Minecraft Guide: How To Respawn Ender Dragon

Like every other game where the player mostly has to battle it out with a final boss, Minecraft is no stranger to this concept. At the very end of Minecraft, you are set to battle it out against a very powerful black dragon with purple eyes. While to others, it may seem like an easy task but it is tough to beat it as it keeps flying around and can also kill you with 1 or 2 blows depending on your armor and enchantments.

Ender Dragon

However, killing a massive beast will reward many experience points. This is the reason why players choose to respawn the beast and kill it again to farm XP mostly those who dare for a challenge.

The End Portal

The ‘end’ is the place where your fight will the ender dragon will happen. To go to the place, you will need to find or create an end portal. End portals can only be found in survival mode by throwing an ender pearl in the air and following it to the place where it drops. You will need several ender pearls as you would only lose one after it outruns you or gains enough height for you to not see it. Once the ender pearl drops you will need to dig around and you will eventually find a stronghold. In that stronghold, you will find many enemies but there will also be a premade end portal waiting for you.

End Portal In A Normal World

Once you have found the portal all you need to do is place the eye of ender in the boxes. To get the eye of the ender, you need ender pearls by killing ender men. It is not an easy task but that’s what you will need to do. The next thing that you will need is blaze powder. You can find them by killing blaze in the nether. This is also a hard task. After killing blaze you will receive blaze rods which you can then use to make blaze powder using a crafting table.
Note: While trading you can sometimes run out of Villagers to trade with and you might have to embark on a journey to find more Villagers. But, if you don’t wanna go through that time-consuming ordeal, you can just try to breed villagers and trade with them.

Crafting Blaze Powder
Crafting Eye Of Ender

Place the eyes in all the end blocks to open the portal.

End Portal

The End

Once the portal is opened jump in it to teleport into the end. It will be a place with lots of ender men and of course, the ender dragon so doesn’t go without preparation.

The End

Respawning The Dragon

To respawn the ender dragon, you will need to have 4 ender crystals. To make these, you will need 4 ghast tears by killing ghasts in the nether. 4 Eye of enders and 28 Blocks of glass. With these resources, you can make 4 ender crystals.

Crafting Ender Crystals

Once you have all four of them arrange them in order around the portal that was made after beating the dragon.

Arranging The Crystals

Once that’s done the ender crystals will regenerate all the healing crystals of the dragon that are placed on the large obsidian pedestals. They will be created again and then soon the dragon will respawn for you to kill.

Ender Dragon

How To Kill The Dragon Easily

The dragon can be a pretty annoying opponent to kill due to its brute strength and the advantage of flying. However, with a diamond armor with Protection IV, wear a pumpkin helmet to avoid ender men trying to kill you for looking at them and lastly use a bow with the best enchantment you have. You can also try to enhance your abilities by brewing a potion and consuming it before fighting the dragon.

Create a small obsidian room as the dragon cannot destroy obsidian blocks and through there you can shoot the dragon at its head for quadruple damage without having to worry any ender men attacking you or the dragon damaging you. Although, you aren’t entirely invulnerable as it can glitch its head inside and damage you. But it is still safer than roaming around.


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