Fix: Windows 10 Clock Disappeared

Clock disappearing from the taskbar is an error that usually affects users who have recently updated their computers to the newest build. The clock is usually displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen and its location is at the far right part of the taskbar with the current date underneath.

Users wanted to know why the clock disappeared or and what they can do to retrieve it since that feature is definitely useful considering the fact that you are able to check the time and date at any given time as long as your taskbar is visible. Also, there have been some reports where the clock was displaying the wrong time or date in spite of being set to check these automatically but we won’t be addressing that here.

Follow the instructions given in the methods displayed below in order to return the clock to its original position and location quickly.

Solution 1: Change the Theme on Your PC

Users who struggled with the same issue reported that they were able to fix the problem simply by changing the theme on their computers. It’s possible that the theme they used disabled the clock in order to change its appearance or that changing the theme simply reset this functionality completely. Follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on your desktop screen and click Personalize option in order to open and navigate to the Personalization section of the Settings app.
  2. Another way is to open the Run command box by simultaneously pressing Windows Key + R or by typing Run in the search bar.

  1. In the Run box, type in Control Desktop, and press Enter to open the Personalization section of Settings.
  2. Click the Theme settings option on the right side of the window to open the classic Personalization window.

  1. Here, click on the installed theme that you want to use to apply the theme. The new theme should be applied in no time.

Installing a New Theme:

  1. There are many sites on the web where you can download plenty of Windows 10 themes. One of them is definitely Microsoft’s own personalization gallery.
  2. Visit the official Windows personalization gallery page and download any themes which appear pretty to you. The Personalization gallery features over 300 themes.

  1. After you download several themes, double-click on a theme to install and apply the theme on your PC.
  2. Alternatively, you can right-click on the theme of your choice and click the Open option to install and apply it.

Solution 2: Tweaking Certain Settings

This solution is particularly useful for folks who are struggling with several different problems apart from the clock missing from the taskbar. Some users experienced the time and date missing, Start menu button missing along with some other bugs and they were able to fix this by following the set of steps displayed below:

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and tapping the gear icon which is a link to Settings.

  1. Navigate to Personalization >> Themes >> High Contrast Settings
  2. Locate the High contrast option and the Choose a theme menu underneath. If there was any theme selected, set this to none.
  3. After you have successfully disabled high contrast themes, navigate to Settings >> Personalization >> Themes >> Desktop Icon settings.
  4. If the “Allow themes to change desktop icons” option was disabled, enable it by checking the box next to it and click OK.

  1. Check to see if your problem is fixed now.

Solution 3: Check to See If Clock Was Accidentally Disabled

It’s quite possible that you or someone else who was using your PC accidentally disabled the clock or that a certain bug in Windows did the same. If that is the case, enabling the clock back to the taskbar should be quite easy if you follow the instructions below carefully.

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and tapping the gear icon which is a link to Settings.

  1. Navigate to Personalization >> Taskbar
  2. Now, at bottom of the Settings window, click on the link saying “Turn system icons on or off”.
  3. You should be able to locate the option “Clock” in the list of system icons.

  1. When you locate the Clock option, check to see if it’s enabled. If it’s not enabled, turn it on along with some other icons which may be missing as well.
  2. Apply the changes you have made by clicking OK and check to see if the clock has returned to the taskbar successfully.

Solution 4: Uncheck This Option in Taskbar Settings

This solution may sound obscure but it has worked for several users and they have recommended this solution. It may not work for everyone but it’s definitely worth giving this a shot if the solutions above failed to fix your problem.

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and tapping the gear icon which is a link to Settings.

  1. Navigate to Personalization >> Taskbar
  2. Now, at the top of the Taskbar section in Settings, you should be able to see the “Use small taskbar buttons” option. IF the option was enabled, make sure you disable it and exit Settings.

  1. The clock should now return to the taskbar.

Solution 5: Restart the “explorer.exe” Process

Restarting this process is particularly useful if you start experiencing issues regarding your desktop, taskbar, desktop icons, or the folders you open on a daily basis. All of this is handled by the “explorer.exe” process and restarting it has proven to solve plenty of Windows 10 issues. Several users have reported that restarting this process helped them fix the clock issue on Windows 10 so make sure you do this before you call it quits.

  1. Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination in order to bring up the Task Manager. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination and select Task Manager from the menu. You can also search for it in the Start menu.

  1. Click on More details in order to expand the task manager and search for the Windows Explorer entry on the list. Right-click on Windows Explorer and choose the End Task option.
  2. The taskbar and your desktop icons will disappear but don’t be alarmed. While still in Task Manager, click on File >> Run new Task.


  1. Type in “explorer.exe” in the Create new task dialog box and click OK.
  2. Check to see if your issue has been resolved.

Note: Make sure that you haven’t installed a third-party application recently that is related to displaying time or date because that might be the reason Windows’ Default Clock has disappeared. To make sure, boot in the Safe Mode state and check if the clock shows.

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Fix: Windows 10 Clock Disappeared

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