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Wireless Mechanical Keyboards: Are They Worth the Extra Cost?

There is no denying that mechanical keyboards are amazing, and we have already established this fact time and again. There are several factors that make them amazing and stand out of the crowd. However, we are not here to talk about why mechanical keyboards are great. We are here to talk about a relatively new breed of mechanical keyboards that are available in wireless flavors.

Before we start talking about the wireless mechanical keyboards, we would talk about the history. The reason why no one anticipated mechanical keyboards to be wireless is that the technology or the mechanism was far more superior and enhanced. It simply did not seem possible for companies to create mechanical wireless keyboards. Another reason why it did not seem possible was that the mechanical keyboards on their own were expensive; adding wireless capabilities would have only made them more expensive.

However, gone are the days of anticipations as well as speculations because wireless mechanical keyboards are becoming one of the best keyboards available in the market. We started thinking about whether these keyboards are worth the hype, and can bring something different to an already saturated market.

How These Keyboards are Relevant

In order to understand the hype and provide a justification for it, we must look at how the mechanical keyboards fit in the scenario. When I talk about mechanical keyboards, I can guarantee that most people would think about gaming, in the first place. However, mechanical keyboards and gaming are two separate things. As a matter of fact, some of the first mechanical keyboards were not even marketed towards gamers. As they were more inclined towards people who wanted a good gaming experience.

This only means that you can buy a mechanical keyboard with the intents of not playing a game at all. This opens up limitless possibilities for the use of mechanical keyboards, and actually, once you look at these keyboards from such a perspective, you start making more sense.

For instance, as a writer who is mostly on the go, typing on my laptop’s keyboard gives me finger fatigue because I am so used to my Corsair K95 Platinum at home. In order to make sure that I can work while I am away without any issues, I carry my trustworthy Drevo Calibur, a 71-key RGB, wireless keyboard, and despite being RGB, I do not really use it since I am looking to work on this keyboard while I am away and having RGB lights definitely affect the battery life of the keyboard drastically.

Are There Any Issues?

Okay, now that you are aware of the fact that these keyboards are relevant, the next big question that most people want to ask is whether there are any actual issues that can deter them from the overall experience. In reality, there are a few issues that can have an impact on your overall experience with wireless mechanical keyboards.

While my experience with the battery time on the Drevo Calibur has been nothing short of fantastic, the one issue that I have faced is that there is a noticeable delay in typing. This might not be immediately noticeable by those who do not type fast, but if you write as much as I do on a daily basis, then in certain situations, I will not be surprised if you notice the delay, as well.

The input lag or delay was something that we had expected beforehand, and it is partly because of the Bluetooth technology used, too. However, the one proposed solution is to have these keyboards ship with their dedicated Bluetooth dongles that are optimized to give out the perfect possible experience, and you will be able to enjoy typing without any issues.

Thankfully, the delay or input lag is the only issue faced in these wireless mechanical keyboards, and everything else is as good as you would expect.

What Are the Benefits?

Now if you are wondering whether there is any benefit in spending the extra money on a wireless mechanical keyboard or not, you are wondering the right thing. Thankfully, there is nothing with a wireless mechanical keyboard; as a matter of fact, it works just as well with a mechanical keyboard that is with wire.

Every other great thing that a mechanical keyboard is known for is going to be there. Hell, you even get low profile mechanical switches that really trim down the overall thickness of the keyboard, making it a lot easier to carry.

Additionally, as someone who is on the go, having a wireless mechanical keyboard has made my job so much easier, that I do not have to worry about skipping work whenever I am no the go. Sure, the mileage may vary for different people, but as someone who is accustomed to working a lot, these keyboards are a godsend because they allow me to work without any worries.


In conclusion, the one thing that I have to say that wireless mechanical keyboards are something that I had not imagined. However, judging by how these keyboards available in the market, it is only going to get better and better.

I would like to point out the fact that these keyboards are not as perfect as we would imagine them to be as there are still improvements that are required. The battery life on most of the models is top notch, but the companies will have to find a way to eliminate the input lag that can become an issue for most of the users who are looking to buy a good wireless mechanical keyboard.

Rest assured, since it is a new technology, we are prepared to see more and more improvements being made to it as time passes on.


Bill Wilson

Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.