How to Update Phone Number on Your Gmail Account?

Gmail, is one of the most popularly used email services. And it also allows people to change their security personal information on the go pretty often. If you have changed your phone number, and want to change that for the Gmail account that you use. You can do that easily by following the steps mentioned below. The point of keeping the personal information, whether it is your backup id, your password or even your phone number, keep your account safe and secure.

Changing Your Number for Gmail from Your Computer

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account
    Sign in to your Gmail account. Sign in to the one you want to change your number for.
  2. Click on the icon which has your picture. For my account, it is the icon where a big H is written.
    Click Google Account for more options for updating a phone number

Click on Google Account now, which is the blue tab that appears on the drop-down list after you click the picture icon, H in this case.

  1. You will be directed to a new tab where you will be shown the following options. Choose the one that says Personal Info and Privacy.
    Click on Personal info and privacy
  2. You can now see all the personal information that you have entered for your Gmail account at the time of signing up. If you scroll down this same page, you will find the option for
    scroll down to find your phone number for this account
    click on the arrow right in front of the phone option

    Click on the arrow this is right in front of the option for Phone.

  3. Your phone number will appear on the screen now with an edit and a delete button right on the opposite side.
    Edit, to change your number on Gmail

    Click on the edit tab that looks like a pen.

  4. Before you can edit your number, you will be asked by Gmail to sign in again, for security purposes. This will bring you back to the page where you have the edit tab for your number as shown in the picture above after you enter your password for your account.
    sign in again to your account by adding the password. This is done for security reasons to make sure that it is you who wants to update their number.
    Continue for editing
  5. Click on update number that appears once you click the edit tab.
    update number
  6. Add a new number, or edit the previous one in case it is not correct, and click on select to finalize the changes.
    add the new number
  7. Your number has been changed successfully as displayed by the dialogue box that appears in the left corner of the following image saying ‘phone number updated’.
    Update complete

Changing Your Number for Gmail from Your Phone

The steps for changing the phone number for your Gmail account are almost the same. But because the phone as an application, you might have to go to the main setting through a different method.

  1. Open your Gmail Application from your phone and sign in if you are not already signed in to your account.
    Open your Gmail application from your phone
  2. Click on the settings option which is the three horizontal lines on the left. When you click on this, scroll down and click on the options for settings as highlighted in the image below.
    Clicking on the options button on the left of the screen and scrolling down for the option for settings
  3. Select the email account for which you want to change your phone number.
    Select the account you want to change the number for
  4. When this window opens, click on ‘Manage Your Google Account’.

    The first option here, which says manage your accounts, is what you need to click on.

    This will direct you to all the settings regarding your account, including the personal info tab, which is what you need to click on next.

    Click on Personal Info. This is where you will find the number that you have entered
  5. After clicking on personal info, you have to scroll down the same window until you find the option for ‘phone’, as we did earlier when changing the number from a laptop.
    scroll down
    locate your number under the heading ‘phone’
  6. Click on the arrow next to the option for ‘phone’. If you want to delete the number, click on the tab that looks like a dustbin. But if you want to change the number, click on the pen like icon for edit.
    Edit icon for editing the number

    The minute you click on the option for update number, you will be asked to enter your password, for security purposes.

    update your number by clicking on update number
    add a password to confirm it is you

    Change the number, and press select.

    You will be redirected to the same page again.
  7. Your number has been successfully changed.
    Update successful

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