How to Install & Use Cyberpunk 2077 Save Editor 2.0 [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • After a rocky start in 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 has improved significantly with the help of its community and modders, culminating in the major Phantom Liberty DLC that fixed many issues and enhanced the game's narrative.
  • Save Editor 2.0, developed by Snapdragon2 and other modders, is a tool that allows players to edit their save files in Cyberpunk 2077, enabling them to unlock vehicles, complete missions, or add items like money and weapons.
  • To use the Save Editor, locate and back up your save files, download and run the Save Editor, load your save, make the desired changes, and save your edits. This tool is particularly useful for creating customized game experiences or bypassing certain game segments.

Cyberpunk 2077 has come a long way. Multiple delays and a disastrous launch in 2020 had many believing that it would be the coffin for CD Projekt Red, the development studio behind it, who is best known for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. However, by joining hands with the players, especially the modding community, they were able to redeem themselves and showcase Cyberpunk 2077’s true potential.

Cyberpunk’s first and last major DLC, Phantom Liberty, was a huge update that fixed most of the glaring issues in the game while polishing the narrative significantly. While modding was mostly focused on fixing the more prominent issues, ever since Phantom Liberty launched, it began to be used for all the fun stuff. One of the most well-known mods is the Save Editor. What is it and how do I use it? Find out below!

Why Should I Mod Cyberpunk 2077?

Before we move on to what the Save Editor 2.0 is, we need to address the elephant in the room; why should you mod Cyberpunk 2077? We’re going to answer that question with another question; why shouldn’t you? Modding can greatly enhance your gaming experience, while providing an insight on how video games work.

Vanilla Cyberpunk 2077 (above) vs. Modded Cyberpunk 2077 (below)

While Cyberpunk 2077 is a masterpiece and a sight to behold on its own, nothing is perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Through modding, you can further enhance the visuals, add more outfits, your favorite cars, better designed weapons, new looks for V and other characters and much more. Why anyone wouldn’t want to consider modding is the real question that should be asked.

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What is the Save Editor 2.0?

The Save Editor was a mod originally developed by SirBitesalot. Although the original project’s development was halted due to some reasons. Snapdragon2 and a few other modders, took it upon themselves to continue the work alone under the new name of Save Editor (Project CyberCATSimpleGUI). As the name suggests, the mod allows you to edit your save files completely.

The Save Editor can help create a save where you have everything

Depending on the version of Save Editor you download, you can edit save files for only a specific version of Cyberpunk 2077. You can also edit PS4 saves for the game. With the Save Editor, you can modify your save files and:

  • Unlock locked vehicles
  • Unlock all upgrades
  • Complete missions
  • Add money
  • Unlock weapons

This is great for when you’re looking to make a save for when you just want to let loose and wreak havoc in Night City. Or when you want to unlock that one sweet upgrade/car/weapon. Either way, it’s a nifty tool to have and keep around in case something happens to your saves while modding. The best part about it is that it’s free to download on NexusMods and completely open-source on GitHub.

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How To Edit Saves Using The Save Editor 2.0

Editing saves with the new Save Editor is pretty easy, as the interface is pretty user-friendly and has been designed to match the games as closely as possible. Follow the steps below to edit your save file:

1. Locating your saves and creating a backup

First off, you need to find the directory where your save files are stored. Luckily, Cyberpunk 2077 saves your game to the same location, no matter what store you bought it from:

C:\Users\(Your username)\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077

You’ll find that the saves have different categories. You can match the dates to pick out your choice of save. Once you’ve found the save you want to edit, create a copy of it to be on the safe side.

Find your save file and make a backup copy

2. Download the Save Editor and run it

Next, download the Save Editor from NexusMods and run it. Make sure to download the latest version of the mod if you’re running the latest version of the game. If you’re running an older version of the game, download an older version of the mod by scrolling down in the Files section. Choose the Manual Download option.

Manually download the latest version of the mod

3. Load up your save in the Save Editor

Click on Load Save. By default, the directory mentioned above will open up in a File Explorer pop-up. Select your save.

Click on “Load Save” and select your save file

4. Tweak your heart out!

Now, it’s all up to you what you want to do. There are different sections on the sidebar for whatever you might want to change about your save file. Add some money, sweet rides and all the cool guns. Be careful when trying to change your gender and when tweaking mission completion. These are risky options and can have unforeseen side-effects.

Unlock the coolest rides through the “Unlocked Vehicles” section

5. Saving your changes

When you’re done making the desired changes, click on Save Changes. Once again, the File Explorer pop-up will appear with the save location directory. Select the save folder whose file you loaded into the Editor. The original save file will be renamed to sav.old and the edited save file will be exported under the name sav.dat.

This is what your save folder should look like after making the edited save file

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Granted, modding does have risks and something does go wrong occasionally. But that’s why you need to make backups of your saves, even if you don’t mod. At any rate, the Save Editor is great for when you want to create saves on hand for when you replay the game and want to skip the whole intro part of the game. And that’s all, chooms!


Why should I mod Cyberpunk 2077?

Modding Cyberpunk 2077 can greatly enhance its visuals and gameplay experience by adding small quality of life improvements. Additionally, you can add other cool stuff like your favorite cars, new outfits etc. It can also provide insights on how video games are made and function.

What is the Save Editor 2.0?

The Save Editor was a mod originally developed by Sir Bitesalot which was later abandoned. The new Save Editor named Save Editor (Project CyberCAT-SimpleGUI), is a fork of the original project and has been developed by Snapdragon2 and other modders. The tool helps to modify your save file and add locked content or modify existing values like items, money etc.

Is it safe to use the Save Editor 2.0?

It’s always best to make a backup so that you remain on the safe side. That said, the Save Editor is pretty easy to use and will warn you if any changes you’re making are risky and can have side-effects. Most changes are harmless and won’t affect the game normally.


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