How to Fix Samsung TV Plus App Not Working?

Samsung TV Plus channels may encounter problems if your Samsung TV’s cache is corrupt. Additionally, outdated firmware or corrupt network settings of the TV could also be the root cause of this issue. The problem appears when a user attempts to watch a Samsung TV Plus channel, but instead, the channel does not appear or a blank screen is displayed.

Samsung TV Plus App Not Working

To get your Samsung TV Plus functioning again, you may try the solutions outlined below. However, before proceeding, make sure your network is working properly or attempt using a different network with your Samsung TV. If you use a network protection application (like Pi-Hole), verify whether whitelisting the Samsung TV Plus resolves the problem.

1. Power Cycle the Samsung TV

Power cycling the Samsung TV can resolve the problem by completely draining residual power from the device, which may be contributing to software or hardware glitches. This action effectively resets the TV’s internal components, similar to a soft reboot of a computer, allowing the TV to restart and potentially clearing out any errors that were causing Samsung TV Plus to malfunction.

  1. Power off your Samsung TV and unplug it from the power source.
    Unplug Your TV from the Power Source
  2. Wait for approximately 5 minutes, then reconnect the TV to the power source.
  3. Turn on your TV and check if the Samsung TV Plus issue has been resolved.
  4. If the issue remains, open a Samsung TV Plus channel (even if it’s blank) on the TV and press and hold the power button on the remote control.
  5. Release the power button when the TV restarts and the Samsung logo appears on the screen, then check if Samsung TV Plus is functioning properly.

2. Clear the TV Cache

Clearing the TV cache can resolve problems because it removes temporary files and data that may have become corrupted or outdated, causing performance issues or software glitches. By clearing this cache, the TV can rebuild these files again, potentially eliminating any errors that were preventing the Samsung TV Plus from functioning properly.

This is similar to giving your TV a clean slate to work with, improving its overall performance and functionality.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung TV and select TV Device Manager.
    Open TV Device Manager in the Samsung TV Settings
  2. Clear the TV’s cache, shut down running apps, perform a memory boost, and free up storage space using the available options.
    Clean Cache and Perform Memory Boost of the Samsung TV
  3. After cleaning is complete, verify whether the Samsung TV Plus is operating correctly.

3. Use Google DNS

Using Google DNS can resolve problems with Samsung TV Plus by providing a reliable alternative to your internet service provider’s (ISP) default Domain Name System (DNS). ISPs sometimes encounter DNS issues, such as slow response times or inability to translate web addresses into IP addresses effectively.

Google’s DNS servers are often faster and more reliable, which can improve connectivity and access to services like Samsung TV Plus, therefore resolving potential streaming or access issues.

  1. Navigate to the Settings on your TV and select the Network tab.
  2. Choose Network Status then select IP Settings.
    Open IP Settings in the Settings of Samsung TV
  3. Open DNS Settings and choose Enter Manually.
    Manually Enter the DNS Values of the Samsung TV
  4. Input the following Google DNS address:
    Enter the Values of Google DNS Server in the Samsung TV Settings
  5. Apply the changes and power off the TV.
  6. After waiting for a minute, turn on the TV and check if Samsung TV Plus is now working.
  7. If the problem still exists, revert the DNS settings to Obtain Automatically to see if that fixes the issue.
    Set DNS Server to Automatic in the DNS Settings of Your Samsung TV

4. Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware of your Samsung TV can resolve issues with Samsung TV Plus because new firmware versions often contain bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility enhancements that makes sure apps like TV Plus operate smoothly. By keeping the TV’s software up-to-date, you eliminate potential glitches caused by outdated software which might be interfering with the proper functioning of the TV Plus service.

  1. Open the Settings of your TV and go to Support.
  2. Select Software Update, and in the right pane, choose Update Now.
    Open Software Update of Samsung TV
  3. If updates are detected, allow them to download and install.
    Select Update Now for Samsung TV
  4. After installation, reboot the TV to see if the Samsung TV Plus app is now working.

If updating via Wi-Fi fails, attempt an update using an ethernet cable.

5. Perform a Smart Hub Connection Test

Performing a Smart Hub Connection Test can fix Samsung TV Plus issues by diagnosing and resolving connection problems between your TV and the internet servers required for streaming content on Samsung TV Plus. This test makes sure that your Smart Hub, which is the gateway for accessing apps and services, including TV Plus, can communicate effectively with these services.

If connectivity issues are detected during the test, corrective measures are automatically applied, potentially bringing the Samsung TV Plus app back to full functionality.

