How to See Any Game’s Steam Price History in 2024

Key Takeaways
  • SteamDB is best for tracking Steam price history and game details. It does not support direct purchases.
  • IsThereAnyDeal aggregates deals across multiple platforms. It may offer lower prices from third-party sellers but may not reflect exact store prices.
  • GG.DEALS is similar to IsThereAnyDeal, identifying risks of third-party sellers. It offers both official and key shop price listings.

Steam is beyond a shadow of a doubt the vastest digital game distribution platform on PC. Statistics show that Steam peaked at a total of 33 million concurrent users just this month. Launched in late 2003, Steam is one of the oldest video game marketplaces and therefore has the most diverse collection of games.

In tandem with old retro titles, AAA publishers almost always launch their latest multi-billion-dollar titles on Steam. It is not an exaggeration to say that games have become expensive over the past decade. Even bundled with discounts, the price may be too exorbitant for the average Joe.

With the power of data scrapping, many sites have emerged over the past few years to keep track of game prices across almost every platform. This allows users to be sure they are not overpaying for their favorite game since Steam currently has no option to show price history.

Let’s discuss a few of these options in this guide and show you how to navigate this broad landscape.

How to View Price History in Steam

Several online websites allow us to see how prices change from sale to sale. Generally, the major annual sales such as the Steam Summer Sale and Steam Winter Sale will offer the most discounts. Let’s go over these tools one by one.

1) SteamDB

Staying exclusive to Steam only, spoiler alert, the one name you’ll see recommended by almost everyone is SteamDB. The reason is simple, it is easy to use, it has a wide assortment of price history data for almost every region and it does much more than just show you the price trends.

↪ Pros

  • Has regional pricing for every region.
  • Offers comprehensive information regarding a game.
  • Is the go-to option for tracking price.

↪ Cons

  • No direct purchasing links.
  • Reliance on Steam’s API.

➜ How to Use SteamDB

Here is how to use SteamDB to view the price track record of a specific game:

  1. Open the SteamDB website by searching for the term “SteamDB” on Google or by using this link.

  2. Open the first link (generally) and be sure to verify the URL; “
  3. Once the website is open, you’ll be presented with a huge catalog of the most popular titles on Steam.

  4. In the “Search” menu, type your favorite game title.

  5. We will search for “Elden Ring“. Find the most suitable match for your game, which, in our case is the first result as the rest are part of a DLC.

  6. After clicking on your favorite game, a new page will open showing you the price history. Scroll down and you can see the current and lowest prices for every region. Moreover, you can use the “Set your currency” menu to choose the currency you prefer.

  7. Since our primary focus is the price history, scroll down, and against your selected currency, you will be presented with a chart describing the price variation of the selected title.

  8. As side information, to the left, you will find a fixed menu with various tabs; Price History, Charts, App info, and the sort. You can use these tools to your advantage as well to find, say the number of active players in-game, DLCs if any, detailed app information, and whatnot.

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2) IsThereAnyDeal

IsThereAnyDeal is a website that helps users find the best deals across various gaming platforms such as Epic Games, Humble Bundle, and Steam. It aggregates deals and prices from all these stores. The advantage here is that you expand your scope beyond Steam, which could potentially save you money if another store/seller offers better value.

↪ Pros

  • Covers multiple online stores.
  • Incorporates third-party stores for more discounts.
  • Can often be cheaper than direct store purchases.

↪ Cons

  • Some people may not be comfortable buying from affiliate links.
  • Price history does not reflect the given store since most cheaper deals are part of affiliate links.

➜ How to Use IsThereAnyDeal

  1. Search the term “isthereanydeal” on Google or use the direct link. Do double-check the URL; ““.

  2. Locate the search bar at the top-right corner of the screen.

  3. Search for your required game. We will type “Elden Ring” in the search box. Select the best match, which again, in our case is the first link.

  4. Once the page opens, the “Current Best” field will show you the best possible price IsThereAnyDeal can find, across various platforms and sellers. The “Current” tab will show you all the currently listed prices. As you can see, Elden Ring is $10 cheaper than what you’d normally find on Steam.

