What is Google Maps Gold & Is It Legit? [2024 Review]

Have you ever come across Google Maps Gold and wondered what it is? The creator of Google Maps Gold claims that you can earn money through Google Maps.

So, is Google Maps Gold a legit? Some gossip and doubt are circulating around, with people wondering if it’s truly a genuine opportunity or just another internet scam waiting to trap unsuspecting individuals.

In this straightforward and easy-to-understand guide, we’ll explore the truth behind Google Maps Gold, shedding light on whether it’s a trustworthy way to make money or just a false online scheme.

What is Google Maps Gold?

What is Google Maps Gold
What is Google Maps Gold

Google Maps Gold, created by Chad Kimball, is a simple online course (also called Google Maps Elite) teaching people how to use Google Maps to make money. It has easy training videos you can watch in a single day. This course gives you basic ideas about earning money by helping businesses appear on Google Maps.

Chad offers extra learning through Google Maps Elite or LocalAutopilot if you want to learn more after this. This course teaches you every small step needed to help local businesses get customers online, and you make money for this help.

Here’s a short version of what Chad teaches:

  • Find how often people search for specific things using Chad’s tools.
  • Look at Google’s top search results.
  • Use Google Maps Gold to help a business show up on Google Maps.
  • Create a simple webpage to get these businesses more customers.
  • You’ll be acting as the intermediary, making money from deals.
  • Get money every month without doing hard work.

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Who is Chad Kimball?

Chad Kimball started his own online business in 1999. He had to leave his job because of many problems at work. Since then, he has made much money by finding clients and learning which online businesses succeed.

Chad started helping small businesses get more customers in 2011 by using his knowledge of online marketing. He’s been working on growing his own internet marketing business to support these small companies.

How much does Google Maps Gold cost?

How much does Google Maps Gold costs
How much does Google Maps Gold costs?

Google Maps Gold’s starting course costs less than $10 (exactly $9.97). But, like many online teachers, this first course is only a small part. Some people who reviewed the course said you might end up paying up to $6,800 to get all the help you need to succeed.

So, if you plan to learn everything the program offers, be ready to buy extra courses along the way.

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Is Google Maps Gold legit?

Is Google Maps Gold legit?

Google itself doesn’t have a program that pays people for using Google Maps. But there’s a course named “Google Maps Gold,” not made by Google, where a person named Chad teaches you how to earn money with Google Maps.

People’s success with Chad’s Google Maps course isn’t the same for everyone. Some people claim it works and has helped them, while others didn’t have the same luck or couldn’t use Chad’s tips well.

If you think about taking the course, know it’s not a sure thing. Like any way of earning money, it might take some time; you might need to keep learning, and things keep changing. So, don’t expect success right away.

Positive aspects

  • The course talks about many different ways to use Google Maps.
  • It teaches something special that you can’t find in most courses.
  • There’s a helpful group or forum to talk to other people taking the course.
  • Some people who took the course say it works and helped their business get noticed more.

Negative aspects

  • Some methods are old because Google changes its rules and systems often.
  • The cost is high compared to other similar learning content out there.
  • Not everyone wins: some people do well, but others don’t see real benefits.

What’s the alternative to such courses?  

What's the alternative
What’s the alternative to such courses?

Many people want quick ways to make money online, and Google Maps Gold seems like a good option. Getting leads, or potential customers, isn’t new; businesses have been doing it for years.

You might not need this course if you’re good at making online forms that collect potential customer info and can connect with local businesses. You can start without it, using many free online guides and tips.

Use tools like Surfer’s keyword volume tool or Google’s keyword planner to find popular keywords or business areas. With these tools, you can check if starting a Google My Business (GMB) listing and getting leads is a good plan.

Can we really earn money from Google Maps?

Can we really earn money from Google Maps
Can we really earn money from Google Maps?

Google Maps mainly helps people get to places and see different areas. Google doesn’t exactly pay people to use it, but some smart people and companies have indirectly figured out ways to make money from its features.

Below, we’ll talk about real ways people make money using Google Maps.

1. Lead generation

Make your business appear in local Google searches by using Google My Business well. When people click on your business, take them to a website to get their contact info. Then, sell this info to local businesses. For example, sell leads looking for plumbers to local plumbing services.

2. Advertising

You can make money from ads if your business gets lots of traffic or reviews on Google. Lead this traffic to a website with ads to earn money from people viewing or clicking on these ads.

3. Affiliate marketing

Drive people from Google Maps to websites where you earn money selling products. When people buy through your special link, you earn a little money from the sale.

4. Sponsored listings

You can make money by showing some businesses more than others in your listings. Businesses might pay to be more visible to people looking for their services.

5. Virtual tours

Some people earn money by offering virtual tours or special photos of interesting places. People might pay for these online experiences before they visit in person.

6. Local guide program

Google Maps has a Local Guide Program, where you earn points for adding reviews, photos, and business info. You can turn these points into rewards, like Google product discounts or even cash. By being a top participant in this program, you might earn up to $500 a year.

Final Thoughts

Google Maps Gold isn’t a direct earning scheme from Google, but smart people use its features to earn money. Chad Kimball’s course, though somewhat pricey, teaches various money-making methods, with both positive and negative reviews.

You can smartly use Google Maps to make money through lead generation, advertising, affiliate marketing, and more. Sponsored listings and virtual tours are other creative earning ways. Moreover, participating in Google’s Local Guide Program can also bring some rewards.

Before investing, understand each method’s potential and risks. Numerous free resources can guide you in starting without investing in costly courses. Always approach with realistic expectations and continuous learning to successfully navigate the changing digital landscape!


Can you earn money from Google Maps?

Yes, there are many ways to earn money using Google Maps. You can market local services, study and translate maps, or be a local guide. Using the platform to advertise your business or create special apps using Google Maps’ features is also possible.

Can I directly earn money from Google Maps?

No, Google Maps doesn’t have a program that pays you money directly. But you can use its features in smart ways to make money.

What is lead generation in the context of Google Maps?

It means making your business appear on Google Maps so people click on it. You can get their contact info and sell it to local businesses when they do.

Is the Google Maps Gold course officially affiliated with Google?

No, Google doesn’t own or support Google Maps Gold. It’s a separate course that teaches you how to get leads using Google Maps.

Are there other ways to earn money using Google Maps besides lead generation?

Yes, besides getting leads, you can earn through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored listings, and selling virtual tours of interesting places.


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