What is Atlas Earth and is it Legit or a Scam? [2024 Review]

Key Takeaways
  • Atlas Earth is a mobile game using augmented reality to let users buy and sell virtual land, mirroring real-world locations and offering potential earnings, though not substantial.
  • Earnings from virtual real estate are minimal, with slow accrual rates and a minimum cash-out policy, making significant income unlikely.
  • The game earns through in-game purchases of Atlas Bucks and advertising revenue, with possible data monetization from user location information.

With the recent rise of Metaverse and Blockchain technology, several apps are promoting various ways to earn money through virtual activities. One such online game is Atlas Earth which advertises itself as a unique way of making real money by simply purchasing virtual real estate. While Atlas Earth is a completely safe mobile game, it won’t make you millions overnight.

In this article, we will dive into what Atlas Earth is and whether it can help you make money or is it just another money-stealing gimmick. We will also look at how Atlas Earth works and behind the scenes how the company makes money.

What is Atlas Earth?

A Closer Look Into Atlas Earth

Atlas Earth is a mobile game created by NextNav that allows users to purchase and sell lands in the virtual world and potentially earn money from it. The main concept of Atlas Earth is that it’s built on augmented reality and is based on the real world, allowing users to explore land in a game-like environment. The game covers almost the entire earth and requires access to your location to mirror real-world locations.

With Atlas Earth, users can buy lands or “Parcels” of 30 by 30 feet but are limited to only 900 square feet at a time. Each plot of land costs around 100 Atlas Bucks which is the in-game currency used and equates to almost $5 for one land.

A closer look into Atlas Earth

The game also has a ranking system that is based on how much land you have, the more you have the more you go up in the rankings. You can run for mayor, governor, or even president giving you access to new areas of land along with information about the plots next to you.

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Making Money Through Virtual Real Estate

Making money by purchasing virtual land isn’t anywhere close to what you’ll make in real life. Although Atlas Earth does allow users to earn money by either renting out or selling land, the earnings are only $.0000000015 per second which is quite low and can leave you questioning whether to invest more time or not.

Another factor that makes the users leave negative reviews is the cash-out policy that requires you to at least have a balance of five dollars before being able to cash out all your earnings. While $5 doesn’t sound much it actually can take up years to save that much amount in earnings as a typical plot will only make you around 10 cents per year which means you’ll have to hold onto your land for about 50 years.

Cash-out policy

Atlas Earth might not be a scam but it still isn’t popular in the Metaverse community which takes us to our final concern “Popularity“. The entire foundation of the game revolves around people buying, selling, and renting parts of the game. This means that the fewer people get on the game, the fewer chances you’ll have to rent out your parcels and earn money.

While Atlas Earth labels itself as a Metaverse app, it isn’t fully connected to the grid because your earnings are only limited to your Atlas Earth account and can’t be transferred to any other Metaverse app, unlike games like Axie Infinity or Cryptomania.

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Features and Activities to Keep You Stick Around Atlas Earth

Atlas Earth provides users with several in-game activities that reward them with Atlas Bucks or other gifts to keep the game fun and engaging. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the features and activities Atlas Earth has in store for its users:

  • Daily Login Rewards: Each time you log into the app, you’ll have Atlas Bucks for each session.
  • Passports & Badges: Passports allow you to expand the virtual world around you by exploring different locations. The more you explore the more your passport’s level increases which ultimately increases your rent cost per second.
  • Atlas Explorer Club: If you have 5 badges in your account, you’ll have access to Atlas Explorer Club which is a monthly subscription that allows users to buy Atlas Bucks at low rates.
  • Advanced Cashout Options: Atlas Earth has also worked on improving its cashout possibilities with other options like gift cards and more.
  • Spin For Bucks: and Mini Games: Spin the wheel to earn Atlas Bucks and other rewards. You can also play mini-games like bowling, racing, and golfing to spend your time on the app.

Ban Warnings

Apart from these, Atlas Earth also claims to have Soft Ban Warnings that stop players from abusing their systems or breaking any rules that ruin the experience for others. Additionally, the app also has in-app support to help users with any queries.

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The Money-Making Machines Behind Atlas Earth

While it takes quite a long for users to earn a bit of profit, the same rules don’t apply to the people behind Atlas Earth. The game has two main sources of revenue; one is through their in-game currency Altas Bucks and the second one is the ads. Let’s break both of them down.

1. Atlas Bucks

One of the major sources of revenue for Atlas Earth is selling users Atlas Bucks which can be used to buy properties in the virtual world. 100 Atlas Bucks will cost you around five dollars and will help you get one piece of land along with other packs like 315 Atlas Bucks for $15, 900 Atlas Bucks for $40, and 2400 Atlas Bucks for $100. This allows them to make money from anyone willing to put in large investments in virtual estate.

Atlas Buck packs | All ‘Bout Mining

2. Advertising

Apart from generating money from Atlas Bucks, the game also makes you sit through ads in exchange for a few additional Atlas Bucks and other in-game rewards. Although it’s not hard to just watch ads, the game makes you grind for it as well. This means that it will not only take you around 50 ads to buy a single piece of land, the 20-minute time limit after every ad makes it almost impossible to reach that goal.

Atlas Earth location access

Another possible source of income can also be the data generated from users as the game requires location access to generate the virtual world around you. This data can then be sold to other metaverse developers. Atlas Earth doesn’t have anything solid to clear up these rumors and it’s best to stay careful until something concrete comes from the company.

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Redditors and Quora Users on Atlas Earth

As with any online game, feedback and reviews are one of the few things that can help you get a grasp of the legitimacy and the overall experience of an app. However, reviews are most of the time quite mixed with some people sharing positive experiences and others expressing dissatisfaction.

Atlas Earth ratings and reviews

In the case of Atlas Earth, some people find the idea behind the game quite plausible but one thing the negative and the positive side has in common is the amount of time invested in the game. According to one Quora user, Atlas Earth can help you earn a few bucks, but you’ll have to stay consistent, and patient, and have the ability to survive through a ton of ads.

Quora users on Atlas Earth

Additionally, if you are concerned about having your earnings ripped off, several Reddit users have proven that this is not the case. Users have also shared screenshots of their cashouts and previous history as well. Nonetheless, Redditors have advised users to avoid investing any money in the game, as it won’t help you double your earnings in any way.

Redditor on Atlas Earth

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Is Atlas Earth a Scam?

Short Answer: no; Long Answer: Despite being around for almost 3 years now, Atlas Earth hasn’t gained a significant number of players to make it a worthy choice. The app itself doesn’t scam users in any way possible as several people have had positive experiences when cashing out their earnings from Atlas Earth.

However, Atlas Earth isn’t the best option for making quick cash as you’ll need to spend years on the app consistently before actually hitting marks like 20 or 30 dollars. Additionally, the advertisements Atlas Earth pushes to boost your earnings are merely helpful in any way at all.

In essence, Altas Earth is a great way to start exploring the Metaverse, but like other virtual real estate games, it may not be the best use of your time and effort. Hence, we recommend investing in something that provides value and authenticity.


Who is behind the Atlas Earth app?

Sami Khan is the co-founder and CEO of Atlas Reality and he is based in Austin, Texas.

What is Atlas Reality?

Atlas Reality is a company in Austin, TX, dedicated to transforming the location-based game industry through mobile games technology.

How many players are on Atlas Earth?

There are nearly 1 million registered iPhone users on Atlas Earth, almost 1 million downloads, and 55.5K reviews on the Android side.


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