  1. Access the Settings of your Samsung TV and navigate to the Support tab.
  2. Select Self Diagnostics and pick Smart Hub Connection Test.
  3. Wait for the test to complete, then check whether Samsung TV Plus is back in operation.
    Start Smart Hub Connection Test

6. Disable IPv6 in the TV Settings

Disabling IPv6 in the TV settings can resolve problems with Samsung TV Plus if your TV is configured to use the IPv6 protocol, but your home network infrastructure doesn’t fully support it or is having issues with IPv6 connectivity. This can lead to connection problems, as the TV may struggle to communicate with the Samsung TV Plus servers using IPv6.

By switching off IPv6, the TV reverts to using the more commonly supported IPv4 protocol, which might restore a stable network connection, allowing Samsung TV Plus to function properly.

  1. Go to the Settings of your TV and select General.
    Open General in the Samsung TV Settings
  2. Choose Network and enter Expert Settings.
    Open Network in General in the Samsung TV Settings
  3. Turn off the IPv6 protocol and examine if the issue with Samsung TV Plus has been resolved.
    Disable IPv6 in the Expert Settings of the Samsung TV

7. Edit the Date and Time Settings

Editing the Date and Time settings of your TV can resolve issues with the Samsung TV Plus service because many digital services rely on accurate time-based data for authentication and content delivery. If your TV’s clock is out of sync, it may prevent the TV Plus service from verifying the current time, potentially causing streaming issues or access problems.

Adjusting the date and time makes sure that your TV can properly communicate with the Samsung servers, thus allowing you to access and stream content successfully.

  1. Open your TV’s Settings and go to the General tab.
  2. Select System Manager and navigate to Time.
    Open System Manager in the General Settings of Samsung TV
  3. Open the Clock settings and set Clock Mode to Manual.
    Open Clock in the Time Tab of Samsung TV
  4. Adjust to the correct date and time for your TV.
    Manually Set the Date and Time in Samsung TV Settings
  5. After this, see if Samsung TV Plus is functioning as expected.
  6. If not, revisit the System Manager settings (steps 1 to 2), choose Language, and confirm that your preferred language is selected. If necessary, reselect it.
  7. Lastly, switch the Clock Mode back to Automatic and check if this resolves the Samsung TV Plus issue.

8. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings of your Samsung TV can resolve issues with Samsung TV Plus by removing any incorrect or corrupt network configuration that may be restricting the app’s ability to connect to its servers.

This process restores the network configurations to their default state, allowing you to reconnect to your network with fresh settings, often solving connectivity-related problems.

  1. Enter the Settings on your TV and head over to the General tab.
  2. Select Network, then choose Reset Network.
    Reset Network Settings of the Samsung TV
  3. Confirm the reset and wait for the process to complete.
  4. Reconnect your TV to a network and verify whether Samsung TV Plus is now working.

Consider using a hardwired network connection if the problem persists.

9. Reset Samsung Smart Hub to Default Settings

Resetting the Samsung Smart Hub to default settings can resolve issues with Samsung TV Plus by removing any glitches or errors within the Smart Hub software. This process restores the Smart Hub to its original state, clearing out any customized settings, data, or corrupted files that may have been causing the TV Plus app to malfunction.

After the reset, the Smart Hub will need to be set up again, allowing for a fresh start that could eliminate the problems with the Samsung TV Plus service.

  1. Go to the Settings menu of your Samsung TV and select the Support tab.
  2. Navigate to Device Care and choose Self Diagnostics.
  3. Choose Reset Smart Hub, and when prompted, enter your TV’s PIN.
    Reset Smart Hub of the Samsung TV to Defaults
  4. Once the reset is finished, set up the Smart Hub again and verify if Samsung TV Plus is working normally.

10. Perform a Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset of your Samsung TV can resolve the problem by erasing all stored data and settings, returning the TV to its original state when it was first turned on. This process can eliminate any software glitches, misconfigurations, or corrupted data that might be causing the Samsung TV Plus app to malfunction.

Be aware that it will remove all personal settings, saved accounts, and installed apps, essentially giving you a fresh start with the TV.

  1. Open the Settings on your Samsung TV and proceed to the Support tab. If the reset option is not under Self Diagnostics, check the General tab.
  2. Select Reset.
    Reset Samsung TV to Defaults
  3. Confirm the action, complete the reset procedure, and then set up the TV to see if TV Plus is functional.

If the problem remains unresolved, try modifying the Aerial Type to Terrestrial on the channel list to resolve the issue.

Set Aerial Type to Terrestrial for Samsung TV

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