How to Fix “Unable to connect to Samsung Server” Error on Samsung TV

Samsung Keep Saying Can't Connect to Server? Try these Fixes

The “unable to connect to Samsung Server” error message is basically seen while watching the online content on the Samsung smart TV. The error appears with a short message “Unable to connect to the Samsung server. Check your network settings or try again later (100)” accompanied with a solution that is not effective in solving the problem.

Unable to connect to the Samsung server. Check your network settings or try again later
Unable to connect to the Samsung server. Check your network settings or try again later

The error message clearly indicates that the Samsung hub is unable to connect to the Samsung server and as per the users they see the error when they try using the WIFI on their smart TV and they see the error on their screen and as a result, they are unable to Steam anything on their Samsung TV.

As it turns out, the clear reason for the error is the internet issues. Despite this, there might be a server down or overloaded problem. Well, the error is really annoying as it keeps on appearing on the Samsung Smart TV screen and stop you from browsing the content.

So, it is really important to fix the error immediately but before heading towards the fixes find out the common reasons in detail that trigger the error.

  • Server Issues – The main reason why you encounter the listed error message is the server down or offline problem. If the Samsung server is currently going under maintenance or facing some sort of problem then this won’t let you connect to the server. So, first, check if there is any server problem is going by connecting to the support centre service.
  • Poor internet connection – As the error message states it was unable to establish a connection to the Samsung server, it can be due to poor or unstable network or WIFI settings. So, if this is the case then you can easily resolve the problem by resetting the network settings.
  • Corrupted Cache – Sometimes, the corrupted cache start causing issues with the Internet Router or the Samsung Smart TV and prevent it from establishing the connections and connecting to the server. Clearing the corrupted cache may solve the problem in your case.
  • Outdated System Software – If you are running outdated firmware in your Smart TV, then this can be a culprit responsible for the error. The older version of software becomes incompatible and hinder the proper function of the Smart Television. The outdated TV can also be a culprit, updating the firmware may help you in the proper functioning of the television.
  • Smart HUB Issues – The Samsung Smart HUB is a Television control panel and includes entire features which can be measured just by pressing a button. But in some cases, this gets outdated and starts malfunctioning with the proper functioning of the services and prevent making the connection to the Samsung servers.
  • Due to Regional Problems – This is another main reason why many people encounter unable to connect to the Samsung server issues. The problem generally occurs if the Samsung Television is purchased from a foreign country and used in another country, this cause error due to the terms and conditions issues as the network protocols vary for different regions. Smart TV’s are by default organized to follow the network protocols complied with the country from where it is purchased so, it is not compulsory that the same protocol work in another country as well. In this case, using the VPN network may work for you.

So, as of now, you are well aware of the common reasons that trigger the error, let’s start with the different ways that you can implement for rectifying the mentioned problem.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Unplug the TV and Router – Before starting with the below-listed complex solutions here it is suggested to unplug your Samsung Smart TV and router completely from the sockets. Then after unplugging on both the devices hit the power buttons for approx. 10 seconds to drain the static electricity wait for at least 2 minutes before switching it ON.

Change Smart HUB password – Try changing the Smart HUB, as this quick trick worked for many users to circumvent the error. Also, try to use a less complex password for the Smart HUB and see if you are able to establish a connection to the server or not.

Verify Your Network Connection – The poor or limited bandwidth connection can also cause problems. If you are connected using a WIFI then sometimes the network connection becomes inconsistent and cause a problem, so try using an ethernet connection to connect to the network.

If you are still seeing the error then follow the next potential fix.

Soft Reset your TV

Many users mentioned that soft resetting their Samsung smart TV rectify the problem for them. Performing a soft reset kills the tasks running in the background as this closes entire applications and clear the RAM data while restarting the TV.

So, follow the steps given:

  1. First, on the TV.
  2. Now, continue pressing the power button of the TV remote until you restart your TV.
  3. After restarting your TV, now check whether your issue still exists or not.

Sign out & Sign in to the Samsung Account

Signing out and re-signing may work in your case. Sometimes due to some sort of internal glitches, the syncing gets disabled and when you sign out and re-sign to your Samsung account this solves the issues.  Try this trick and as you re-sign it start syncing automatically your account with the Smart HUB as well as TV.

The error generally occurs when your Samsung account stop syncing with your TV, so if you regularly sync your account with Samsung TV the problem won’t appear.

Follow the instructions given to do so:

  1. Move to Settings. Click on the General option and navigate to System Manager and then to Samsung Account.
    Unable to connect to Samsung Server
    Click on Samsung Account
  2. Then choose“My Account” and hover on the account’s icon.
  3. From your remote control press the select button and then click the Logout option that appears on the screen.
  4. Now using a second method, after logging out of your account, click on reset Smart Hub.
    Click Reset Smart Hub
  5. On your computer, enter the credentials to sign in to your Samsung account and accept all the terms and conditions that come up.
  6. After resetting the Smart Hub on the TV, check whether the issue is still prevailing or not by signing into your account.

