How to Fix “Some of Your Media Failed to Upload” on Twitter?

Error message stating that ‘some of your media failed to upload’ when trying to upload media to the site. The issue is reported in different video formats and image formats. The Twitter issue is mainly reported on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc., regardless of the system’s OS (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.).  

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A user may fail to post media on Twitter due to many factors but the following ones can be regarded as the main ones:  

  • Corrupt Temp Directories of the System: If the temp directories of the system are corrupt, then that may cause the Twitter upload issue as the browser uses these directories to temporarily store the data to be uploaded before relaying it to the destination.
  • Incompatible Browser’s Addons: A user may face the media failed upload problem on Twitter if a browser add-on is in conflict with the Twitter operational modules and does not let the upload complete.
  • Corrupt Cookies or Cache of the Browser: If a browser’s cookies or cache are corrupt, then that may lead to the Twitter issue at hand as Twitter fails to authenticate the media upload.
  • ISP Restrictions: If the data packets by Twitter are not parse-able on the client or server-side due to the ISP interference, then that may cause the Twitter issue at hand.

Send A Text Tweet Followed by the Media Tweet

Social media is full of bots and Twitter, like other social media services, is trying its best to curb the behavior. To do so, it sometimes requires its users to pass a human (or not-a-bot test). But when a user sends a media tweet, then Twitter may fail to perform the desired check.

Here, sending a text tweet may show the human test, and once passed, it may solve the problem. If the issue is occurring on the newly created Twitter account, then that user may face issues during the first week after creating the account (to curb the spam or bots on Twitter).

  1. On Twitter, create a new text-based tweet and send it.
  2. If asked to, pass the human or bot check test and afterward, send the media tweet to check if the media upload failed issue is cleared.
    Pass the Not a Bot Test on Twitter

Perform a Disk Cleanup of the System

A user may encounter the Twitter issue at hand if the data present in the temporary directories of the system is corrupt as that data can corrupt the media to be uploaded. Here, a user may fix media failed to upload by performing a Disk Cleanup of the system.

  1. Firstly, close the problematic browser and end its related processes in the system’s Task Manager.
  2. Then click Windows, search for Disk Cleanup, right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator.
    Launch Disk Cleanup as Administrator
  3. Now select all the categories by checking the relevant checkboxes and click on the OK button.
    Select All Categories in the Disk Cleanup Window
  4. Then wait till the cleanup process completes and once done, launch the browser to check if the Twitter media failed upload issue is cleared.

Disable Browser’s Addons

A user may fail to upload media to Twitter if any of the browser’s addons are not compatible with the Twitter website and is not letting the essential Twitter modules operate. Here, disabling the browser’s addons may solve the Twitter problem. For illustration, we will discuss the process for the Firefox browser.

  1. Launch the Firefox browser and near the top right of the window, click on the hamburger menu.
  2. Now select New Private Window (make sure no addon is allowed access in the private mode of Firefox) and in the private window shown, head to the Twitter website.
    Open a New Private Window in Firefox
  3. Then log in using the Twitter credentials and check if the media upload failed problem is cleared.
  4. If so, then disable all the addons of the Firefox browser and enable them one by one to find out the problematic add-on. Once found, a user may disable the addon or remove it. CORS Unblock Addon is a reported addon to create the Twitter issue at hand.

If none of the browser’s addons is causing the issue, then the corrupt cache or cookies of the browser may be causing the issue, given that the Twitter issue was resolved in the private window.

Clear the Browser’s Cookies and Cache

If the browser’s cookies or cache is corrupt, then that may cause the media upload failed issue on Twitter as Twitter fail to authenticate the media upload by the user. In this context, clearing the browser’s cookies or cache may solve the Twitter media upload problem. For illustration, we will guide you through the process of clearing the cookies or cache of the Chrome browser. Before proceeding, make sure to back up the essential browser info like website logins, etc.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and open its menu by clicking on the three vertical ellipses (near the top right of the window).
  2. Now hover over More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data.
    Open Clear Browsing Data in the Chrome Menu
  3. Then, near the bottom of the menu shown, click on Sign Out and head to the Advanced tab of the menu.
    Clear Browsing Data of All Time in Chrome
  4. Now, checkmark all the categories and click on the Clear Data button.
  5. Once done, relaunch the Chrome browser and head to the Twitter website.
  6. Then log in using the Twitter credentials and check if its media failed to upload error is cleared.

Try Another Browser

If the browser in use is not compatible with Twitter, then that incompatibility may not let the browser upload the media to Twitter as Twitter fails to load essential website modules in the browser window. Here, trying another browser may clear the Twitter media failed issue.

  1. Download/install another browser on the system (if already not present on the system).
  2. Now launch the new browser and head to the Twitter website.
  3. Then log in using the Twitter credentials and check if the media upload error of Twitter is cleared.

If that fails, a user may install a mobile app and log in using his Twitter credentials. If asked to, make sure to pass the human verification test on the mobile app. Afterward, check if he can upload the media from the PC by using the same account as used on the mobile app.

Use a VPN Client or Try Another Network

If Twitter’s data packets cannot be parsed on the client or server-side due to interference from the ISP, then that may result in some of your media failing to upload on Twitter. Here, using a VPN or trying another network may clear the Twitter upload problem.

  1. Firstly, if the system is connected through a VPN (like Nord VPN), check if disconnecting from the VPN clears the Twitter error.
  2. If not, disconnect the system from the current network (like the Wi-Fi) and connect to another available network (like the hotspot of the user’s phone).
    Enable Hotspot of Your Phone
  3. Now check if Twitter is clear of the media failed upload issue.
  4. If not, download and install a VPN app. 
  5. Now launch the VPN app and connect it to the desired location. 
  6. Then check if the Twitter upload problem is solved. 

If that fails, make sure the problematic files, especially videos, are as per the recommendation by Twitter (frame rate of 50 or 60, in case of a video). If the issue is occurring with multiple files at once, check if uploading files one by one resolves the Twitter issue. If that did not work, check if using an online converter to convert the problematic files clears the issue.  If not, check if using the Twitter Media Studio solves the problem. If none of the above worked, make sure the problematic Twitter account is not shadowbanned by Twitter.


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