How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook in 2024 [2 Easy Ways]

Key Takeaways
  • To copy and paste text on a Chromebook, use "Ctrl + C" to copy and "Ctrl + V" (or "Ctrl + Shift + V" for unformatted text) to paste, or use the right-click context menu for mouse-based copying and pasting.
  • The "multi-paste" feature on newer ChromeOS versions allows copying up to five items simultaneously; use the "Search" button and "V" to access and paste these items.
  • To copy and paste images, right-click on the image and select "Copy image," or use the "Alt" key with a mouse click; paste using "Ctrl + V" or the right-click context menu.

Unlike your typical laptops running Windows or macOS, Chromebooks use ChromeOS, which is an operating system developed by Google. If you’re a new Chromebook user, you might have faced challenges performing some basic tasks when using the device for the first time, including copying and pasting data.

This guide will walk you through some of the most common methods for copying and pasting content on your Chromebook.

Google Chromebooks

Using Keyboard Shortcuts on a Chromebook

Chromebook keyboards typically have a similar interface to what you would find on a Windows device. The shortcuts work in, more or less, the same way, and for most people transitioning from a Windows laptop or PC, the difference wouldn’t be noticeable. However, for users coming from macOS, here are some keys that can be used interchangeably.

  1. Command (⌘) on Mac serves as Control (Ctrl) on ChromeOS.
  2. Option (⌥) on Mac serves as Alternate (alt) on ChromeOS.
Chromebook Keyboard Layout

Copy and Paste Text on a Chromebook

To copy text on a Chromebook, first highlight the desired portion. There are two ways to highlight the text you want to copy on a Chromebook:

  • Using the mouse:
    1. Click and hold the left mouse button.
    2. While holding, drag the cursor across the text you want to copy.
    3. The selected text will be highlighted in blue.

  • Using the keyboard:
    1. Click at the beginning of the text you want to copy.
    2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the desired portion.
    3. If you want to select an entire portion, press Ctrl + A.
        Selecting Text on a Chromebook


1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Once the text is selected, you can simply use the keyboard shortcuts to manipulate (cut, copy, paste) your data.

  1. Copy Text:
    • Press the Ctrl and C keys simultaneously (Ctrl + C). This is the most common way to copy text across different operating systems.
  2. Paste Text:
Copy and Paste Using Keyboard Shortcuts

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2. Shortcut Menu

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut menu to copy and paste data if you are uncomfortable using the keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Copying Text:
    1. Right-click on the highlighted text.
    2. From the menu, select “Copy”.
    3. On a laptop, simultaneously tap the trackpad with two fingers to right-click.
        Opening the Shortcut Menu using the Trackpad
  2. Pasting Text:
    1. Right-click at the location where you want to paste the text.
    2. Select “Paste” from the menu.
        Copy (Red) and Paste (Green) using the Shortcut Menu

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The Multi-Paste — Copy Multiple Items at Once

The newer versions of ChromeOS have introduced a “multi-paste” feature, allowing you to copy up to five items, like text or images, to your clipboard simultaneously. To access this feature, locate the “Search” button on your keyboard. This is typically positioned where the Caps Lock key would be on a Windows keyboard.

  1. Locate the “Search” button on your keyboard, typically positioned where the Caps Lock key would be on a Windows keyboard.
  2. Copy five pieces of text or images as you normally would.
  3. While pasting, hold down the “Search” key and simultaneously press “V”.
  4. This will open the clipboard, displaying the last five items you copied.
Multi-Paste on a Chromebook
Any screenshot you take, whether full-screen or a snippet, is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can access it by holding down the “Search” key and pressing “V” (Search + V).

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Copy and Paste Images on a Chromebook

To copy and paste any image, the process is more or less the same. Here are two options to copy and then paste any image you want.

Copying the Image

  1. Using the Mouse:
    1. Locate the image you want to copy.
    2. Right-click on the image.
    3. Select “Copy image” from the menu.
  2. Using the Keyboard Shortcut:
    1. Locate the image you want to copy.
    2. Hold down the “Alt” key on your keyboard.
    3. Click on the image with your trackpad while still holding “Alt”.
      Opening the Shortcut Menu on a Chromebook
    4. A menu will appear.
    5. Select “Copy image” from the menu.
      Copying an image using the Shortcut Menu

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Pasting the Image

  • Using the Mouse:
    1. Navigate to the location where you want to paste the image.
    2. Right-click on the desired location.
    3. Select “Paste image” from the menu.
  • Using the Keyboard Shortcut:
    1. Navigate to the location where you want to paste the image.
    2. Press “Ctrl + V” simultaneously.
Pasting an Image on the Chromebook

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While the ChromeOS keyboard layout is mainly similar to a Windows keyboard, including key placement and keyboard shortcuts, users switching from other operating systems might need help to adapt to the new layout. However, this guide is everything you need to copy and paste data on your Chromebook easily.


Can I use a Windows keyboard with my Chromebook? Will the keyboard shortcuts work the same?

Yes, you can use a Windows keyboard with your Chromebook, but some shortcuts might not work the same due to some differences in layout, such as the variations in the placement of function keys like “Caps Lock” or “Search” between Chromebooks and Windows keyboards.

How do I copy and paste using the touchscreen on my Chromebook?

While using the keyboard or touchpad is generally easier, you can copy and paste on a touchscreen Chromebook by double-tapping the text, sliding the highlight handles to select the desired text portion, and tapping on Copy to copy the text.

Can I copy images using the multi-paste feature?

Yes, anything from an image to text that forms the last five elements of your clipboard can be used as part of multi-paste.


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