The Best Browsers For Every Low-End Device

Everyday browsers like Google Chrome and even Firefox take up a lot of memory and can slow down your low-end device significantly. Whether you are using a mobile, a windows PC or a Mac, heck, even a smart TV, if your system is up to certain standard, you need a browser that can support your low-memory and less capable device.

There are several low-resource browsers available. These browsers may lack the polish of more well-known ones, but they won’t drain your battery or slow down your device nearly as much. We have selected the best option for each low-end device. The browsers we selected are lightweight, fast, and compatible with your low-end devices.

Why do you need lightweight browsers?

These web browsers are more portable, efficient, faster, and space-saving than their predecessors. Web pages load much more quickly in lightweight browsers, which are optimized for low-end mobile devices.

They only display the necessary bits of code and elements, such as search results, without ads. Their primary focus is on providing users with a seamless, instantaneous, and problem-free experience, especially on low-end devices. They, too, include a handful of functions that are necessary for any user but which have little effect on the user’s phone’s performance.

Best browser for low-end Windows devices

Modern browsers can be demanding on low-end Windows devices, so it’s crucial to pick a lightweight browser designed for those devices. The best for low-end Windows devices is:

1. K-Meleon browser

K-Meleon web browser | Softcamel

K-Meleon is an excellent choice if you need a browser that loads pages quickly and responds to your clicks by taking less memory on your system. It’s one of the greatest browsers for a slow and low-end PC because it uses the same Gecko engine as Firefox and can work on as little as 20 MB of RAM.

The browser’s appearance (skin), behavior (buttons, menus, toolbar), and more are all adjustable. K-Meleon is compatible with Windows XP SP3, and the latest browser versions are available for download with other versions of Windows 7 and 8.

The design is reminiscent of an ancient computer’s user interface. It functioned normally and felt responsive, and the browser could not load websites like YouTube, so it does have some compromises. Additionally, K-Meleon uses plugins instead of extensions to implement new features.

Alternative: Pale Moon

Another option you can consider is the Pale Moon web browser. This is also an excellent browser for low end Windows PC and can be a good alternative to K-Meleon. The absence of advertisements and spyware is the main draw of Pale Moon.

Even more pleasantly, you can pick from a wide variety of add-ons and skins that have already been developed. This makes Pale Moon a respectable option for anyone with a slow PC but needs an all-purpose browser.

The Pale Moon browser | Windows Report

Best browser for low-end MacOS devices

Macs are not known to be “slow” devices, per se, but older models with outdated MacOS version can still be prone to the shortcomings of planned obsolesce. However, several browsers are especially well-suited for less powerful Macs due to their compact and efficient architecture, so let’s take a look at the definitive option.

Brave browser

Brave web browser | MacRumers

Brave Browser may be the best option if you’re looking for a fast, safe browser for your old Mac. The browser designers claim it is three to six times faster than similar offerings.

You can rest assured that this browser will have a secure browsing experience because it protects you from malicious software and tracking cookies. Additionally, your browsing history is neither stored nor shared with outside parties by Brave. Your browser automatically switches to a secure HTTPS connection to protect your privacy.

And if you’re switching from Chrome, you can bring your extensions with you; the browser is compatible with them. Due to its built-in ad blocker, the Brave Browser protects your privacy and makes the web faster.

Best browser for low-end mobile devices

There are many excellent options for mobile web browsers; however, the most popular ones may not work well with your budget or older smartphone. Chrome, for instance, can experience significant performance issues on budget smartphones and tablets. Firefox isn’t much better in this regard.

Fortunately, multiple browsers are optimized to provide the fastest possible performance, making the most of the resources available.

Users with earlier iOS versions, such as iOS 9 or 10, and older Android versions can benefit greatly from these browsers, as they may not be able to run the newest, more resource-intensive browsers.

For Android: Opera Mini

Opera Mini mobile browser | NerdsChalk

You don’t need to tell you about Opera Mini; it’s been around since flip phones and is actively being improved for both feature phones and smartphones. Opera Mini is the only browser on this list that uses a remote server to render web pages before sending them back to the user’s device.

Opera Mini may be your best bet if you have a restricted cellular data plan (or bad speeds) because the data is compressed as it travels. The browser supports several levels of compression, the most extreme of which can cause layout issues on some pages. Options for omitting advertisements and compressing videos are also provided.

