Time Wasted on Destiny: How to Use It Effectively in 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Time Wasted on Destiny is a popular website among Destiny 2 players that tracks and displays game stats, such as total time played, season ranks, character usage, and activity breakdowns.
  • Destiny Tracker offers a more detailed analysis compared to Time Wasted on Destiny, including K/D ratio, weapon usage, and comprehensive gameplay stats. It is part of the Tracker Network and has apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Choosing between Time Wasted on Destiny and Destiny Tracker depends on the level of detail and analysis you prefer. Time Wasted on Destiny provides a straightforward summary, while Destiny Tracker offers in-depth data and statistics.

When you’ve been playing an online game for a decent amount of time, there comes a point where you want to see how good you actually are based on your stats. Well, Destiny 2 players can check their complete stats, and more, through Time Wasted on Destiny.

Time Wasted on Destiny is a familiar name in the Destiny fanbase

What are Trackers?

Nowadays, nearly every MMO game has several, or at least one, statistics tracker. These trackers allow you to view your account’s complete stats like the total amount of kills and deaths you have, your favorite weapons/item, your favorite map etc. Through these trackers you can usually get a good idea of how good you are at the game.

Using Valorant Tracker to get an idea of how good your teammates are

Trackers like these are mostly unofficial and developed by fans. But it’s not uncommon to see official trackers, like that of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Moreover, the tracker can also be an app-based overlay, or a simple website. While searching for trackers, Destiny 2 fans will have come across a website by the name “Time Wasted on Destiny“. Let’s take a closer look at its capabilities.

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What is “Time Wasted on Destiny”?

Time Wasted on Destiny is a popular site amongst Destiny 2 fans for checking out their stats. It was originally introduced for the first Destiny game and has been around since then. Since it’s an old site, it has its own dedicated userbase, who’ve continued using it for the second Destiny game.

You can check out anyone’s profile with Time Wasted on Destiny

↪ Features

Here are some of the stats displayed by Time Wasted on Destiny:

  1. Total time played
  2. Ranks for the current and past seasons
  3. Your characters and the time spent playing them
  4. How you spend the time in Destiny 2

How To Use Time Wasted on Destiny

Using Time Wasted on Destiny is pretty easy. Simply type your Bungie ID in the search bar and hit Search. The Bungie ID can be typed in both with or without numbers. If you’re entering the numbers, make sure to include the “#“. And since all you need is the Bungie ID, you can check out anyone’s profile and compare it to yours, no matter what platform they may game on.

A look at the stats provided by Time Wasted on Destiny

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Alternative: Destiny Tracker

As mentioned earlier, there may be several trackers for a game, and the same applies here. Destiny Tracker is a tracker developed by Tracker Network, a group known for exactly what their name suggests; developing trackers for different games. At any rate, Destiny Tracker provides a more detailed and in-depth view of your Destiny 2 profile. From your K/D ratio to your recently used guns, it knows all.

Using Destiny Tracker is identical to Time Wasted on Destiny; you just need to type in the Bungie ID and hit Search. However, you must use the numbers, otherwise it probably won’t load up the profile. Destiny Tracker is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Stats provided by Destiny Tracker

Which is Better: Time Wasted on Destiny or Destiny Tracker?

While the purpose of both trackers is the same, the presentation, quantity and analysis of the information they convey, varies greatly. Here’s a simplified breakdown of their advantages and disadvantages:

Time Wasted on DestinyDestiny Tracker
Simple presentationThe presentation of the stats can be a bit overwhelming
Is not very detailedVery detail-oriented
An overly simple analysis is presentedAn analysis is available for several different aspects
Limited dataVast amount of data
Comprehensive and easily glossed overIs not compact at all
Does not have an appHas an app for Android, iOS and Windows

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No matter what tracker you use, at the end of the day, the purpose is to look at your stats and get an idea of how good you are, or how much you’ve wasted your life. Well, we hope that this helped you out and that you, unfortunately, got to how much time you’ve wasted on Destiny 2. If your stats aren’t looking good, the only way to fix them is to get back to grinding.


What is Time Wasted on Destiny?

Time Wasted on Destiny is a tracker for Destiny 2 that can be used to view stats like the K/D ratio, how many hours one has put in, their rank etc.

How can I use Time Wasted on Destiny?

In order to use Time Wasted on Destiny, you’ll need the Bungie ID of a player. Enter the ID on the website and hit Search to take a look at the stats.

Which is better: Time Wasted on Destiny or Destiny Tracker?

While the choice rests with you, Time Wasted on Destiny is the better choice. It presents only the relevant information and does not go into much detail to keep things simple. However, if you want to go into more detail, use Destiny Tracker.


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