Age of Wonders 4 Hidden Achievements & How to Get Them

Key Takeaways
  • There are three hidden achievements: "Jack of All Tomes," "The Grey Wizard," and "Master of Evilness." Each has specific completion requirements involving in-game choices and victories.
  • "Jack of All Tomes" requires winning the game with at least one Tome from each affinity. "The Grey Wizard" involves leading a faction of Halflings to victory as a Human Wizard King. "Master of Evilness" requires leading Dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos.
  • These achievements add depth and challenge to the game, encouraging players to explore different strategies and races. While they require time and effort, they offer a more complete and rewarding gaming experience.

Nowadays, every game has achievements. Achievements are a way of signifying how dedicate you are to a game. While some achievements are easily obtainable, some are not. The same goes for Age of Wonders 4. Hence, if you want to know all about Age of Wonders 4’s hidden achievements, read on below.

Age of Wonders 4 is the successor to 2013’s Age of Wonders 3 | Epic Games

What is Age of Wonders 4?

Developed by Paradox Interactive, Age of Wonders 4 is a fantastic turn-based strategy game that makes the most of mythical creatures, magic and complex situations to deliver awesome battles that require as much wit as any chess game. It is the successor to 2013’s Age of Wonders 3, and is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. It is the perfect game for strategy enthusiasts.

AoW4 is the best strategy game to buy right now | Steam

What are Hidden Achievements in Age of Wonders 4?

Like any other game, AoW4 has its own achievements which many players look to accomplish. While you can view most achievements and learn how to complete the required task, a handful of them are hidden. Therefore, you cannot see what the requirement is to obtain the achievement. Well, no need to worry, because you can learn all about these hidden achievements below.

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All Hidden Achievements in Age of Wonders 4

There are only 3 hidden achievements in AoW4 from a total number of 60 achievements; 44 belong to the base game, while 22 belong to the DLCs. Fortunately, these hidden achievements can be unlocked in the base game. At any rate, here’s how to obtain these achievements:

Achievement 1: Jack of All Tomes

Completion Requirement: Win the game having unlocked at least 1 Tome belonging to each affinity.

Tomes are books that unlock spells, units and structures | PlayStation Store

In order to obtain this achievement, you’ll have to beat the game while having unlocked at least 1 Tome of each of the 6 affinities prevalent in the game. Tomes are books that allow you to unlock spells, structures and different units. Tomes are categorized into 6 affinities: Astral, Chaos, Materium, Nature, Order and Shadow.

Tomes also have tiers to signify their effectiveness, from Tier 1 (weakest) to Tier 5 (strongest). And while each affinity provides different strengths and weaknesses, they all contribute to a diverse playstyle throughout the game.

No matter what affinity you prioritize, to obtain this achievement, you’ll have to unlock 1 Tome belonging to each of the 6 affinities and beat the game. Using them is not necessary. And since you can research Tier 1 tomes at any time, this achievement is pretty easy to obtain.

Achievement 2: The Grey Wizard

Completion Requirement: Lead a faction of Halflings to victory as a Human Wizard King.

Make sure your Ruler is a human Wizard King | Steam

When players start a new game in AoW4, they’re required to create a whole new faction. A faction is technically the population that the player will lead. You can customize their looks and choose their attributes in any way you like. You can even choose their race, which also affects what kind of stats they’ll have.

After designing the faction, you’ll then be required to design the Ruler of that faction. The Ruler can either be a Champion or a Wizard King; each choice offers its own set of advantages.

However, to obtain this achievement, you’ll have to set your faction’s race as halfling and the Ruler should be a Wizard King. Additionally, you’ll have to set your Ruler’s race as human. Any other customizations do not matter. All that remains is that you lead the faction to victory once.

It should be mentioned that you can create a new faction only in 3 circumstances; when you start a new game, in a multiplayer lobby, or in a custom realm. You can simply save scum to get the achievement instead of starting a new game. On an amusing note, this achievement is a nod to Gandalf leading the hobbits to victory against Sauron in The Lord of The Rings.

Achievement 3: Master of Evilness

Completion Requirement: Lead a faction of Dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos.

The Tome of the Chaos Lord is necessary in order to obtain this achievement | Paradox Interactive

Similar to the previous achievement, Master of Evilness requires you to design a new faction whose population is dark goblins and lead it to victory once. To set your race as dark goblins, choose the physical form as Goblinoid and set the culture as Dark. As for the ruler, they must be a Lord of Chaos.

To become a Lord of Chaos, you must have the Lord of Chaos achievement. This is not a hidden achievement and requires you to fulfill only one condition; you must have unlocked a Tier 5 Chaos Affinity Tome. This can be done by prioritizing the Tomes of Magic and learning every spell in them. In terms of character traits, the ruler can be whatever you like.

On a side note, this achievement is a nod to the dark fantasy hack-and-slash Overlord games in the late 2000s, in which the main character leads an army of goblins to conquer new areas.

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Should You Try to Obtain These Secret Achievements?

Age of Wonders 4 is a strategy game, hence it has intricately designed levels designed to test your limits and keep you at your wit’s end. In order to complete any game at 100%, you must obtain all its achievements as they are the monuments that display your mastery over the game. In that regard, AoW4 is no different, and trying to obtain these achievements will cost you a decent amount of time.

Like most strategy games, Age of Wonders 4 demands quite a bit of your time

However, if you feel like you’re doing the laundry when you’re grinding for these achievements, it is better not to do them at all. Because all that matters at the end of the day is that you have fun when you’re gaming. Ultimately, the choice rests with you.

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Well, there you have it, the hidden achievements in Age of Wonders 4 and how you can get them. Make sure to geared up properly when you’re grinding, and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!


How many hidden achievements in Age of Wonders 4?

There are 3 hidden achievements in Age of Wonders 4; The Grey Wizard, Master of Evilness and Jack of All Tomes.

Which hidden achievement requires the most time to obtain?

Master of Evilness will take the most time.

Are there any hidden achievements in the DLCs for Age of Wonders 4?



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