    However, these prices are almost always from third-party and affiliated sellers. Purchase after doing your research about said seller and be sure to buy a key that can be used in your region.

  5. Since we’re concerned about the price history, navigate to the “History” tab as shown in the image. Here, you will find a graph displaying the price variation since the game’s release.

  6. It is pertinent to mention that as per this graph, Elden Ring never touched the $59.99 price point. This clearly indicates that these prices are derived from third-party sellers. While not game-breaking, you cannot use this tool to track the exact Steam price, but it will help you to find the best deal.

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3) GG.DEALS works similar to ISThereAnyDeal as it also collects and combines prices from various sellers to give you the best discount. Like ISThereAnyDeal, it offers a “Price History” section though it comprises of third party sellers only. The UI might be a bit simpler at, but even that is subjective at this point.

↪ Pros

  • Shows you the risks, such as payment fees, key sources, paid buyer protection, steam gifts etcetera of each listed third-party seller.
  • Has a separate list for “Official Stores” which are supposed to be more reliable than random key shops.

↪ Cons

  • The price history is not from Steam officially, but rather from key shops and/or official retailers.

➜ How to Use

  1. Search the term “” on Google, or use this link and make sure to verify the URL; ““.

  2. Once the website is open, locate the search bar as shown in the image.

  3. Search for your favorite game, we’ll again go with the good old “Elden Ring“. Find the most suitable match for your entry.

  4. The list at the top represents prices from “Official Sellers“, whereas the bottom one represents prices from “Key shops“. The price variation might be insignificant, however, in the field for every seller, you may find “Risks” which are quite helpful since most of these affiliates will not tell you them beforehand.

  5. Again, we’re here for the price history so scroll down or click on the “Price History” button. To the right, you have the choice of disabling prices from key shops and using data from official retailers only.

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Making an Informed Decision

If your primary purpose is to simply find a price tracker for a given game on Steam, your go to option will be SteamDB. However, if you want to browse the third-party market as well and are comfortable going the extra mile just to save a few bucks, deal aggregators like IsThereAnyDeal and can do just the trick.

If you want to stick strictly with Steam, add the desired games to your wishlist. This way, you’ll receive a notification if there is any ongoing sale. Even better, you can wait for annual sales like the Steam Summer Sale or the Steam Winter Sale for guaranteed discounts.

Diving into the territory of third-party links, we can categorize sellers into two types; Key shops and Official Sellers. While key shops are not all bad, there is an underlying risk of something going wrong in the end. The balance is struck as you’re given the incentive of a better up-front cost, that is if there are no extra fees.

Official sellers tend to be safer and can save you quite a lot as you just saw in this guide. With Elden Ring, we’re able to save nearly $10 with a third-party official retailer as compared to Steam. These sellers often take a hit on their margin per sale and thus can afford to sell you games for cheaper.

Checking the price history is a lot like keeping eye on stocks | Wave Broswer

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Now that you have learned 3 different ways to check the price history on Steam from various sources, it is up to you to decide which platform you prefer. SteamDB was and still is everyone’s number one on the list if you wish to see the specifics regarding any game.

Other sites combine multiple stores and multiple sellers, so the data may be too convoluted for some. Despite the inclusion of filters, the real goal of deal aggregators is to combine direct and indirect purchase sources to find you, the user, the best deal.

Without going into the third-party segment of the market, you can still snag a copy of your favorite game from Steam and you probably won’t lose as much. If you’re feeling adventurous, however, you could step into the external market and save roughly 1015%, since as per their price history, they’re always cheaper than directly purchasing from Steam. But the decision is yours to make.


How can I find the lowest price ever for a specific game?

Using SteamDB, navigate to the “Price history” tab where you can view the lowest price across different currencies and regions.

Does game pricing vary by region?

Yes, Steam offers regional pricing for games. However, we advise against changing regions solely to obtain the best price as this violates Steam’s Terms of Service.

Can I predict when a game will go on sale based on its price history?

In many cases, yes. The largest discounts typically occur during the Steam Summer Sale and Steam Winter Sale. Monitoring the game’s price history during these events can give you insight into its expected sale price.


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