How to Drop A Pin on Google Maps on Every Device

Google Maps has simplified the way of finding directions to a place. It has become an essential tool whenever someone needs to find something on the map. Almost any address can be found by typing it into the search bar, but exceptions exist.

Dropping a pin on Google Maps

That’s where Google Maps‘ amazing feature of dropping a pin to your desired location to get directions comes in play. A pin on a map can be useful if the location you’re seeking does not have an address or if the given address is incorrect. Similarly, it can be enough to simply place a pin in the broad area if you don’t have the precise address.

Dropping a pin in Google Maps on mobile

The latest version of Google Maps makes it much simpler to drop a pin from the search box, and it does so automatically, regardless of your preferences. It implies that a pin should be placed at the desired location if you are looking for a specific address.

A pin will be dropped immediately if you enter a location in the search bar. You’ll still need to manually look around in the map if you’re trying to find somewhere using the map interface rather than the search box.

  1. The first step is to open the Google Maps app on your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android.
  2. Enter the address in the search bar at the top of the page or scroll to the area where you wish to place a pin. Tapping on that location will place a red-colored pin.
  3. You can then tap the pin to view instructions for the place. Here you’ll find options like getting directions for the pinned location or sharing it.
  4. The pin can be taken out by tapping the X.
Dropping a pin in Google Maps on mobile

Dropping a pin in Google Maps on desktop/laptop

The desktop and mobile versions of the Google Maps homepage work similarly. You can find everything from grocery stores, restaurants, and hospitals in a few simple clicks. To drop a pin on Google Maps from any computer, whether it be Mac or Windows, you can:

  1. Go to in your browser of choice, make sure your GPS and location access are turned on.
  2. Zoom in close to the map till you can see the specific spot. You can use the plus and minus signs to zoom in and out of the map.
    Zoom in and find the desired location
    Zoom in and find the desired location
  3. After you’ve zoomed in and discovered the precise spot, you can drop a pin by clicking. Then a box appears at the page’s footer. You can get the location details by clicking on that box.
    Drop a pin on the desired location
    Drop a pin on the desired location
  4. On the page’s left, you’ll see a list of choices.
    Details will open in a menu on left side
    Details will open in a menu on left side
  5. The details of where you just dropped the pin will appear here. This fallen pin can be used in a variety of ways mentioned below.

Use a dropped pin for directions

  1. Google Maps’ ability to provide directions is likely its most valuable function. Your dropped pin might serve as either a starting or finishing point.
  2. Instead, you’ll need to drop the pin at your final destination and select the starting point as your current location.
Select your current location as a starting point

All possible modes of transportation, from flying to walking to riding a bike, will be displayed on the map (along with their respective travel time).

Drop a permanent Google Maps pin (save it)

The temporary pin will disappear if you click or tap anywhere else on the map. If you need something more permanent, like a pin that’s always visible on Google Maps for an address you’ll frequently be visiting in the future, you have a few options.

  1. After you’ve dropped a pin and opened its data card, you can add it to a list by clicking or tapping the “Save” button.
    Click on Save button
    Click on “Save” button
  2. You can use Google Maps’ pre-made lists (such as “Favorites” and “Want to go“), or you can make your own, perhaps based on a trip you’re on or a walk you’re planning.
Save the pinned location for future use

Sharing your pinned location

  1. Using Google Maps, you can easily send your current location to a friend or social media using the ‘Share‘ button. 
    Click on Share button
    Click on “Share” button
  2. You can also send the location to your own mobile phone by choosing the “Send to phone” option.” You’ll get options to share the location on the attached phone, your email or phone number. 
    Click on Send to phone
    Click on “Send to phone”

Final Verdict

Google Maps allows you to drop a pin on your desired location. You can drop a pin on the desired location with a single tap. You can find directions for that location, save it for future use or share it with someone. On the other hand, included some recommendations in this post in the hopes that they will help you unlock a new way to use Google Maps, which will, in turn, make it easier for you to navigate.


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