What Does ISO Mean On Facebook? How to Use It in 2024

Key Takeaways
  • "ISO" stands for "In Search Of" on Facebook, used to signify someone is looking for a specific item, service, or information.
  • Alternatives to "ISO" include "WTB" (Want To Buy) and "LTB" (Looking To Buy). Other meanings of "ISO" include "In Support Of" and the International Organization for Standardization.
  • "PPU" (Porch Pickup) and "OBO" (Or Best Offer) are terms used on Facebook that are not related to "ISO".

If you are new to Facebook, there’s a good chance you must have come across the term “ISO” in posts and comments. Similar to other acronyms like OBO that are common on a specific platform, people commonly use ISO on Facebook as a way to search for things online. In this article, we will look at what does ISO mean on Facebook and how to use it the right way. So, let’s dive in!

ISO on Facebook

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

The acronym ISO stands for “In Search Of” and is popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook, to indicate that you are in search of something. People often write ISO before a specific item, service, or information to show others that they are looking for that thing. Let’s look at a few examples to understand it better.

  • ISO iPhone SE in good condition
  • ISO babysitter for the weekend
  • ISO editor for a YouTube video

Whether you use it in Facebook groups or post something on your feed, ISO helps you to quickly get in touch with others who are selling whatever you need.

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Why Should You Use ISO?

Whether you are on Instagram, Reddit, or Facebook, every social media platform has its own set of terms that help make communication faster and better. In the case of ISO, this acronym can help buyers reach out to the right sellers. This means that if you add ISO to your post, sellers can find your post by simply searching for posts that contain the term ISO.

Additionally, using niche terms that only frequent members know can also create a sense of reliability for your profile, which is a crucial element of online buying and selling.

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How to Use ISO on Facebook

Now that you know what ISO means, it’s time to use it in your Facebook posts to attract the right people to your post. Here’s a quick rundown of using ISO on Facebook.

  1. Head over to Facebook and click on “What’s on your mind?” to create a new post. If you are posting on a group, you’ll need to open it and click on “Write something” to create a post.
    Head to Facebook > Write something
  2. From here, write ISO followed by the item, service, or information you are searching for. You can also add other relevant details like budget, location, pictures, and more to help get the right audience.
    Start with ISO
  3. Once everything is ready, the last step is to share the post to your timeline or group by clicking on the Post button. 
    Click on Post

Unlike posting on your timeline where your post directly goes live, Facebook communities will first review your post to ensure it meets the group’s terms and standards before publishing it.

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Other Ways to Say ISO

To let others know that you are in the market for something, you can also use alternatives like “WTB(Want To Buy) and “LTB(Looking To Buy). Both of these share similar meanings to ISO and can be used as a substitute for ISO based on the preferences of other community members and yourself.

Other Meanings of ISO on Facebook

While ISO is often found on Facebook, it has several different usages spanning across a variety of categories. Let’s have a closer look at a few other meanings of ISO on Facebook.

  1. In Support Of: This version of ISO is often used to show support and is often used to show solidarity with different causes, events, or movements.
  2. International Organization for Standardization (ISO): The ISO sets international standards to ensure products and services are safe, reliable, and of good quality.
  3. ISO in Photography: In terms of photography, ISO refers to the light sensitivity settings of the sensor that allows you to capture photos in different lighting conditions.
  4. ISO File: An ISO file is a digital replica of a physical CD, used for distributing software or operating systems, and can be mounted virtually or burned onto a physical disc for installation or use.
Using OBO in Facebook Marketplace

Are PPU and OBO Similar to ISO?

Similar to ISO, PPU and OBO are a few other terms that are also used on Facebook. However, despite being used on the same platform, PPU and OBO don’t relate to ISO at all. PPU means Porch Pickup and is used to show that the seller will leave the item for pick-up at their porch whereas OBO means Or Best Offer and is used to signal that the seller is open to negotiating the price.

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Understanding the meaning behind acronyms like ISO can help you stay up to date with the constantly changing world of Internet slang. With our breakdown, you can use ISO to make your posts reach out to the right people and ultimately get the right deal.


What are Facebook moderators?

Facebook group moderators are individuals appointed to manage group activities, group rules, approve members and posts, monitor content, and more.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s very own online selling network where users can buy, sell, and trade various items, such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and more. It allows users to list items for sale, browse listings from others in their local area, and communicate with potential buyers or sellers directly through the platform.

What are some common abbreviations used in Facebook groups or Marketplace?

Apart from ISO, a few other common abbrevations popular on Facebook include “BNIB” (brand new in box), “EUC” (excellent used condition), “F2F” (face to face), “HOLD” (on hold for pick up), and “SFS” (still for sale).


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