When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out? [2024 Date]

Over the years, Spotify has brought out fun and entertaining ways like Stream On, Spotify Singles, and Spotify Awards to connect with their audiences. Yet, one event that outperforms all these is the annual Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped brings people closer to music by showcasing their yearly music habits and presenting them in catchy and colorful slides. Spotify Wrapped usually happens towards the end of the year and is available for both free and premium users.

In this article, we will explore all about Spotify Wrapped and when it comes out to help you get ready for your music rewind this year.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 | Spotify

What is Spotify Wrapped?

First started in 2016, Spotify Wrapped gives users a personalized report of their year in music. Spotify users get to see how much time they spend listening to their favorite songs, artists, genres, and even podcasts.

Another feature inside Spotify Wrapped is the Listening Personality which was launched in 2022. This analyzes a user’s overall music taste and gives them a personality from 16 titles like The Specialist, The Connoisseur, The Maverick, and The Fan Clubber, among others.

The full summary is presented in the form of slides with various funky colors and design elements added to make it more interesting. These reports also serve as a free Spotify promotion as users often share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But Spotify Wrapped isn’t just for music listeners as there’s also a version for creators that gives them highlights into what their fans loved. Additionally, Spotify Wrapped also includes global trends as well. For instance, Taylor Swift was 2022’s most viral artist.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out?

There is no official date of when exactly Spotify Wrapped happens, but it typically occurs in the first week of December, close to the year’s end. Previously, Spotify Wrapped 2023 was released on 29th November and was available to almost everyone by 1st December.

In terms of tracking, many people conclude that Spotify tracks data from January 1st to 31st October, leaving November and December. However, they usually extend the tracking period if there’s a major release lined up in the upcoming months.

Apart from that, some Spotify users have also reported their November favorites end up in the annual summary. So it wouldn’t make sense if the cut-off point for Spotify Wrapped was before November.

Spotify remains secretive about the precise date for Spotify’s Wrapped tracking period. However, they aim to stop the tracking as late as possible to create the most accurate wrap for everyone.

And with Taylor Swift’s upcoming album just sitting around the corner, we can expect them to delay the tracking period this time as well.

What to Expect in Your Spotify Wrapped 2024

In the year 2023, Spotify Wrapped had a ton to unwrap. From Top Podcast to Audio Aura each card had a whole theme going on. And for this year’s Spotify Wrapped, we can expect similar things.

Essentially, the Spotify Wrapped will follow a similar 8-slide pattern each showing a different music journey. Let’s look at these individually:

  • First, you will be welcomed with a poster saying “Your 2024 Wrapped is Finally Here” with a follow-up “JUMP IN” option.
  • Once you are in, Spotify will introduce you to your Top Genres.
  • Next, for the third slide, you can see your Total Play Time followed by your Most Played Song of the year.
  • After that, you will have the Total Number of Songs you listened to and your Top 5 Favorite Songs.
  • The sixth slide has an option to add your Top 100 Songs to your library.
  • And the seventh slide will show you the artist you fell in love with along with the amount of time spent listening to their music.
  • Lastly, your Top Artists will be displayed on a magazine-style cover followed by a thank-you page.

And this is what you can expect for this year’s music rewind. The styles, layouts, themes, and elements could change but we hope to see these details in this year’s wrap as well.

Spotify Wrapped vs. Apple Music Replay

Apple Music is without a doubt one of the best music streaming services out there. However, it has often lagged behind Spotify Wrapped when it comes to a unique year-end music recap.

For a start, the Apply Music Replay is only available for those who are subscribed to Apple Music as compared to Spotify Wrapped which is available for everyone.

Spotify Wrapped features a more detailed summary by giving insights into the genres you explored and listening habits throughout the day. But for Apple users, you are only able to explore limited statistics like top songs, artists, genres, and total hours listened to.

Spotify Wrapped isn’t just a list of your musical choices. Instead, it showcases a user’s mood and style through their music. On the other hand, Apple Music Replay misses the whole idea of why people love Spotify Wrapped.


Spotify Wrapped is all about bringing people closer to music. And they are great at it. People are eagerly waiting for Spotify to announce a release date for this year’s holiday treat and from our article you can expect it to come in the final days of December.


How To View Old Spotify Wrapped Playlists?

To view previous Spotify Wrapped Playlists, simply head to the search bar and type “Spotify Wrapped” This will open playlists for not only the most recent one but also all the previous playlists in your account.

Where Can You Share Spotify Wrapped?

Each slide has the option to share it with your friends. At the bottom of the screen you will see the share button, simply press it and you can post it wherever you want including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Is Spotify Wrapped Playlist in Order?

Spotify Wrapped playlists are not generated in any order. These playlists are based on the songs and artists you listened to the most throughout the year. However, you can sort them according to play count, artist name, or release date.

Why Can’t I See My Spotify Wrapped?

There are several reasons as to why you can’t see your Spotify Wrapped. The most common ones are either you aren’t logged into your account or you just don’t have enough activity to create a wrap.


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