5 Fixes for ‘Double Nat Detected’ in Xbox One and Series X/S

The “Double NAT detected” error shows up in the Network settings of your Xbox while playing online games. This doesn’t let the users have a stable connection, and as a result, one cannot participate in multiplayer matches.

What does Double NAT detected mean?

In easy terms, double NAT (Network Address Translation) means that there is more than one router or gateway that is trying to connect your Xbox One, Series X, or Series S to the internet.

It happens mostly because of incorrect network configuration while using both a router and gateway. Those with this setup need to enable the Bridge mode in the gateway to get rid of this issue.

Alternatively, you can also turn on the Access Point operation mode on your router if the gateway doesn’t support the bridge mode. Both of these solutions will work just as well.

Furthermore, below you’ll find 5 simple methods to fix this double NAT obstacle permanently.

1. Restart your Xbox console and Router

This is the first step you should take if you are not using multiple routers. Users with numerous routers need to configure some settings, but not the ones who only have a solitary router. The router can start misbehaving sometimes and just needs a simple restart to get back to functioning normally.

So, start by turning off both your Xbox console and router. Wait for 30 seconds, then power on both of them again. Now connect the console to the network and see if the double NAT issue persists or not.

2. Enable Bridge Mode on your Gateway

Bridge mode lets two routers work efficiently without any issues. It allows the devices on the two networks to communicate with one another as they are on the same Local Area Network (LAN). This is done by enabling the router or gateway to connect two LANs together.

In other words, bridge mode disables the NAT functionality of one router or gateway, and that solves the double NAT problem. Usually, you won’t find this option in many routers. Therefore, this solution works best if you have a gateway plus router arrangement.

The following steps show how to enable bridge mode:

  1. Open any browser and type the IP address of your router in the URL bar. It will mainly be or
  2. Enter the login credentials and click on Login or hit Enter.

Note: The IP address and username/password of your router or gateway are often written on the backside of the device. If they are not there, then go through its user manual or take details from the provider.

  1. Once you are on the admin page of the gateway, look for the Wireless menu.
  2. There will be the option to operate the gateway as Bridge, Wireless Bridge, or WDS Bridge mode. Select it and save the changes.

  1. Restart your gateway and connect it to the Xbox.
  2. Now go to the Network settings in Xbox and check whether the Double NAT detected error is gone now.

3. Enable Access Point Operation Mode on your Router

Access Point (AP) mode in routers mainly does the same work as Bridge mode in gateways. It simply extends your Wi-Fi signals by acting as a pathway and stops functioning as a regular router does.

Again, it’s beneficial to enable AP mode in an environment where there is already a router working in the Router mode. Not only will it stop double NAT, but it will also strengthen the Wi-Fi signals. For a detailed overview of the two modes, refer to our guide: What is Difference Between Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point?

The steps for this are similar to the ones mentioned in the previous method.

  1. Login to your router’s Admin page again.
  2. Navigate to the Wireless menu.
  3. Change the operation mode to Access Point.
  4. Save the changes and reboot the router.

  1. Connect your network with the Xbox now to start playing online games.

4. Use Only the Gateway and Remove the Secondary Router

Gateway functions both as a router and a modem. This is the reason why we recommend keeping it and removing the router when you are playing multiplayer games on Xbox. This will be for a temporary time, and you can connect the router back again once the gaming session is completed.

It’s not necessary to keep the gateway connected and only remove the router. It can be vice versa as well. Besides, if you have two routers and no gateway, then remove the one with weaker signals or the more outdated one.

However, make sure that the distance between the router and your Xbox isn’t too great and that there are no thick walls in between, as this can be the reason why your Xbox keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. If that is the case, then just stick to any one of the first two methods.

Now, in order to remove the router, simply unplug its WAN port’s cable and plug it into the gateway or the primary router.

Afterward, follow the steps below to check if the double NAT is gone or not:

  1. Reset your Xbox and power it on.
  2. Navigate to Profile & system after pressing the Xbox button.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Go to General > Network settings.
  5. Check the Bandwidth usage section.
  6. If it doesn’t show Double NAT detected then it means the problem has been cleared.

5. Establish a Direct Connection between the Xbox Console and Gateway/Router

Establishing a direct connection means connecting your Xbox with an Ethernet cable to the router or gateway. The best Ethernet cables for gaming guarantee stronger and faster network signals as compared to the regular wireless Wi-Fi connection.

You can also use a MoCA adapter or a Powerline Ethernet adapter for this purpose. Once the connection is done, restart both the router and the Xbox console. Now again, go to the Network settings in Xbox, and you will no longer see Double NAT detected next to Bandwidth usage.


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5 Fixes for ‘Double Nat Detected’ in Xbox One and Series X/S

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