For iOS: Puffin Cloud browser

Puffin Cloud browser for iOS | Apple Store

Puffin Cloud browser is a great option if you need a fast and efficient iOS browser for your older iPhone or iPad. The browser incorporates an ad blocker, so you won’t have to worry about annoying commercials ever again. Puffin Cloud browser is significantly quicker than other iOS browsers since it handles all queries in the cloud before sending the page to your phone.

Since all your traffic is encrypted, you can feel safe using Puffin Cloud browser on an unsecured Wi-Fi network. In conclusion, Puffin Cloud browser is a one-of-a-kind and lightning-fast iOS web browser worth checking out.

Best browser for low-end Linux devices

Several lightweight, efficient browsers are available for low-end Linux machines. As a bonus, several of these browsers have a simple look, which reduces the browser’s impact on the system’s resources and boosts performance on low-end Linux gadgets.

Pale Moon

Pale Moon Web Browser | LinuxBabe

Pale Moon is an open-source, Goanna-based web browser formed from its own, originally developed supplier after being forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code a few years ago. It prioritizes simplicity and speed by selectively choosing features and performance enhancements to enhance the browser’s stability and user experience. It also provides full customization options and a vast collection of plugins and themes to render the browser sincerely your own.

Pale Moon strives to provide an implementation that is as close to official web standards and specifications as possible (with minimal compromise). It does so by omitting several features to find a happy medium between ease of use, performance, and support for the latest developments in web technology.

Pale Moon for Linux can be downloaded as an xz-compressed tarball and installed wherever you like. Pale Moon prioritizes performance using the Microsoft C Compiler’s auto-parallelization and speed optimization features.

Best browsers for low-end Chromebook devices

It is essential to select a browser that maximizes the capabilities of low-end Chromebook devices while compensating for their weaknesses.

Bit Browser

Bit Browser for Chrombook | Google Store

If you’re looking for a speedy and versatile browser for your older modles of Chromebooks, go no further than Bit Browser. It works as an extension in the Chrome and Opera web browsers and is designed primarily for use with the Chrome operating system. The browsing experience in Bit browser is quick, safe, and devoid of potential threats.

And if you’re a news addict, you’ll be happy to know that Bit browser has you covered with the latest and greatest in science, business, entertainment, and sports.

The privacy and security of its users are prioritized by the Bit browser, which does not save the browsing histories of its users. Using a Bit browser can bypass filters and access otherwise inaccessible content without compromising your anonymity.

Users can safely access the internet without worrying about compromised personal information. In addition, it employs state-of-the-art technology to conduct searches and block websites from monitoring your online activity.

The speed with which Bit unblocked pages load is another feature worth mentioning. Additionally, it speeds up data exchange between URLs and their respective servers. The browser allows the user to open an unlimited number of tabs. Not only is it stable, but it can handle a lot of traffic and stress in the virtual world.

Best Browser for low-end Android/Google TV

Aside from playing local media stored on your device, you can stream games from your pc to your TV screen using programs like Kodi and Plex. On the other hand, you can access the web using your Android TV. There is no web browser pre-installed in the default OS installation.

TV Bro Browser

TV Bro Browser | udger

If you’re looking for a solid, lightweight, fast web browser for Google TV, go no further than TV Bro. The browser’s bookmark functionality makes it easy to save and access your most-used pages quickly and easily.

Also, the browser supports voice search, so you can conduct your research without ever having to lift a finger. It also has a private browsing option. In addition, it may be operated using the TV remote with no problems.

The web browser supports numerous users, so you can log in and out of different profiles to get the most out of it. New to the most recent browser version is the ability to permanently leave your AndroidOS Google TV’s screen on.

Final Verdict

There are several browsers available that are optimized for use on devices with lower capacities and memory. These web browsers are designed to be as light as possible on system resources, making them perfect for older or less powerful devices.

K-Melon is a fantastic web browser for older Windows mobile devices. It utilizes the Gecko platform and needs as little as 20 MB of RAM. Pale Moon is another alternative; it removes spyware and ads from your browser experience. Brave Browser is a fast, secure, and private web browser that works well on older MacOS devices.

Due to its ability to compress data before sending it to the device, Opera Mini is suitable for users with low cellular data or slow internet speeds on low-end mobile devices. Puffin Browser Pro is a minimal browser for iOS that boasts lightning-fast speeds and cloud acceleration.


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