Can You See Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Post

Instagram has become one of the most commonly used social networking applications. Businesses have also started using this as a medium to spread the word about their product. Now while so many people are following you on Instagram, you would always be curious about who all have viewed your picture or not. However, you cannot see the names for the people who have ‘viewed’ your picture or a video that you posted on Instagram.

You Can Only See the Names of People Who Have Liked Your Picture

Instagram shows you the names of the people who have liked your picture on Instagram, or a video that you have uploaded on your account. In addition to this, you can see who viewed your story on Instagram as well. But, if someone has just viewed your pictures, Instagram does not show you the names for these accounts. Privacy settings for this cannot be changed by any user.

What Can be Done if Someone Wants to See the Names of People Who Viewed Their Posted Picture

To be honest, you cannot do anything to breakthrough this privacy provided by Instagram to these viewers. But, there are applications that help you to see who has viewed your Instagram. However, using these applications is not a suggested way, as often it requires you giving important information about your Instagram to the app you are about to use.

Can You At Least See the Number of Viewers on Your Instagram Posts

Of course YES! You can! But, this is only possible for accounts that are being used as a business account. You don’t actually have to be a business to have a business account. It is just a switch between a private and business account which can be changed by you. In a business account, you can view the number of views you have had on your posts, and you can also see the number of people who have screenshot-ed your posts. The steps below will help you how you can find this number on your account.

  1. Sign in to your business account and make sure you are on your home page for Instagram, which is where you see all the pictures and videos you have posted. There are two ways to access the insights on your posts.
     Now there are two ways to view these insights on your post. The first method is to click on this icon here, which will show you additional settings for your account.
    Click on Insights, as shown in this image, to view the numbers on your posts.
    You will sort of get a summary here, where you can see each image with the number. You can move between the different tabs, like content, activity, and audience to know more about your posts.
  2. The second method to access Insights on Instagram is to click on the image you wan
    Notice the View Insights, blue colored text that will be visible right under the picture as highlighted in this image. Click on this.
    This shows you a more detailed insight on your image on your Business account Instagram post.

Instagram also has a good way of informing you about the time you spend on your account and more details about your activity on your Instagram through these tabs.


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