Can Other People See Who Viewed Their TikTok Videos?

Key Takeaways
  • TikTok counts a view as soon as a video appears on your screen, regardless of how long you watch it. Views can be accumulated either from the feed or by visiting a profile.
  • TikTok does not provide a feature for creators to see the specific profiles of users who viewed their videos. You can only see who liked or commented on your video.
  • TikTok has a Profile View feature that lets users see who visited their profile, but this requires both the profile owner and the visitor to have this feature enabled.

TikTok readily allows creators and users to see the number of views a video gets. However, you might wonder, can I see the profiles of users who have viewed a TikTok video? In this article, let’s look at the answer to this question and explore the method if any of accomplishing this.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

How Do TikTok Views Work?

So, what exactly is getting a single view on a TikTok video? Just like any other platform, when an individual views a video, the view counter gets incremented. Now there are two ways through which you can view a video.

  1. The video appears in your feed, and you watch it there while scrolling down.
  2. You search for an account and see the video in the profile.

The time duration for which a video is viewed doesn’t matter. Even if you keep scrolling and do not stop to watch the video, it still registers as a view.

Views On a TikTok Video

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Can You See Who Viewed Your TikTok Video?

Just like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok offers no such feature that allows a creator to see which specific accounts watched their video. Yes, you might be able to see who liked and commented on your video but even with the TikTok Analytics tool you can’t see the accounts who viewed your TikTok video.

However, you can confirm that a specific account has viewed your video if they like it or post a comment underneath it.

Likes and Comments On TikTok Video

Can the Other Users See If I Viewed a TikTok Video?

Now you might be wondering if the creator or other people see if I watched a specific video. The answer again is NO, as TikTok does not show anyone the accounts that contribute to the views on a video. Hence, feel free to watch any video from any creator. In case you do not want anyone to know you viewed their TikTok video simply avoid liking or commenting on the video.

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Can People See Who Viewed Their TikTok Profile?

TikTok has a feature Profile View, which allows account owners to see the accounts that visited their profile. However, for this to work both the owner and the visitor must have this feature enabled. By default, this feature is disabled on all accounts.

To see how you can enable this feature and to learn more about it check out our guide: How To Turn On Profile Views


In the end, we hope that all your queries regarding this matter have been answered. In case of any remaining queries, feel free to drop them below. Until next time. Ciao


How long do I need to watch a video for it to count as a view?

The moment the video appears on your screen no matter the duration of time, it registers as a view.

Can I check which accounts watched my TikTok video?

No, you cannot see which specific accounts watched your video. Although, you can tell which accounts liked and commented on your video.

What is the Profile View feature on TikTok?

Profile view is a feature that when enabled allows the account owner to see who has visited their TikTok profile in the last thirty days.


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