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What do you do if you get a call from an unknown number or notice a missed call from a stranger? Most people will call back the same strange number to find out if it’s an old friend, family member, or colleague. But it’s not always the best idea because the other person on the line could be a hacker or scammer.

One option in such a situation is to trace the caller’s phone number. The caller’s name, location, and social media accounts can be determined using the unknown number. Due to modern reverse phone lookup services, finding out who’s been calling my number is a breeze. Here are the top methods to identify an unknown caller.

What You Need to Find Out A Phone Number

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Locating the phone number is the initial step. If you have caller ID, the number will often be displayed. If not, you should contact your service provider to see if they can help. After acquiring the phone number, you can trace its owner by any of the following means:

  1. Locate the owner by searching a database. There are a variety of databases available online that include details about the owners of particular phone numbers. Fair warning, though, as most of them (at least legitimate ones) are paid.
  2. You can also use a search engine, like Google or Bing, to look up the contact’s phone number, and relevant results might show up if the number has been indexed well-enough. For instance, if the person’s phone number is extensively featured in public posts.
  3. Use the reverse lookup services. These services allow you to find the name and address of a phone number’s owner in a database. Although this service is usually not free, it is a valuable resource for learning more about individuals and organizations.
  4. Get in touch with the company that utilizes the number. Most companies that provide customer service by telephone will gladly tell you who they serve and how to contact them. You can write or fax the business to obtain a company’s owner’s name and contact details.
  5. You should get the owner’s name and contact information by calling them. Although it can be difficult to identify someone with an unlisted phone number, you can learn more about them by using this approach. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people with unlisted phone numbers do not pick up.
  6. Ask local businesses if they recognize who the number belongs to or if they know where to discover further information about the owner.
  7. Check social media as many people these days have their phone numbers linked with their online profiles. Simply search the phone number on any respective platform and the account associated with it (if there is one) will show up.

Best Reverse Lookup Services

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When a phone call doesn’t get through, the next best option is to look up the number’s owner with a reverse phone lookup service. Here are three reliable choices for you to decide among.

1. Spokeo

Spokeo Homepage

Spokeo is the most popular reverse phone lookup service since it accurately answers the question, “who phoned me from this number.” It offers customers greater pricing freedom than its rivals. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to find out whose phone number it is.

In a matter of seconds after clicking the page, you will have access to details such as the caller’s name, address, and more. Spokeo’s massive database includes information on millions of people, including their social media handles, criminal records, business details, property deals, and customer feedback.

Hence, you can trust that the information you’ve obtained is authentic and reliable. Also, you can select to store your “who called me” logs as a PDF for later review.

2. Intelius

Intelius Homepage

Intelius is a very well-liked service that provides reverse phone lookups. The site has been there since 2003, and in that time, it has amassed a vast amount of publicly available data and gained praise from users for its accurate results when trying to identify the caller.

With the site’s straightforward design, locating the owner of a certain phone number is as simple as looking up their name. To retrieve the results for a mobile number, click the phone symbol to the right of the search field and enter the number. Intelius is a great alternative if you need to search through many phone numbers quickly, as its algorithm is far faster than its competitors.

By searching Intelius, you can learn the current location of a phone, its history of use, and even the type of phone it is. Intelius provides comprehensive coverage of this service and how successfully it reveals the identity of an anonymous caller.

3. CocoFinder

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CocoFinder is the greatest option for conducting reverse phone lookups because it provides exhaustive information on any given number.

This is because the system has access to numerous public databases, from which it can easily retrieve information such as the caller’s name, email address, home address, social media accounts, and even close associates.

Users can also investigate the caller’s criminal, employment, and address records with this service. In addition, the service is mobile-friendly, so anybody from any location can use it to perform a reverse phone lookup.

Moreover, you should be able to quickly get the required data due to the intuitive user interface. In addition, the search engine will gather information from many public sources and return results within minutes, so you won’t have to wait long to find what you’re after.

4. Truecaller

Truecaller Homepage

It’s incredibly useful to monitor a call in real time from your mobile device; therefore, it’s wise to investigate businesses that offer mobile apps. One such tool is Truecaller, which you should prioritize above all others.

To use Truecaller on your computer, you must first sign up with your email address and mobile phone number. Reverse phone lookups aren’t easy, but this one’s premium features are worth the zero cost.

Its Android and iOS apps offer free real-time caller ID and spam prevention with a basic license. Call recording, contact requests, and no advertisements are just some premium features available to subscribers.

Yet, even with only the free tools, Truecaller proves how useful and sophisticated its technology is in recognizing and blocking undesirable callers.

Refer to Social Media

Check Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to learn the caller’s identity. If you’re trying to track down a certain person, Facebook is where you should start your search. Simply note the caller’s number and see if it appears on Facebook later. You will see the results immediately if the caller has a Facebook id linked to his phone number.

Closing Thoughts

There are several ways to find out who called you or who a particular phone number belongs to. From using online databases and search engines to contacting the service provider or nearby companies, there are various methods to trace the owner of an unknown number.

Reverse phone lookup services like Spokeo, Intelius, and CocoFinder discussed above can also provide accurate and reliable information about the caller. However, it’s important to be cautious when dealing with unknown callers, as they could be scammers or hackers trying to gain access to your personal information.


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