How to Connect Nintendo Wii to Smart Tv?

The Nintendo Wii is an electronic game console that was released back in 2006. It is an old console that connects to the TV with RCA or Composite cables. However, nowadays most Smart TVs don’t come with the RCA input on them. Users who want to connect their Wii device to their smart TVs still have a chance. In this article, we will show you methods through which you can connect your Wii console to Smart Tv.

How to Connect Nintendo Wii to Smart Tv?
Connect Nintendo Wii to Smart Tv

The connectors or adapters mentioned in this article are available on Amazon if you are not sure where to get them from. You can also get them from your local store if they are available for you.

Connect through Wii2HDMI Converter

A lot of smart TVs don’t have the RCA inputs on them, which is why you need an additional connector that helps you connect your Wii console. The Wii2HDMI Converter or Adapter will let you connect your Wii to a Smart Tv. One side of the converter will connect to your Wii and the other can connect to an HDMI cable which you can connect to a Tv.

  1. Plug the power cable for both your TV and Wii console.
  2. Connect the Wii2HDMI connector to your Wii console directly.
    Wii2HDMI connector
  3. Now plug in an HDMI cable to the converter and then the other side to the TV HDMI port.
  4. Select the HDMI display on your TV to start playing on your Wii.

Connect through AV Cable for Nintendo Wii

Some TVs may still have the option for the RCA cables. You can simply connect to those by the default composite cables that come with the Wii console. It does not require any additional connectors or steps to make it work.

  1. Plug the power cable for your Wii console and TV.
  2. Connect one side of the AV cable to your Wii device and the other to your TV.
  3. You just need to connect the same color cable to the same inputs. If there are the same color inputs, simply read the mono, right, and right tape information on it.
    Smart TV with RCA inputs
  4. Once connected, simply choose the AV option on your TV and start playing with the Wii remote.

There are also RCA to VGA cables available that can help in connecting to TVs and Monitors. It depends if your Smart TV has a VGA port or not. You can connect your RCA cables to one side of the connector and then connect VGA to the VGA input on your TV/Monitor.


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