Where Does Netherite Spawn in Minecraft? [Level Guide]

Key Takeaways
  • Netherite is a rare, greyish-black ore used for upgrading diamond weapons and gear, offering high durability and resistance to fire/lava and explosions.
  • Locate Netherite in the Nether dimension within Ancient Debris blocks, ideally between levels Y=13 and Y=15 using a Diamond Pickaxe. Alternatives include TNT, Bed, or End Crystal mining methods to uncover Ancient Debris.
  • Smelt Ancient Debris for Netherite Scraps, combine these scraps with Gold Ingots to craft Netherite Ingots, and then use a Smithing Table to upgrade gear and weapons with Netherite Ingots.

Over the course of Minecraft, you will find yourself in need of upgrading your gear and weapons at certain points. You will require a specific material that will allow you to take your weapons and gear to the next level. One such material is Netherite. What is Netherite and where can I find it? For these answers, read on below!

What is Netherite?

Netherite is a greyish-black ore. It is rare, making it, according to video game laws, an incredibly useful material. Netherite is used in upgrading diamond weapons and gear, making it the most powerful and durable material in Minecraft. It is also highly resistant to fire/lava and explosions.

A Netherite Ingot | Minecraft Wiki

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Where Can I Find Netherite?

Netherite is exclusive to the Nether dimension and is found in the Ancient Debris blocks. You’ll need a Diamond Pickaxe to harvest Netherite from these blocks, as using any other kind will destroy them. To come across Ancient Debris, you’ll need to mine down between the levels Y=8 till Y=22. According to most veterans, the sweet spot is between Y=13 and Y=15.

Mining Ancient Debris at Y=10 | silentwisperer

Alternatively, there’s a chance of finding some Netherite in a Bastion Remnant‘s loot when leading a raid there. However, this is not a surefire method and not worth all the effort you’ll put in battling the Pilgrin hordes, which are very tough.

As traditional mining is a slow method of obtaining Netherite, here are some ways to speed up the process:

1. TNT Mining

For players that have excess TNT, they can use it to clear the area of the blocks that surround the Ancient Debris. Due to its high resistance to explosions, the Ancient Debris will remain unharmed. You can then clear out the Ancient Debris using a Diamond Pickaxe.

TNT Mining for Ancient Debris | Eyecraftmc

2. Bed Mining

If you don’t have TNT, or want to save it for something else, yet still want to speed up the process, you can resort to bed mining. This process substitutes the TNT for a normal bed that you craft for sleeping. Why a bed? Well, because beds explode in the Nether dimension if you try to sleep in them!

Bed Mining in the Nether | silentwisperer

Make sure you’re wearing some armor before attempting this, as the bed will only explode if you attempt to sleep in it, which requires you to be right next to it. Hence, when the bed explodes, you’re also going to get caught in the blast.

3. End Crystal Mining

Another explosive way to clear out the extra blocks is to use an End Crystal. Simply, set it down and shoot at it with a bow from a safe distance. This will cause an explosion like any other, regardless of the type of arrow used. However, this is a very expensive method, since an End Crystal and its components are much rarer than Netherite.

End Crystal Mining for Ancient Debris | ZioyXP

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Preparing Netherite For Gear Upgrades

Once you’ve started mining Ancient Debris, you’ll need to extract Netherite from it and prepare it for use in upgrades to your gear and weapons. Follow the below instructions to prepare Netherite:

1. Smelting Ancient Debris to get Netherite Scraps

For this process, you’ll require a Furnace. Simply, open up the Furnace menu, add some fuel in the bottom slot and place the Ancient Debris in the top slot. The smelting process should begin and you’ll obtain Netherite Scraps as a result of the process.

Smelting Ancient Debris | MCBasic

2. Crafting Netherite Ingots

The next step requires a Crafting Table to craft Netherite Ingots. To craft 1 Netherite Ingot, you’ll need 4 Netherite Scraps and 3 Gold Ingots. Make sure to have these ready beforehand. Once you’ve procured these items, place them in the Crafting Table menu in the exact same layout. As promised, the process will result in 1 Netherite Ingot.

Align the components in this layout in the Crafting Table

3. Upgrading your gear and weapons

When you’re done crafting the Netherite Ingot, the process of upgrading is similar to what you’ve done throughout your Minecraft journey; open up the Smithing Table, place the material (Netherite) Upgrade Smithing Template in the left slot, the upgrade material (Netherite Ingot, in this case) in the right slot, the weapon/gear to be upgraded in the middle slot and you’ll receive the upgraded weapon/gear.

Place the materials like this in the Smithing Table

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Netherite is extremely important, as it is the most powerful material for your gear and weapons. You should make sure to upgrade all of your gear and weapons with Netherite before journeying further in the Ender dimension, especially if you plan to take on the Ender Dragon.


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