Update the TV Software

The outdated firmware software is most likely to cause the problem. Outdated software installed on your device gets incompatible and cause confliction with the latest features, so if you haven’t updated your outdated firmware for a while then follow the instructions given below to update the firmware of your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. First, start your Samsung TV and from your TV remote click on the Settings 
  2. With the left button and the OK button, move the arrow to click the Support option.
    Click the Support option on Samsung options
  3. Now, under the settings option click on the update software option, to update the software to its latest version.
Selecting the software update in Samsung Smart TV settings

If you don’t get the software update option, you can also download the software from its official manufacturing website using a USB stick, then connect the USB stick to the TV and install the software.

Now click on the YES, and install the latest version of the software or you can click the NO, to update it from the internet.  Once you are done with your Updation, check your problem is fixed or not, or head directly to the next potential fix.

Reset Smart HUB

As for many users, the Samsung TV error unable to connect to the server is caused due to the Smart HUB malfunctioning. Therefore, factory resetting the Smart HUB in Samsung TV may work for you.

  1. First, turn on your Samsung TV, then click the Settings button from your remote.
  2. Now, go to Settings on your TV
  3. With the left button and the OK button, move the arrow to click the Support option.
    Click the Support option on Samsung options
  4. After that, move to the Self Diagnosis 
  5. Now, click on the Reset Smart HUB
    Reset Smart Hub of the Samsung TV to Defaults
  6. Here, now type the Pin in the text box and then click on the OK to reset Smart HUB.

Note: Your default pin can be 0000.

  1. After entering the pin, wait until your Samsung TV reboots and then continue with the Television setup.
  2. Once you are done with everything, Now check your problem is fixed or not.

If you still see the connecting to server problem on Samsung TV then try the trick given below.

  1. Do Follow the mentioned solution to reset the Smart HUB totally but make sure you don’t agree to the Terms and Conditions all you need to do is just follow the steps till Smart HUB resets.
  2. Close the settings and then try to open the new application.
  3. Before you open any application, a dialogue box will prompt on your screen to accept or agree to the terms & conditions.
  4. Once you open the Terms and Conditions Page, press the keys in sequence manner “Mute + Volume UP + Channel UP + Mute” button.
  5. Choose a different country over your residential country, for example, select India if you are in the UK, and then automatically all applications will reset.
  6. Redo the above-mentioned process and make sure this time, you change the country in the same manner, and the unable to connect to the Samsung Server issue should now be fixed.

Perform Network Reset

Sometimes the network issues can also cause problem while establishing a connection with the server, so performing a network reset fixes the network-related problems and allow you to connect to the Samsung server easily.

Follow the instructions given to do so:

  1. Using your Tv remote click on the Setting option
  2. Click on the General option.
    Open General in the Samsung TV Settings
  3. And then move on to the Network option.
    Open Network in General in the Samsung TV Settings
  4. After that, click the Reset Network option and also confirm all the prompts that arise in the next section.
    Reset Network Settings of the Samsung TV


Now, wait until your network gets restarted. Once you are done with all the instructions, now check whether this unable to connect Samsung problem is still present or not. if you still face this issue then proceed to the next solution.


This solution varies from different person to person, but still, we are giving generalized information regarding it.

If the issue you are facing is regional, you need to use the VPN connection of the country from where you have brought your TV, to connect your TV to it.

By default, you can use the VPN to the Router and then connect it to your TV using a wired connection. But before doing this just check your VPN and router provider details, to get an idea of how to do the setup process.

Changing the IP Configuration

DNS servers are utilized for solving the web addresses linked to various online content and if in case the DNS server of the system or the network fails to solve the webserver addresses of Samsung TV, it might fail to establish a connection to the server. So, in this case, modifying the DNS settings of the device might work for you.

  1. First, click the Menu button on your Samsung TV remote control and then select the network option.
    Open Network in General in the Samsung TV Settings
  2. After selecting the network status, now choose the IP settings.
  3. Now, configure the IP settings to do it automatically, but modify the DNS settings to type manually.
  4. In the box, type as DNS server, this will change your DNS settings
    Set DNS Server to Automatic in the DNS Settings of Your Samsung TV
  5. Save all the settings and check whether your problem is solved or not.

Perform TV Hard Reset

If nothing has worked for you to solve the problem then reset your Samsung TV to its factory default settings or and see if the unable to connect to Samsung server error in Samsung TV is resolved or not.

Warning: This setting will revert every change you have made to the default system settings, so before using this method on your television, be a bit careful.

  1. Open your TV and move to Settings.
  2. You will find a “Support Tab”, move there and select the option “Self Diagnosis” and proceed to click “Reset” present on the display screen.
    Reset Samsung TV to Defaults
  3. After selecting the reset option, you need to enter a security pin, which is ‘0000’, by default.
  4. Wait till the reset process gets completed and check whether the error you were facing has been resolved or not.

Hope the solutions given works for you to solve the error on your TV, but if you still see the error then contact Samsung customer care.


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