What Kind of Phone Do I Have?

In this modern age, having a proper phone has become a necessity. Almost everything is available to us on our phones, be it reaching out to people, or for entertainment purposes. A phone is needed everywhere. If you’re wondering, what kind of phone you have, you’ve come to the right place because in this article we are going to be showing you how to figure out just that.

Figure out your phone
What Kind of Phone Do I Own?

This is especially important because, in order to buy accessories for your phone, you need to know the make and model of your phone just for the sake of compatibility. Phones these days are mainly divided into 2 main ecosystems, Apple phones, and Android phones. While there is some compatibility between the two, there are still some cases where you need to know what type of phone you have in order to get the right thing. With that said, let us get sorted and figure out the type of device that you are carrying.

1. Look at the Phone Itself

The first thing that you should do is just look at the phone that you are holding because often phones have clear indications of the manufacturer of the phone on the backside. If your phone is in a protective case, you will have to remove that and then look at the backside of your phone. You will usually find a company name or a logo on the back that points toward the manufacturer of the phone.

This information can help you in deciding if your phone is an Android phone or an Apple phone. There are various companies that make Android phones because the operating system is open source, while on the other hand, iPhones are only made by Apple because the firmware is not public.

Backside of Phones

If you still have the box of the phone now, now would be the perfect time to look at it. The box of the phone reveals Important information about the phone such as the manufacturer of the phone, the model of the phone along with other details that are provided on one of the sides.

2. Look into the Phone’s Settings

There’s only so much information that you can collect from the backside or just by looking at your phone. If you still haven’t figured out the manufacturer of your phone, you don’t need to worry as all of this information is contained inside the settings app of your device.

In addition to that, there is a lot more detailed information in the Settings app that tells you various things about your phone, such as the model, the make, the amount of memory, the storage, and more. To get started with that, follow the instructions down below.

Android Phones

  1. First of all, go ahead and open up the Settings app on your phone. This is usually a gear icon and is usually located on the home screen. Alternatively, you can just simply search for the Settings app as well.
    Searching for Settings App
  2. Once you have the settings up open, you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom until you locate the About option. In some cases, this might be called About phone.
    Navigating to About
  3. On the About screen, you will be shown all of the different information about your phone. This includes the model name of your phone, your phone number, the Android version that you’re using, the model number, the serial number of your phone along with much more stuff.
    Android About
  4. Go through the information provided here to find out more about the device that you are holding. 


  1. In the case of iPhones, the process is slightly different. 
  2. Once you have opened up the Settings app on your phone, you will have to navigate to the General option.
    Navigating to General
  3. From there, at the top, tap on the About option.
    Navigating to About
  4. There you will be shown all of the different information about your phone. This includes the model name, the iOS version, the name of your phone along with other information.
    iPhone About

3. Third-Party Application

Finally, you can also acquire information about your phone using a third-party app by downloading it from your Play Store or Apple App Store. There are multiple options when it comes down to third-party apps, but for Android, we would recommend Droid Hardware Info, while for iPhones we would recommend System Information Lite. 

Both of these apps can be found quite easily by searching for them in the respective app store. These applications provide detailed information about your phone and could potentially be your one-stop, know it all.


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