– Router Login is a Class C – Private IP Address  assigned to most routers by default from the manufacturer for administration purposes. When you type the address in your browser’s address bar; and if you’ve got this as your default gateway then you should be able to login to the administration console; if not then most browsers automatically re-direct you to search engine, this may be the case if your settings have changed from the factory settings. Apart from you can also have a different private ip address as your default gateway so if you were looking to access the router’s administration via and were not able to get into it then you can use the command below to find out your default gateway first and then type the address in the address bar to access it.

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. In the run dialog, type cmd and Click OK.


Then, in the black command prompt type

ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”


Followed by explorer “http://YOURDEFAULTGATEWAYIPADDRESS”. When you do that, the command prompt will open the Default Gateway Address via Internet Explorer.

The next part would be to login to your Router; and for this you would need a username and a password. For most routers; if not changed the default login works which should be written in the manual or on the back of the router but if you don’t have then there are two approaches to this.

(i) Google your router’s model # in this way “Router Model # default password”, usually the ones that come up on the top are correct.


(ii) If they don’t work, most likely the password has changed so you should need to reset. To do this; do another Google search “How to reset Router Model #”, this is usually done by holding the reset button using an unfolded pin for a 5 to 8 seconds but i highly recommend reading the manufacturer’s stated procedure to avoid corruption with the firmware.

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Expert Tip – Router Login

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