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Setting Up Your PC as a Racing Simulator: Is it Worth it?

The sad thing about racing games aficionados is that the games are not as abundant as they used to be. With Need for Speed nearly being wiped out, the best bet is to play games like Project Cars, and Forza series on the PC. However, the good thing about these games is that they still have a loyal following which means that the games are staying here.

Now, if you are serious about these racing games and racing in general, you may want to set your PC up for a racing simulator. Yes, unlike some of the other simulators available on the market, racing games allow you to really make your PC feel like a race car. However, this luxury comes for a price, and you cannot just do it out of the blue.

In this article, we are going to explore the ways you can turn your PC into a proper racing simulator monster, and additionally, we are also going to look at whether this whole transformation/investment is worth the money or not.

Buying a Racing Wheel

If you want to buy the best racing wheel, we have you covered. Plus,, the first step would be to get a racing wheel. There is no denying that playing racing games using these wheels is amazing. However, if you are also playing games that have some sort of driving, you can use the wheel for those games as well and the experience will be just as good.

Racing wheels can be bought with ease; you can buy some cheaper options as well as some flagship options should you wish to go that route. But whatever the investment you choose to make, just know that you should be serious about using this because I know many people who have bought these wheels, and never really used them properly.

Getting a Racing Chair

If you have had the chance to sit in your office chair, or even your gaming chair, and play a racing game, you will not have the most comfortable and authentic experience. Simply put, these chairs can never match the feel of a good racing chair.

If you are serious about playing racing games, and you do play them on a frequent basis, then going for a racing chair is definitely going to be a great option, gaming chairs these days aren’t really expensive either, for instance we just reviewed the homall gaming chair and it’s available under $100, we absolutely loved the chair, given that the price is not that hefty it worked well for what its supposed to do. So don’t be hesitant, and get yourself a gaming chair!

How About a Racing Cockpit?

If you think a racing wheel coupled with a racing chair is not enough, you can opt for a racing cockpit. This is definitely taking things up a notch and can have a significant impact on how you are planning on playing the racing games. I would like to tell you that these cockpits are not cheap in the market, and they do require a fair amount of space as well. So, before you go ahead and decided to buy them, make sure you have enough space.

Using an Actual Steering Wheel

Okay, now is the time that I can admit that we are finally moving towards a point where most people are going to call you crazy or something else along those lines. The thing about racing steering wheels that are commonly available in the market is that they are smaller. However, you can actually buy some adapters that will convert the actual steering wheel of the car into a racing wheel that you can connect to your PC and start playing.

You can actually make your own adapters as well, so the option is always there, but you will have to be good at crafting to do that.

Installing an Actual Dash Board

Again, things are getting a bit out of hand but if you want a true, in-car feel while playing your favorite racing game, you can actually build a dashboard, or modify a car’s dashboard as well. The process is going to require some hacks, so that is certainly one of the things that you should know about. The good news, however, is that it is entirely possible, and if you are really serious about all of this, it should not be a problem for you.

Is it Worth It?

Now that we have realized that the transformation is entirely possible, the important question comes to mind. Is it all worth it? Well, the short answer, if you are on a PC, is that it is not.

Why? Well, you see, racing simulators are now a dying breed. Sure, you have Project Cars and Forza series, but aside from that, there is nothing much available, to begin with. This can be a serious issue for people who are investing a lot of money only to realize that there is not much use of it.

On the contrary, if the racing games do make a comeback, then I can assure you that the investment is definitely worth it, and transforming your PC as a racing simulator is definitely the way to go. However, that is not happening, at least right now.


Bill Wilson

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