How to Fix Steam Cloud Out of Date Error: 8 Ways [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • The "Steam Cloud Out of Date" error usually happens due to internet issues or conflicts with local game files, often when using multiple devices with different sync settings.
  • The error prevents potential loss of game data, so it's advised not to launch any game until the issue is resolved to avoid reverting to older save files.
  • To fix this error, check Steam servers, ensure a stable internet connection, close Steam on other devices, enable Steam Cloud Synchronization, retry sync for individual games, verify game file integrity, repair the Steam library folder, or adjust Windows Firewall settings.

Steam Cloud Out of Date can be a frustrating error for gamers and often prevents your game data from syncing properly. The error usually happens due to internet problems or conflicts with your local game files. But there’s nothing to worry about! In this article, we’ll provide you with 8 different methods to solve the Steam Cloud Out of Date error, so you can get back to gaming quickly.

Fix Steam Cloud Out of Date!

What Causes the Steam Cloud Out of Date Error?

The “Steam Cloud Out of Date” error occurs when Steam is unable to synchronize your game data with its cloud servers. You might also come across the error message in a few different variations, such as:

  • Unable to Sync
  • Steam was unable to Sync your files for (game) with the Steam Cloud
  • Steam Cloud Error

In most cases, the error is caused by conflicts with local game files. This often happens if you have Steam signed in on two different devices — one with Cloud Synchronization turned on and the other with it turned off. As a result, the local saved data doesn’t match the data saved in the Steam Cloud.

For instance, if you play Stardew Valley on your PC with Cloud Synchronization disabled, your progress is saved locally. Later, if you switch to another computer where the Steam Cloud saved data is from an earlier session, Steam detects the mismatch. This triggers a warning that you might lose data if you launch the game with the outdated save.

Since the Steam Cloud error helps prevent the loss of your game data, we suggest not launching any game until the error is fixed. Ignoring it can result in loss of progress, as the game might revert to older save files.

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How to Fix Steam Cloud Out of Date

While the most common cause is conflicts with local game files, it’s not the only one. Apart from that, issues with Steam servers, poor or unstable internet connection, and corrupted files are also some reasons to look out for. With that said, let’s look at all the possible fixes that can help you solve Steam Cloud out of date.

1. Check Steam Servers

There’s no point in spending your time trying to solve a problem that has nothing to do with you. Hence, the first thing you should check is whether Steam is experiencing any server-related issues or not. Whether the Steam servers are down due to maintenance reasons or outage issues, cloud sync won’t work properly and can cause this error.

Steam Server Status

To check the Steam servers, you can head to either Downdetector or SteamDB to see if there are any problems reported. Additionally, keep an eye on the official Steam X account for any tweets and updates regarding the issue. If the error turns out to be a Steam server problem, simply wait for them to fix it and try again once they announce that the problem is fixed.

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2. Make Sure You Have a Good Internet Connection

Most of the times, a slow or unstable internet connection prevent Steam Cloud from synchronizing data properly. Therefore, before moving on we suggest ruling out any internet-related issues. To check how good is your internet connection, you can try out a simple Internet speed test. You can visit websites like or Ookla to get an idea of your upload, download, and overall Internet speed.

Wireless connection speed

Download speed of at least 5 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps are recommended for smooth syncing of game data. However, speed isn’t the only factor; frequent connection drops and high latency can also affect the syncing process. Once you have ensured your connection is good to go, you can move on to the next steps.

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3. Close Steam on Other Devices

As discussed above, the error usually pops up when you use a single Steam account on multiple devices with different cloud sync settings. To avoid that, make sure that you are signed out of your Steam account and that the Steam client is closed on all other devices except the one where you are facing the error. If that does solve it for you, that means that your cloud sync settings are in fact out of sync.

4. Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization

Steam Cloud Synchronization ensures that your progress is consistently saved to the cloud, enabling seamless synchronization across multiple devices. This guarantees that your progress remains consistent regardless of the device you are using. If the setting is disabled on a device, it can cause Steam to prompt the Steam Cloud Out of Date error.

To enable Steam Cloud Synchronization, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Steam client and click on Steam in the top left corner.
    Click on Steam
  2. This will open up a small menu where you’ll need to click on the Settings option.
    Select Settings
  3. Once Steam Settings opens up, navigate to the Cloud tab in the left sidebar.
    Head over to Storage 
  4. Finally, toggle on the button next to “Enable Steam Cloud“. Restart your Steam and see if the error message still shows up.
    Toggle on the button

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5. Retry Syncing for Individual Games

The next step is to determine if the issue is specific to one game. To check this, simply launch a different game than the one you’re experiencing the error in. If other games work fine, chances are that you’re encountering syncing issues with that specific game only.

