NativeDropBoxAgent App: What is it and Should You Remove It?

Should You Delete This Pre-Installed App? (NativeDropBoxAgent)

The NativeDropBoxAgent is an application that comes pre-installed on your Android devices, especially those manufactured by Motorola. The app itself isn’t very useful and can be force-stopped, disabled, or uninstalled to stop it from causing any issues to your smartphone.

Opposed to the general perception, this app is not related to DropBox, the cloud storage application. However, on the positive side, NativeDropBoxAgent doesn’t misbehave if you do use DropBox. But if you don’t, then there’s no real purpose to keep NativeDropBoxAgent running as it can be the reason behind some issues.

If you have an antivirus on your Motorola phone, then run it and check if it shows this pre-installed application as harmful or not. More often than not, the result will be former and this is another reason why you should stop it.

Issues Due to NativeDropBoxAgent App

Now this application can cause multiple issues which can harm your Android device in the long run. Some of the problems you can face are as follows:

  1. Reduced battery life
  2. Random data usage
  3. Reduced memory space
  4. Device auto shutdown
  5. General lag and freeze
  6. Interference with other applications

Can I Remove NativeDropBoxAgent?

You can’t uninstall the app directly on your phone without the help of an external ADB tool. For that, you’ll need to install the software and connect your device to your PC via USB cable. Afterward, copy the URL of the application from the Google Play Store (The package name is the part after “id=”).

Secondly, you can install App Package Viewer 2.0 for the same purpose. This will be better in this case since NativeDropBox Agent isn’t available on the Play Store.

Once done, you need to run the command prompt and execute the following command:

adb uninstall package-name

Replace “package-name” with the package-name of the application, in our case, NativeDropBoxAgent. For a more detailed guide, check out how to uninstall any app on Android with ADB.

How to Force Stop or Disable NativeDropBoxAgent?

If you don’t feel like uninstalling NativeDropBoxAgent, then there are always the options to force-stop or disable the application. The methods are easy and can be done from mobile settings as follows:

Here are the steps to force stop the app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps/App Management/App Manager.
  2. Locate NativeDropBoxAgent and tap on it.
  3. Now select Force Stop and tap on Yes/OK on the follow-up prompt.

Here’s how to disable the app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps.
  2. Select NativeDropBoxAgent.
  3. Tap on Uninstall Updates. If the option isn’t available on the screen, then tap on the three-dotted menu and select it.
  4. Afterward, select Disable and the app will stop functioning.

And this is pretty much it about this one. If you’re unable to perform a step, then mention it in the comments below and we’ll look into the matter.

Besides, if any system app or pre-installed app causes performance issues on your mobile device, then make sure you contact the manufacturer and let them know. They will suggest some fixes and you can move forward with them.


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