How to Fix Twitch Error D5E73524

Some Twitch users are encountering the D5E73524 error code immediately after being suddenly logged off their Twitch account. In most cases, this issue is reported to occur with FireTV Sticks, Shield TV, and Android TVs.

After investigating this particular issue, it turns out that there are multiple potential culprits that might be triggering this error code. Here’s a shortlist of potential things that could ultimately trigger the D5E73524 error code:

  • Ongoing Server issues – As it turns out, this problem can also occur if Twitch is in the middle of a server issue that is affecting users in your area. If this scenario is applicable, there is no proper fix for the problem other than identifying the issue and waiting for the involved developers to fix the problem.
  • 2-Factor Authentication is Disabled – On certain devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, and Android TV or Apple TV, you will actually need to enable 2-Factor Authentication in order to allow streaming on these particular devices.
  • Corrupted Twitch cookie – In certain circumstances (particularly when using SteamLabs OBS), a corrupted Twitch cookie might be the underlying cause that will cause this error code. If this scenario is applicable, you can fix the problem by clearing every Twitch cookie (either individually or by clearing your entire fleet of cookies on your browser)
  • Corrupted Twitch app installation – On Xbox One, you can expect to see this error code if you’re local installation of Twitch contains corrupted files. In most cases, this problem starts to occur after an unexpected system shutdown. To fix this problem, you need to reinstall the Twitch app completely.

Method 1: Check for Server Issues

Before you start deploying any of the fixes below, you should start this troubleshooting guide by ensuring that the issue is not beyond your control. According to some affected users, the D5E73524 error can also appear if Twitch is currently undergoing an unexpected outage period or it’s in the middle of a server maintenance period.

To make sure that’s not the case, you should start by investigating if other users in your area are encountering the same kind of error code. A great service to investigate if this behavior is widespread is DownDetector.

Potential Problems with Twitch

In case DownDetector is reporting a possible issue with Twitch, you can also check the status of your local Twitch server in your area by using Twitch Status Page.

Note: If you just confirmed that you’re dealing with a Twitch server error, none of the fixes you’ll find below will work for you. In this case, the only thing you can do is wait patiently until Twitch software engineers manage to fix the server issue.

However, if you just confirmed that the problem is not being caused by a server issue, move down to the next fix below.

Method 2: Setting up 2-Factor Authentication

Keep in mind that if you’re encountering this issue on Nvidia Shield, FireStick, or Android TV, chances are you need to enable 2-factor authentication in order to avoid the D5E73524 error code.

We’ve not been able to confirm this yet, but it seems like 2-factor authentication is now a requirement for a lot of devices outside the PC realm. So in case you are unable to stream content from Twitch, you should start this troubleshooting guide by going through the steps of enabling two-factor authentication.

If you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions below to enable two-factor authentication for your Twitter account:

  1. Access a PC, open your default browser, visit the Twitch login page, then sign in with your Twitch account.
  2. Once you’ve successfully signed in, click on your account icon (top-right section), then click on Settings from the context menu that just appeared.
    Accessing the Settings menu of Twitch
  3. Once you’re inside the Settings menu, make your way to the Security and Privacy tab, then scroll all the way down to the Security menu, then click on Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.

    Set up Two Factor Authentication
  4. Finally, follow the remaining prompts to enable two-factor authentication, then initiate another streaming job from the same device that was previously triggering the D5E73524 error.

In case the same problem is still occurring, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 3: Clearing every Twitch Cookie

If you’re encountering this issue on a PC, the D5E73524 error can also result from a cookie issue, especially if you have StreamLabs OBS installed on the same system (Twitch and StreamLabs are known to conflict).

This problem occurs because the StreamLabs relies on the browser version of Twitch for certain interactions, so you can expect this type of conflict to appear.

In this case, you should be able to fix the problem in 2 different ways:

  • You can solve this by clearing the entire cookie folder from your browser settings.
  • You can either go specifically after Twitch cookies and clear them individually.

In case you’re looking for the focused approach, you can simply clean the specific Twitch cookies from your browser. When you’re inside the cleanup window, feel free to use the search function to find and eliminate every Twitch cookie.

However, if you want to go for a full cookie cleanup, go ahead and clean the cache & cookies from your browser. We’ve created a guide that will walk you through this process regardless of the browser that you’re using.

Deleting cookies and other type of browsing data
Deleting cookies and other types of browsing data

If you already tried clearing your browser cookies and you’re still encountering the same D5E73524 error code, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 4: Reinstalling the Twitch app (Xbox One)

If none of the methods above have worked for you and you’re seeing this issue on Xbox One, chances are the Twitch app is dealing with some kind of local corruption that affecting the Twitch installation. If this scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix the problem by reinstalling the Twitch app before signing back with your account.

If you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions below to reinstall the Twitch app on your Xbox One computer:

  1. Using your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide menu.
  2. Next, use the guide menu that just appeared to get access to My Games & Apps menu.
    Accessing My games & Apps
  3. Once you’re inside the Game & Apps menu, scroll down through the list of installed applications & games, then locate the Twitch installation.
  4. After you manage to locate the Twitch app, press the X button to access the Manage game & add-ons menu from the newly appeared context menu.
    Select manage Games & Add-ons
  5. Once you’re inside the Manage Menu of the Twitch app, use the menu on the right-hand side and select Uninstall all to confirm the operation.
    Note: This operation will ensure that you uninstall the base app along with every file that was stored since.
  6. Finally, after you uninstalled Twitch, reboot your console then open the Microsoft Store and reinstall the Twitch app again and sign in with your account and start a streaming job to see if the D5E73524 error is fixed.

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