How to Troubleshoot Error 500 in Dropbox?

When users attempt to access their Dropbox accounts and run into Error 500, this usually indicates there’s a problem on Dropbox’s servers processing the request. This error is often encountered when users attempt operations like signing in or registering.

Error 500 can have several causes, including server overloads, disruption due to maintenance, wrong login details, or even a damaged browser and application cache. A weak internet connection could also bring about this error, so it’s recommended to check your network connection as an initial step.

Dropbox usually responds swiftly to these issues, often alerting users about ongoing server status and maintenance updates through their official status page and community forums.

1. Check Dropbox Server Status

We always recommend starting your troubleshooting by confirming the server status. This step is important because, if the server is down or in the middle of maintenance, any attempts to fix the issue would be useless. Thus, please ensure you check the server status at Only continue with the following methods if it is running.

Also, it’s essential to ensure that the login details you are using are not incorrect. If they are wrong, you’re likely to encounter this issue. So, before proceeding with the other methods, ensure there are no typos in your password.

2. Clean up Website and Application Cache

There might be a cache issue with your browser or application, resulting in this error message. A cache is data that the application or browser saves when you log in, register, or visit the application or website for the first time.

Cache data includes images, webpage content, user data, and cookies. As the error occurs mostly when trying to log in, the problem may be with the cookies.

Cookies are basically a key that gives you access to your account and data associated with it. The program or website generates it when you register or log in. Therefore, in this method, you will be erasing the cache data along with the cookies.

2.1 Browsers

  1. The next steps might vary, depending on your browser.
  2. Click the three dots and select Settings from the list of options.
  3. Once you are in the settings, look for the Privacy & Security option and go to Site Settings.
  4. Click View permissions and data stored across sites.
  5. Now, you can look for in the list of websites.
  6. Click the Delete icon and then click Delete to confirm.
  7. After that, try logging in to the website again.

2.2 Windows

  1. Press the Win + R keys together to open the Run utility.
  2. Now, type %localappdata% and hit Enter to go to the folder.
  3. Find and erase the Dropbox folder.
  4. When done, relaunch the Dropbox application and check if the error continues.

3. Try a Different Browser

We highly suggest logging in to a different browser. This will help you determine if the error is associated with the server or not. There are many browsers available, and to select a reliable one, refer to our list of The 7 Best Web Browsers For Every Kind of User.

If the issue remains, you might want to reinstall Dropbox as your last option. If the problem still continues after reinstalling Dropbox, we suggest letting Dropbox know about the issue by reaching out to them on their official website.


Hamza Mohammad Anwar

Hamza Mohammad Anwar is an intermediate JavaScript web developer with a focus on developing high-performance applications using MERN technologies. His skill set includes expertise in ReactJS, MongoDB, Express NodeJS, and other related technologies. Hamza is also a Google IT Certified professional, which highlights his competence in IT support. As an avid problem-solver, he recreates errors on his computer to troubleshoot and find solutions to various technical issues.