KDE Applications Updated to 18.12, Over 140 Bugfixes

KDE has just announced the release of KDE Applications 18.12, which is a massive update. Over 140 bugfixes have been implemented in many of the apps, as well as a number of overall improvements.

This is fresh on the heels of KDE Frameworks also being updated to 5.53.0 just a few days ago. It seems the KDE developers are quite busy bringing us early Christmas gifts!

Whats New in KDE Applications 18.12

The change list for KDE Applications 18.12 is enormous, so we’re cherry-picking from the most notable improvements for average users. Head over to the KDE blog to read the full changelog, if you dare.

  • Performance improvements for reading files over SFTP protocol.
  • Video files larger than 5MB now have thumbnails (when directory thumbnailing is enabled).
  • Dolphin can now change CBR bitrate for the MP3 encoder while reading audio CDs, and fix timestamps on FLAC files.
  • A new MTP implementation that makes it usable for production.
  • KMail can now display a unified inbox, and HTML emails are readable no matter your color scheme.
  • Kate’s Text Filter plugin is now enabled by default and is more discoverable
  • Konsole now fully supports emoji characters
  • After you unmount a volume from the Places panel , you can now reassemble it;
  • The Recent Documents view (available for browsing recentdocuments: / on Dolphin) now shows only real documents and automatically filters Web URLs;
  • Dolphin now displays a warning before allowing you to rename the file or directory so that it is immediately hidden.
  • Spectacle now has the ability to sequentially number screenshot files, and defaults to this naming scheme if you clear the filename text field.

To get the full package, head over to the KDE packag download wiki.


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