How to Fix the VERR_DISK_FULL Error in VirtualBox?

When encountering the VERR_DISK_FULL error in VirtualBox, users are often in the midst of setting up, cloning, or using their virtual machines. However, they find themselves abruptly interrupted by this error message during updates. The VERR_DISK_FULL error indicates that the operation cannot be completed because VirtualBox believes there is insufficient space on the host system’s disk.

VirtualBox VERR_DISK_FULL error

The VERR_DISK_FULL error signifies that VirtualBox is unable to write to the disk because there is not enough space on the virtual machine’s disk. This issue frequently arises not because of insufficient overall disk storage capacity, but because the specific partition where VirtualBox is installed may be full or nearly full.

A common misconception about the functionality of dynamically allocated storage in VirtualBox is often the source of this error. As data gets accumulated on the virtual machine, the size of the dynamic disk increases to match. However, when data is deleted, the dynamic disk does not automatically shrink, which can lead to a situation where the host’s file system lacks the necessary space for the disk’s further expansion.

To prevent such errors and interruptions, ensure that there is at least 10 GB of free storage available. Also, other factors, such as an incorrect disk partition style, might contribute to this issue.

1. Change Disk to NTFS

Should you attempt to clone a virtual machine on a FAT32 disk, you will face complications because FAT32 cannot handle files larger than 4GB. Converting the disk to NTFS will enable you to create a clone or copy files that exceed the 4GB limit.

  1. Open the Search Box, type “cmd,” and run the Command Prompt as Administrator.
    Opening Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Type the following command:
    convert G: /fs:ntfs

    This command will convert your disk to NTFS without erasing any data. Be sure to replace “G” with the letter of your partition.
    Converting to NTFS command

2. Change Clone Settings

If your disk lacks the necessary storage to create a clone, you might want to consider using a different disk with enough free space. Moreover, if the error occurs while you are trying to clone only the current machine state, try cloning all of the machine’s snapshots, as this might help resolve the issue.

  1. Open VirtualBox, right-click on the virtual machine, and select “Clone.”
    Selecting Clone in VirtualBox
  2. Click on Path and select a different disk.
    Changing clone path in VirtualBox
  3. Choose “Export mode,” select Full Clone, pick Everything under Snapshots, and then click the Clone button to proceed.
    Selecting Full Clone and Snapshots in VirtualBox

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