Here’s how to retry syncing for individual games:

  1. Open up Steam, head to the Library Tab, and select the game you are facing the error with.
    Head over to the Library tab
  2. Right next to the Play button, you should see a Cloud Status option along with the current status of your game’s data. Here, click on the Out of sync option.
    Click on Out of sync
  3. This should open a prompt stating that Steam was unable to sync your game’s data. Simply click on the “Retry Sync” button.
    Click on Retry Sync
  4. Lastly, wait for the process to complete and the Cloud Status should updated to Up to date now.
    Check the Cloud Status again

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6. Verify the Integrity of Game Files

If you try playing the game again and the error is still showing up, the next thing you can do is verify the integrity of game files. Due to interrupted downloads, software conflicts, or malware attacks, your game files can get corrupted. This can lead to different issues, including the Steam cloud out of date error.

However, thanks to Steam’s built-in option, you can quickly verify file integrity by comparing the files on your system to those on their servers. If it detects missing or corrupted files, it automatically installs or replaces them with updated versions.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to verify the integrity of game files:

  1. Open up Steam and head to the Library tab.
    Head to the Library tab
  2. Here, select the game that’s giving you the error. Right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
    Select Properties
  3. Next, navigate to the Installed Files tab in the left sidebar.
    Navigate your way to Installed files
  4. Click on the “Verify integrity of game files” to begin the process. Once it finishes you will see a successful validation which ensures that the game files are good to go. 
    Click on Verify integrity of game files

7. Repair the Steam Libary Folder

If you encounter any issues during the verification process of the game files, the library folder where Steam stores all downloaded game data is likely corrupted. This can cause Steam to encounter difficulties when syncing your game data, ultimately resulting in the Steam Cloud Sync Out of Date error. To make sure your Library folder is functioning properly, you can repair it by following these steps:

  1. Open up the Steam client and click on Steam in the top left corner.
    Head to Steam
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Settings option.
    Select Settings
  3. Next, head to the Storage tab on the left side.
    Head to the Storage option
  4. Here, click on the three dots next to the storage bar and select Repair Libary.
    Select Repair Library
  5. Once the repair process is complete, simply click on the Close button and that’s it. Restart and relaunch your Steam and the error message should be fixed now.

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8. Adjust Windows Firewall Settings

Windows Firewall is a built-in security feature in Microsoft Windows operating systems that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. It acts as a barrier between your computer and potentially harmful or unauthorized connections from the internet or local network.

However, the Windows Firewall can also sometimes perceive Steam’s connection as unauthorized and block its attempt to connect to the cloud, resulting in the Steam Cloud Error. The fix here is to add an exception for Steam, preventing the Firewall from blocking any connections. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Windows Search bar and type in Control Panel
    Type Control panel
  2. Here, search for Windows Defender Firewall and click on the first result.
    Search Windows Defender 
  3. Next, click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall“.
  4. From here, click on the Change Settings button to get all the options.
    Select Change settings
  5. Select the “Allow another app” option.
    Click on Allow another app
  6. This should open up a popup window. Here, click on the Browse button to open your File Explorer.
    Click on Browse
  7. Now, navigate to where your Steam launcher is installed, select it, and click on the Open button.
    Select your Steam launcher
  8. Once that’s done, click on the Add button.
    Now Add Steam
  9. Finally, hit the OK button at the bottom to finish the process.
    Hit the OK button

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Sync Your Game Data Across Multiple Devices

It’s not the smartest move to disable features like Steam Cloud Synchronization, which allows you to seamlessly play across multiple devices without worrying about losing progress. However, if you have it turned on and are still facing the Steam Cloud Out of Date error, we hope the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps will help you solve the issue swiftly.


What is the Steam Cloud?

The Steam Cloud is a service that allows players to store their game settings, saved games, and other user-specific data on Steam servers, rather than on their local system. This enables users to access their game progress and settings from any computer logged into Steam. It’s a convenient feature for gamers who want to seamlessly transition between different computers or reinstall games without losing progress.

How accurate are Internet speed tests?

Internet speed tests can provide a general idea of your connection’s speed, but factors like server location, network congestion, and device performance can affect accuracy. For the most reliable results, test during off-peak hours, use a wired connection, and try different testing services.

What is the equivalent of Windows Firewall on MacOS?

The equivalent of Windows Firewall on Mac is the built-in macOS firewall. It provides similar functionality, allowing users to control which applications and services can communicate over the network and provides a level of protection against unauthorized access. You can configure the macOS firewall through System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall.


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