What is the Spotify Iceberg? How to Easily Create One [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Spotify Iceberg, created via Icebergify, visually categorizes users' top 50 artists into an iceberg graphic based on listening trends and artist popularity, showcasing the depth of their music taste.
  • Users can create their Spotify Iceberg by visiting Icebergify's website, granting necessary permissions to access Spotify data, and then viewing their personalized iceberg, which illustrates mainstream to obscure artist preferences.
  • While Icebergify is regarded as safe, it's important for users to review permissions and understand that it accesses Spotify data like top artists and music preferences, offering a novel way to visualize and share music tastes.

Spotify users love analyzing their music. And there’s always something to entertain them. First Spotify introduced Spotify Wrapped, then there was Pie and now we have Spotify Iceberg. So what’s the story?

Well, Spotify Iceberg tells users about how deep their music tastes go. And the real magic here is the website “Icbergify.” Iceberigfy is a tool that assesses your listening trends and categorizes them in the form of an iceberg.

In this article, we will jump into what exactly is the Spotify Iceberg and how you can make your own and share it across social media.


What is Spotify Iceberg?

Icebergify is a website created by Akshay Raj, a computer and data sciences student from Rice University whose idea behind the site is to showcase favorite Spotify artists in the form of an iceberg.

According to Akshay, Icebergify is a completely safe website that collects the top 50 artists from a user’s profile in the short term (a month), medium term (half a year), and long term (several years). Moreover, the final iceberg also considers your streams, shares, saves, and likes.

The Iceberg itself also has categories that allocate your artists in the right order while keeping the popularity factor in consideration as well. For instance, if you are an OG Drake fan and have been listening to him since the days of “All Me” then he would go at the tip of the iceberg. This is usually where mainstream artists like Katy Perry, and Daft Punk are.

Whereas some lesser-known artists or bands you listen to will most probably appear close to the bottom of the ocean. Lastly, artists that aren’t either popular or fan favorite will end up in a blank category.

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How to Create Your Spotify Iceberg

Now that you know what the Spotify Iceberg is it’s time to get on the trend. Just like the once popular trend Spotify Pie, all you have to do is head to the official website and give them some permission like your Spotify Account and that’s pretty much it.

Here’s a quick rundown to getting your own Spotify Iceberg:

On Desktop

  1. Open your browser
  2. Head to the official Icebergify website.
  3. You will have a welcome screen with a “Create Yours” button. Simply click on the button.
    Click on the create yours button
  4. Next, you will be redirected to Spotify’s official website asking for your permission to allow Icebergify to access your account. Just press Agree after carefully reviewing the permissions. Make sure to login to your Spotify account in the browser for this to work.
    Read permissions and press agree
  5. After a few seconds, your monthly Spotify Iceberg will show up along with an option to see your all-time iceberg.
    My all-time Spotify Iceberg
    If you haven’t used Spotify in some, like us, nothing will pop up in your iceberg. Make sure to click the all-time option at the top then.

    Press the all-time option (an empty iceberg)

On Mobile

  1. Open Google Chrome or Safari on your device.
  2. Head to the Icebergify website.
  3. On the welcome screen tap the “Create Yours” button.
    Tap on the Create Yours button
  4. Give permission to Icebergify to access your account by pressing Agree.
    Check permission and press Agree
  5. And you will have your monthly Spotify Iceberg. To view your all-time iceberg simply hit the button on top.
    Monthly and all-time Spotify Iceberg

The website isn’t quite up to mark here in terms of mobile optimization, but it gets the job done. Additionally, you might see advertisements pop up on mobile devices whereas we didn’t come across any on desktop. Overall, there isn’t much going on in terms of the looks and the experience is pretty much the same on both platforms.

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All in all, from artists that you once fell in love with to the new ones you made, your Spotify Iceberg is there to remind you of all the good and bad. So before hitting that create your button you might want to switch up your music taste with different artists before showing it to everyone.


Is Spotify Iceberg accurate?

Overall, Spotify Iceberg can be considered quite reliable. When using Icebergify, users typically observe results that align closely with their artist preferences and music listening patterns.

Is the Icebergify website safe?

Icebergify primarily aims to enhance your Spotify experience by accessing your data, such as top artists, likes, and saved tracks. It’s important to note that Icebergify doesn’t request or handle your personal information like phone numbers or email addresses.

Spotify Pie vs Spotify Iceberg?

Spotify Pie is a similar trend to Spotify Iceberg which presents a user with their top 20 most listened artists in an orderly fashion. Additionally, it also has a pie chart that shows which music category you mostly listen to. Whereas, Spotify Iceberg simply presents users with their favorite and lesser-known artists in a simple iceberg form.


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