Which is Better: Sennheiser vs Bose

If you love listening to music as much as we do, then you can more or less relate to the fact that good headphones make a lot of difference. That is one thing that neither of us can deny. However, when it comes to headphones in general, the market is flooded with so many companies that you end up getting confused, and at times, buying a pair of headphones that you do not want.

However, we are not here today to talk about what pair of headphone you should go with,  We are more concerned with settling a massive debate that has been an integral part of the internet for some time. That is whether Sennheiser Headsets are better, or Bose’s. For the audiophiles, the decision and the answer are straightforward. However, for the uninitiated, it can be a complicated debate.

Thankfully, we have looked into the details and managed to write this article that will help settle the debate once and for all. As always, there are several factors that we are going to put into consideration before giving the final verdict. So, for those interested, we suggest that you stick around till the end or if you are already convinced that Sennheiser headsets are better than feel free to check these Best Sennheiser Headsets as of 2020. But there’s more to it, read on!

Sound Quality

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There is no way to deny that sound quality is largely subjective when it comes to headphones. Some people prefer a bass-heavy sound, while others prefer a more neutral sound. However, when you are comparing two companies, the comparison becomes more direct when you throw in their headphones.

Now as far as Sennheiser is concerned, they have an extensive repertoire of headphones available, ranging from the budget entries, all the way to above  $1,000. Finding a direct competitor from Bose is a bit difficult as Bose does not offer the same range.

That is why the comparison must be between the Sennheiser PXC 550, and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. Both of these carry the same price tag, have the same intents and purposes, and are targetted towards similar buyers. Now as far as the sound quality is concerned, Sennheiser definitely takes the lead as the sound feels a lot more natural and powerful as compared to Bose which seems to be focusing more on having good noise cancellation rather than the sound quality.

So, here, the clear winner is Sennheiser as far as the sound quality is concerned.


Normally, the choices make a lot of difference whenever you are choosing to side with a company. Consumers have made up this mind that the more product choices they have, the better the company will be. However, we are not going to by those standards, and will simply consider the choices that are presented by both companies.

Now looking at Sennheiser, you have an exceptional repertoire of products that consumers can buy and use right out of the box. Whether you are looking for noise cancellation, wireless, sports-oriented, closed back reference monitors, or open back headphones. Sennheiser has one of the largest collection of headphones and earphones to offer.

On the other hand, when you look at what Bose has to offer; the choices are rather limited.  You are either going for their truly wireless earphones, their standard wireless earphones, their SoundLink headphones, or their QuietComfort headphones.

This gives Sennheiser the upper hand as far as who the winner is with respect to the choices.


Sennheiser and Bose have been the companies that are known for charging a premium for their headphones, but the good news is that they still justify the high prices with spectacular sound quality, as well as features. So, as far as the value is concerned, both of the headphones do have that. However, we are more interested in knowing the overall pricing comparison between both companies.

The winner here is clearly Sennheiser, simply because they have a long list of headphones/earphones that they are offering. You will find options as low as $60 and while they might not have the best sound quality, they do come up with the signature Sennheiser overall quality. Whereas, Bose does not have cheaper alternatives available. So, if you are interested in buying a pair of Bose headphones, Sennheiser again wins as far as the pricing is concerned. Regardless of your budget, there is something available for everyone, which gives them a great edge.


Features are certainly a lot more important than some might think. Whenever you are buying a pair of headphones, do consider the features that you are getting because otherwise, you might not get the right pair of headphones that is worth the price.

Both Sennheiser and Bose have always prided themselves for having features that the consumers are looking for.  However, it all comes down to who is evolving more and constantly bringing something new.

Case in point, we look at the Sennheiser PXC 550 and Bose QuietComfort 35 II. Both headphones are priced at the same level, but when you look at the features, Sennheiser is certainly ahead of Bose; the PXC 550 comes with a touchpad, and a host of other features to control the way you use your headphones. While Bose sticks to a traditional button system.

This is just one example of how Bose needs to step up their game in terms of features, as they are clearly lagging behind and this concern is already pointed out by the fans.

Design/ Build Quality

The design is entirely subjective, while build quality is something that is extremely important. At times, both of these work in tandem, so it really is important to find the right balance and find the perfect product that you are looking for.

As far as the design language of both companies is concerned, Sennheiser clearly takes the lead as they have some of the best looking headphones available in the market. Just look at the HD820s, or HD598 SE. These headphones look spectacular and speak that Sennheiser is dedicated to staying with the time. Additionally, all of the headphones have great build quality; even the ones that are largely plastic have great build quality.

Bose, on the other hand, falls behind as far as the design is concerned. Most of their headphones have a very traditional design language that they have stuck with for years. However, the same cannot be said about their build quality. As far as the build quality is concerned, Bose has kept it consistent throughout the years. Even though they largely use plastic in their headphones, and other products, the plastic is of good quality and can stand the test of time.


The last aspect we are going to look at is the comfort level of the headphones. This factor is largely subjective; as different users have different preferences. However, the one thing that cannot be denied is that Bose is known for their comfort. As a matter of fact, their QuietComfort series is still one of the oldest series of headphones that also happens to be extremely comfortable.

Meanwhile, Sennheiser’s consistency has ensured that their headphones remain comfortable, and with great 3rd party support, the comfort extends to higher levels.

In conclusion, picking a winner here is not entirely possible since both headphones offer great comfort, it’s just that Sennheiser’s comfort is possible at varying price levels.


Allow me to rephrase the actual question again; is Sennheiser better or Bose? Well, as far as the comparison here is concerned, I do not think I need to explain which company is better and which is not. Having used both companies extensively, Sennheiser is the clear winner for not just one factor, but in almost all of them. However, the one thing that we did not take into account here is the factor of human preference because that certainly differs the most, and is almost impossible to measure.


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