should give them a try. Here are the download links in the Google Play Store Foap and Clashot.


MintCoins gives you an opportunity to earn money by downloading free apps, registering with websites, completing surveys, watching videos, sending invitations to friends, etc. After you finish some task, the app will show your balance into virtual coins. As soon as your balance reaches $1, you can withdraw your money to your PayPal account.

The biggest disadvantage of the app is that some sections in the app don’t work, at least in my case. Additionally, the surveys can be really confusing and often you may not know what the next step during the survey is.

However, if you are in doubt, give it a try, it is free in the Google Play Store. Here is the download link MintCoins.


Pact is an android app that lets you earn cash for exercising. It has a fantastic concept for making users workout and eat healthy. You can set your workout goals and make money by sticking to your goals.

Pact uses GPS for gym workouts and connects with other apps to track your food logging and exercising. All you need to do is go to the gym on a schedule you choose, eat healthy, and you will earn money. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, let me tell you that Pact currently does not accept new users because the service is overloaded. However, keep this app installed on your Android and check it timely. I am sure that they will allow the access soon. Here is the download link Pact.

Wrap Up

Having an opportunity to earn money on your Android will not make you rich, but it will definitely boost your budget. You can use these apps while you are waiting for a bus, traveling in the metro, or any other place and time you want. Choose some of these easy ways to earn real money from your Android, and share your experience with us. Also, if you have suggestions for any similar apps, feel free to tell us your thoughts.


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