How to Clear Queue on Spotify Mobile and Desktop [2024]

If you are someone who listens to music according to the mood or vibe, you must have a lot of songs queued up on Spotify. However, when you make up a new queue it sometimes interferes with the old one and you’re left listening to the same songs you did last time.

That is why in this article we will be jumping into simple and easy ways on how to clear queue on Spotify no matter what device you are on. So let’s dive in!

Queue tab on the Spotify desktop app

Queuing Songs on Spotify

If you aren’t familiar, Spotify Queue is one of the many perks that come with a premium subscription to Spotify and allows users to line up songs in their choice of order. In other words, when you add a track to your queue, it means that the song will be next in line.

Adding Songs to Your Queue

Queuing songs on Spotify allows you to either wait for the current song to finish and add another one or add 10 of your favorite songs to the queue and let Spotify run all of them in the background. Whether you are on the mobile app or desktop, you can add as many tracks as you want to your queue.

Let’s look at both of them individually:

↪ Mobile App

If you are on the Spotify mobile app and want to add songs to your queue, here’s how that’s done:

  1. Open up your Spotify app and tap on your current playing song.
    Tap on your current playing song
  2. From here, tap on the three dots at the top right.
    Tap on the three dots
  3. Once the menu opens up, tap on the “Add to queue” option.
    Tap on the Add to queue option

↪ Desktop App

Similar to the mobile app, you can also add songs to your queue from the desktop app by following these steps:

  1. Launch your Spotify app and next to your current playing song click on the vertical three-line icon.
    Click on the vertical three line icon
  2. From here, under the Now Playing option hover over to your current song and click on the three dots.
    Click on the three dots
  3. Now, select the “Add to queue” option.
    Select add to queue
  4. And that’s it! Your song should now be added to your queue.
    Your new queue should appear like this

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How To Remove Queues on Spotify Mobile App

Whether you want to create a new queue from the bottom or just want to remove a single song, you can clear your Spotify queue at any time on the mobile app.

1. Remove Individual Songs

If you aren’t in the mood to listen to what’s next on your queue, you can simply remove it, and the track after it will start playing.

Here’s how to remove individual songs from your queue:

  1. Open up the Spotify app and tap on the current playing song at the bottom.
    Tap on your current playing song
  2. This will open the Playing View section where you’ll need to tap on the vertical three-line icon to access the queue tab.
    Tap on three vertical line icon
  3. Once you are in, you’ll have the “Now playing” tab which shows your current song, the “Next in Queue” tab which shows your current queue along with what track comes next, and the “Next From” tab which provides song suggestions to include in your queue from your personal favorites to Spotify-recommended ones.
    Queue tab on Spotify mobile
  4. Out of these, the one we need is the Next in Queue. Now, right next to each song, there’s a small circle. 
    Look for the small circle next to your song
  5.  As you tap on the circle, an arrow will fill it up along with new options like “Remove” and “Add to queue“.
    Tap on the small circle
  6. Here tap on the Remove option to wipe out that song from your queue.
    Tap on remove
  7. And that’s pretty much it! You can now enjoy listening to your queue without that one track.
    Your selected song should be removed from the queue

2. Clear Queues

Apart from removing individual songs, you can also clean slate your current queue and start creating a new one.

Here’s how to clear queues on Spotify:

  1. Head to the Queue tab by clicking on the vertical-three line icon. 
    Head to the queue tab
  2. Next to the Next in Queue tab, tap on the “Clear Queue” option.
    Tap on clear queue
  3. As and when you do this, the entire section will disappear from the screen leaving you with the room to add new songs to your queue. 
    Your queue should now be cleared

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How To Remove Queues on Spotify Desktop App

Just like the Spotify mobile app, you can also manage your queues on the desktop app from the Queue tab by simply clicking a few options.

1. Remove Individual Songs

Within the desktop app, you can remove individual songs from your queue to either add new ones or get rid of the boring songs.

Here’s how to remove separate songs from your queue:

  1. Open up the Spotify desktop app and tap on the vertical three-line icon next to your current playing song.
    Click on the three vertical line icon
  2.  Now that you are in the Queue tab here you’ll have similar options to the mobile version like the Now playing, Next in queue, and Next up.
    Queue tab
  3. Under, the Next in queue tab, hover over to the song you want to remove and click on the three vertical dots.
    Click on the three dots
  4. This will open up a small menu. From here, click on the Remove from queue option. 
    Click on remove from queue option
  5. Once that’s done, the song will be removed from your queue and the rest will play normally.
    The track should now be removed from the queue

2. Clear Queues

If your current queue is filled with too many songs or maybe you’re in the mood for some slow jazz music, you can clear your current queue and make a new one.

Here’s how to clear queues on Spotify:

  1. Open up the Queue section from the vertical three-line icon.
    Open up the queue tab
  2. Here, opposite to the Next in queue title you’ll have the “Clear queue” option. 
    Press on the clear queue button
  3. As you press on it, a confirmation message will pop up. Here, click on the Yes button.

    Click on the Yes button

  4. Once you click on it, your current queue will disappear from your screen along with all the songs inside it.
    You can now create a new queue
If you are on the Spotify web player, you can also clear queues by following the exact steps mentioned for the Spotify desktop app.

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Clearing your Spotify queue gives you more freedom when listening to music as it allows you to tailor songs according to your taste and mood. By simply opening up the queue tab you can not only remove songs and queues but also create new jams right away. So don’t let unnecessary songs ruin your listening experience, give the above methods a shot and make your experience more fun.


Difference between a Playlist and a Queue on Spotify?

A playlist is like a planned list of songs you choose in advance. A queue is like a waiting list for songs that you can add or remove on the go.

Can I reorder my queue on Spotify?

If you want to change the order of songs on the mobile app simply press and hold the three vertical lines next to it to change their position or click and drag on it on the Desktop app.

Is the queue feature available on the free version of Spotify?

Unfortunately, the queue feature is only available for premium users and not for free members.


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